Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

Describe how Colorado School of Mines looks to someone who's never seen it.


Einstein vs Tesla, round one FIGHT!


Someone who has never seen the school would likely think it's relatively small. It is still a very active campus. There are student outside almost every day. The campus and surrounding area is beautiful since we sit just at the base of the mountains.


Highly specialized engineering majors only. Earth engineering degrees offered. Top school and great faculty.


Colorado School of Mines is an incredible university located in Golden, giving it a small town feel with a small, active campus, and it's academic program is one of the most rigorous in the country that produces top notch engineers that are in high demand.


My school is a school of engineering for very dedicated and brilliant students


The Colorado School of Mines is a competitive, diverse engineering and sciences school with undergraduate and graduate degree programs, located in Golden, Colorado beneath the Rocky Mountains and minutes away from numerous activities for outdoor enthusiasts and city-lovers alike.


Highly demanding with the students and professors being motivated to learn and teach.


My school is very challenging, but worth the hard work. It has many people willing to help you out.


A techniqual school focused on developing it's students careers through active lectures, labs, and disscussions in a continually expanding and globaly competitive workplace.


Mines is very challenging and frustrating while attending, but worth it in the end.