Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who are slightly afraid fo daylight and enjoy the smell of paper, erasers and graphite. If numbers are cool and equations exite you then MInes is for you. If your not scared of LARPers and computer code this might be a good choice. If you social skills need some "improving" you'll fit right in, remeber conversation are like catch you have to receive the talking ball and toss the talking ball.


Any person who is goal-oriented and willing to work hard for their dreams and goals should attend this school. It is a very rigorous and challenging school, so you must be willing to accept a very big challenge in order to succeed.


People who are interested in getting a degree in science or technology.


Only someone who is dedicated, we don't get our reputation by being a cakewalk. Be ready to put in more work then you ever thought you had in you.


A Mines student should be self-motivated because the students are not forced to show any homework but if they want to do well they should do the homework. They should also have very good time management skills. In college you're only in class for 4 to 6 hours a day, so procrastination looks pretty good. But things pile up and sneak up on you. Finally, I personally think a Mines student needs to be involved in non-academic activities because all the work can put alot of strain on a person and you'll need downtime.


The kind of person that should attend the Colorado School of Mines is one who is very dedicated and committed to academics. I am also a student athlete and have learned in the past few months how to manage both academics as well as athletics. This does make me better at managing my time and efforts.


One who is focused and ready to work.


A person that should attend this school is one willing to put forth the effort needed to succeed. Stating that when you graduate from here you most likely have a job coming out but you have to work for every inch. If you are ready to study and give up free time for your classes you have the potential to make it here. Your social activity will include more study groups and such rather than partys and other extra curricular activities.


You should attend this school if you are ready for a challenge and ready to be treated as an adult. The students who go to Mines are of a select group. We are all here for a common purpose: to recieve an excellent education. If math and science are subjects you enjoy, then fitting into Mines will be of no difficulty. Many students also come to Mines playing a sport, which is a great way to get involved.


Anyone who desires an engneering, math, or physics degree. Anyone who is ready to comit four years to non-stop studying, however at the same time willing to get out and have great time.


an extremely math/science minded individual who is prepared to work hard and study hard.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is interested in engineering and is very academically, career, and goal oriented.


A person that is determinded to do well in college and is looking forward to making LOTS of money straight out of college and a good job, also the student should be at least a little outgoing.


Someone very interested in engineering, who enjoys problem solving.


Hard working, insightful students with interests in things other than school


People who are ready to focus, study, and work hard.


Someone who doesn't mind giving up their life for periods of time. Someone who loves math, and the outdoors. Someone who is a nerd at heart.


Students who are not afraid to work hard and ocassionally fall short fit in well at Mines. The campus atmosphere is very friendly and the population is diverse. People who feel strongly about their school work but also have a variety of other interests that they like to dabble in are often comfortable.