Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about Colorado Mesa University?


The most frustrating thing about Mesa is the hours the cafeteria is open. During the weekdays, breakfast ends at 10:30 and lunch automatically starts. They take away most of the food at 1 PM and then until 5 PM, they don't bring out dinner. During the weekends, it is only open from 10:30 - 1:30 and then it closes until 5. So, if I want to eat lunch, I'm pretty much screwed until it's dinner time.


Dealing with financial aid is probably the most agrivating aspect of my school. The office gives you a deadline for everything rom yous paymentsto when you file papers and refuse to work with you. Also they like to tell you hudreds of different things that makes everything more stressful


It is a smaller school so it doesnt have some of the classes that I want to take.


The most frustrating thing about Mesa State is the fact that it is always under construction. There is always machines and cunstruction crews everywhere. I try to over look this due to the fact that I am happy with the improvments. It is not fun to live through cunstruction, yet I realize that it is worth it to have nicer things for our school. I believe that it shows our college truely cares about what the students want and work to improve our school.


Probably the parking. We have been under construction for the past few years and it is difficult to find parking, even when you purchase a parking pass. However, once the construction is complete, it will be amazing!


The lack of Commuter Parking lots. There are just a few spots for a lot of cars.


Parking is the most frustrating thing about my school. They're always building new lots, but there's still not enough most of the time.


trying to work three jobs, be in a sport, and a full time student