Colorado Mesa University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Colorado Mesa University really puts their pride in their students. From the deans to the professors, they really care and try to understand each student's perspective. The campus is very small town feeling and the student to professor ratio is about 30:1 so you get a lot of one on one time with the professors.


Its Veteran frendly with many clubs & outreaches plus the resources we have to help us not only for us to excell in the classroom but to help get a hand up in our daily lives through V.A. benefits help, homelessness help & many other resources & couselors for transitioning from military life to civilian life & getting back into the community slowly & steadely.


Colorado Mesa University offers lower tuition than other colleges in the state. They are the only college in Colorado that allows you to go four years straight through their Radiology Technology program. The town of Grand Junction offers great recreation as well as employment opportunities. There is a river to raft on in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. A wide range of majors are offered. There are new hopitals in the area that train interns regularly.


There are so many great things about Mesa State College, for instance that is now Colorado Mesa Univeristy. Since I toured it my senior year of high school I've already seen how much it has grown and expanded: It has some of the latest technology, making research easier, andthey have so many diverse options when it comes to activities in the recreation center. Even smaller class sizes, meaning familiarity with professors and fellow students. There are over 60 majors to choose from and 70 clubs/organizations to join! And lastly, a "state -of- the- art campus" and dorms.


I genuinly appreciate the friendliness of the professors as well as the smaller size campus. Most buildings are modern and up to date, with only some of the residence halls suffering. The campus in general is friendly and help can always be found if you are having trouble with any issues, whether it be academic or non-academic. One particularly useful academic resource is The Learning Center which offers free tutoring in most if not all courses.


The best thing about Mesa in my opinion is the small town feel. Grand Junction is fairly small so there aren't a lot of clubs or malls or concerts that most big city schools have, but it's easy to connect with more people in a small, casual setting. There's a ton of outdoor activities everywhere you turn so you can always stay busy in your free time; you can watch movies with friends or go hiking. It's very relaxing.


The best thing about my school would have to be it's size. Although it is a rather small school it still has excellent teachers and programs. With the small town feeling it makes it feel more comfortable and not to mention you get a better learning experience with smaller classes.


The best thing about my school is the availabilty of teachers and staff to help you when neeeded. In addition to the amount of help and care teachers provide in and out of class is extremely helpful when dealing with the load of other classes.


The best thing about my school is that there are so many opportunities in activities and academics that everyone can find a place to fit in and succeed.


I think the best thing that is at this school is the new recenter that Mesa State built for the students.


The best thing about Mesa State College are the classroom sizes and the encouraging professors. We have small classroom sizes, about 25-35 kids in each class which allows every student to get the full attention that he/she needs and it allows students to focus better. I also believe that every professor here is very encouraging and wants every student to succeed at a level they know we can.