Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Colorado School of Mines?


If you are not self motivated and do not like to be challenged, then you shouldn't attend CSM. The professors expect a lot out of their students. They dont take you by the hand and walk you through college. They allow you to fail in order to learn. There are times when you feel like you aren't going to make it, but miraculously you do! If you are not ok with failing and dont want to be challenged, then this is probably not the school for you.


Someone who doesn't want to take school seriously shouldn't come to Mines. If you're in college to party or for the "experience," Mines isn't the place for you. We have fun, but school is usually first priority.


Anyone who is not willing to work hard should not attend the Colorado School of Mines. This school is a lot of fun, and a great environment for learning. However, you do have to work hard to earn your A’s and B’s. This school will push you to your limits of time management, stress management, and work ethic. If you are willing to put in the hard work, it all will pay off.


A person who should not attend this school is someone is slacked in high school or doesn't take studying seriously. This school is no joke. If you do not study and don't take your classes seriously, you will not pass. A person needs a serious drive to succeed and willing to put forth a lot of time and effort.


Anyone who is interested in the arts. This school is for people who want a job to do with science.


A person who is woried that studying and classes will get in the way of college should not attend here. In other words, this school is only for those who are coming here to get a good education. It is not a party school.


Anybody that doesn't want to do science/engineering, or lazy people


someone willing to work very hard who likes and is very good at engineerying (math and science)


Well organized, smart, active, focused, good energy, strong, friendly, stable, and involved.


Students who struggle with their coursework or attending class period should not attend Mines. If math and science are weak points in their learning, not a subject of major interest, or not something they will work hard on, students do poorly. Those students expecting a vibrant social life and very little actual work should consider other options.