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The Colorado School of Mines is a world renowned research university with a focus on earth sciences and environmental sustainability. This school consistently improves its facilities by continually raising money from the private sector where most graduates go on to work, specifically the oil and gas and extractive industry. Every year CSM holds two career fairs, one in the fall and one in the spring, each trumping the previous one. The last career fair I attended was in the fall of 2014 where 326 companies showed up to recruit students for internships and graduates for full time employment.


The school is very expensive, but it is well worth it. The community is very small and the school only enrolls 5,000 students. The town of Golden is only 20,000 people. So it is really clear that the area is very tight-knit. The community is also very nice and cooperative.


I attended the Colorado School of Mines because of their Metallurgy program. This program among others are unique to the school such as petroleum engineering. The professors at Mines work hard to get to know their students and give them the best opportunity to learn and ask questions. They are very understanding and try to work with the students to relieve the pressures of school. Not only are the professors great, but the staff is amazing about working with students. The School provides a certain closeness to the students that larger schools cannot match.


The placement rate upon graduation from Colorado School of Mines is 94{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} and they help their students find summer internships. Large companies watch the students at Mines and know at graduation who they want working for them. The Mines campus is very much like a large family, professors are eager to help, there are tutoring groups and everyone works together to succeed. The staff at Colorado School of Mines strives to help their students succeed, they care, and I am not just another number.


It is completely a science and engineering school, so everyone is focused on and interested in similar things.


Colorado School of Mines is unique in that the dormitory life cultivates incredible comradery. Although many universities and colleges utilize the traditional residence hall setup, at other institutions, a mathematics major could be paired with a photography major, who are down the hall from biology and english majors, for example. However, at Colorado School of Mines, barring testing out of prerequisite courses taken in high school, the courseloads of all first year students are almost identical. This allows for more effective study groups, and more immersion into subjects. By working with hallmates, the incredibly difficlut courseload becomes somewhat more manageable.


The environmetnt. People are here to learn and better themselves, not just party.


The school is over strict about everything including dorm life. There are very few things to do at the school of mines besides homework and drinking. The food sucks a lot at the cafeteria that they force you to buy for $1000 when living in the dorms. The school work is almost always outrageous and it gets worse every year. There are a lot of weird people that go to this school. Parking at the school sucks a lot and they are always giving out tickets for minor parking infractions; for example, you parked an inch to far from the curb and they measure it too, you parked next to the dorms to unload some stuff because parking distance from dorm is outrageous, you get a ticket. A lot of teachers don't speak English very well. Some teachers don't know how to teach classes they think you have been exposed to the material for 30 years like they have. The school treats students terribly, but treats visitors extremely well.


Colorado School of Mines is a fairly small school with very specialized instruction. There is a huge emphasis on teaching (much more than research), and every single class is taught by a very knowledgable professor. For engineering and sciences, this is a great school. It provides more than just the standard classes, requiring a background in all areas of science, which makes for a well-rounded education. This school provides a challenge with great rewards, if one is willing to work for it.


Colorado School of Mines is unique in many many ways. We have a small campus which allows for a tight knit student body where we all work to help each other out with the difficult workload. The school is also dominantly men which prepares its students for the real world of engineering. Mines has a Career Day where many companies come looking for interns and future employees. Basically, if a student goes to Mines, they have a great chance of having a job right out of college, which is a guarentee many other campuses can't offer.