Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


As a student at Mines, you will routinely pass someone you know on your way to class or in the cafeteria. You will have plenty of opportunities to make friends and you will meet and befriend someone you may never meet or socialize with at a different school. Students at this school come from around the world; we have a large international group at this school.


The students range across the board from typical computer kids to jocks. There are also a good number of international students, mostly from the middle east. Because most majors at the school are based around math and science, it's easy to get along with everyone and find a common ground to connect on. Towards the beginning of the semester students are more likely to look nice, but as the semester drags on sweat pants and a sweat shirt are more common. Most students are here to work hard. It's a pretty small community, so you tend to see the same people over and over, especially once you get into core classes. The cliques as they were in high school (or at least my high school) aren't so impenetrable here. There are groups of students that tend to hang out together, but the groups still mix and match sometimes. The campus is mostly conservative, as well as the professors. It's hard to say what the financial background is for most students. The school is rather expensive, but many students are able to get student loans. We all have big dreams of our hard work paying off.


The Colorado School of Mines is predominantly Caucasian, There is a asian and middle eastern culture here. I would say that Mines is fairly conservative. People mostly wear jeans and T-shirts to classes. Every so often you will over hear some very interesting conversations about physics, or the zombie Apocalypse or any other random topic.


My classmates are the most amazing collection of people. At Colorado School of Mines we have some nationally renowned slackliners, you'll learn what it is if you visit in the spring, we also have the international trial unicycling champion, as well as about the largest collection of video gamers you will find anywhere.


There is a huge variety of personalities that are attending this school just like in high school so the only new thing about them is where they are from!


My classmates are a smart bunch of people that have to work extremely hard.


My classmates are accepting, friendly, and extremely helpful with problems ranging from social to academic life.


The people on campus are a giant network of support to get you through a life changing event called college.


My classmates are diligent and dedicated since everyone is determined to achieve their goals and earn a good education along with getting their desired degree.


My classmates aren't that diverse in culture but they're all accepting.


My classmates are intellectual but are very random and out there; each knows what they are at school for and know how to accomplish their goals.


My classmates are helpful, determined, and know when its time to put the books away and have fun.


My classmates are all unique in their own way, they are helpful and willing to tutor since everyone learns differntly its nice to get the differnt learning aspects.


My classmates are generally enthusiastic about learning, they like to have fun whenever they aren't doing school work, and for the most part they are pretty laid back and easy to talk to and get along with.


Every one at this school likes to work hard and party hard!


Hard working, goal driven, and diverse.


My classmates are spend a good deal of time and energy devoted to their school work, but due to this they can often appear depressed and tired.


They are most interested in what they can do for you and what you can do for them.


Very driven to do well, but also know their limits, and are awesome to discuss life with


bland, wry, unwitty, basically there are a lot of kids that would prefer to go back to the dorms and play WOW all day than do anything real and interesting.


focused, kind of hopeless at times


upbeat, highly analytical people


Half varsity athletes and halfs geeks with pocket protectors


Mostly focused on school.


The class is made up of mostly males from the Colorado area, with a smattering of women and students from Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries, who all seem to disappear on weekends and/or drink altogether WAY too much.