Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


About the the facility & the resources They have to offer to excell.


I wish I had know more about public transportation. The bus system is not that great. I also should have checked what banks are in the area. More information on scholarships is always needed as well.


The school's transition to a university did not so much improve the accademics, as much as make the teachers more strict.


How small it is.


How to adequately obtain financial aide and scholarships. I have gone 3 years up until this last semester without either; How have I managed thus far? It seems impossible that I've lived on my own, worked a part time job, and gone to school full time and still managed to pay bills.


That putting my education off could keep me from having the life I've always wanted.


How few the classes offered were


how hard it was going to be to stop and start again at the end of the semesters


I wish I would have known that the cost of books for each class was going to be extremely high!


It would have saved me alot of stress and worry if I had only known how relaxed and open-minded the students and faculty were at this school. However, that is also an exciting part about going somewhere different and new. There is really nothing bad that caught me off guard but only unexpected things and events which turned out to be good surprises!