Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The academics, attitude, and atmosphere are incredible here!


When I was accepted to Colorado School of Mines, I learned there were 12,800 applicants and only 1080 kids were accepted and I was one of them! Our freshman class has the highest GPAs, SAT and ACT test scores of any previous freshman class in Mines history.


It is extremely hard, and yet I'm making it through.


I brag about the prestigouness of the school.


I Love the campus and the location..... Many of the people are wonderful


Colorado School of Mines is a very friendly environment in a convenient location, close to Denver and at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Attending CSM is an academic enjoyment because the focus is upon subjects of interest, both science and math, and for that matter, the entire population is working upon the same objectives. The small enrollment allows for a comfortable and supportive experience. This is a school where people know people and it's not an environment of people as numbers. Colorado School of Mines has much to offer for those interested in the engineering field.


Students that manage to graduate from the Colorado School of Mines are highly marketable in the job market.


I say it's an amazing school. very hands on and we get to learn about amazing things that are very interesting while seeing where they apply in our future careers. Also, the students are cool to hang out with and most definately helpful.


It is a very hard school that after I graduate, I will be well off.


That it is the second toughest engineering school in the entire nation. In order to get in, you either have to be super intelligent or stubbornly persistent.


The view of the mountains surrounding the campus.


get a great job if you can make it through


the acadenic curriculum very prestgious its right next to the coors brewery


it's one of the hardest enginnering schools in the country, i have a garaunteed job when I graduate, i get to take classes like explosives, foundry, and welding