Colorado School of Mines Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


People are geared towards working hard, having fun, and getting the job done.


The emphasis placed in helping you find employment. Interships and fieldwork classes are required. There are intership fairs held where you can tal to prospective employers.


The quality of the material in the classes.


The best thing is the reputation of the school. Even though its a small school, if you tell people that you go to CSM, they immediately respond with a comment like: "Wow, you must be smart" or "Thats such a good school".


Best thing is, it is close to home but for enough away I can't go home everyday. It is one of the top schools in Colorado and it is on the list of Forbes best schools. I am a very serious person and it is all about learning at this school. I have no doubt that once I finish I will get a good job.


The size. It's small but doesn't sacrifice excellence for its size.


The best thing about Colorado School of Mines is by far the academics. Alumni donate money every year to make sure the school is equipped with the best technology and equipment for a competitive, intense curriculum. I know that, because of my teaching, I will have a job upon graduation.


The best thing about my school would be the small campus and its not very crowded.


Everything is the best part about Mines. For an engineering and science focused school, this campus is amaisingly diverse, with every option open to its students.


Wide varitey of people and things. Everyone gets along, the amount of friends I have who are from different backgrounds or countrys then me is amazing. Also people here like to have fun but we can seperate the partying from school. The school provides a great education and is regonized around the world as being a top engineering school, so I know that if I get a degree from Mines I will be set forever.


This school provides practical knowledge and the degree that you earn is valued in the industry.


that it challenges me everyday.


I would have never made it in Engineering without Mines. It is incredibly difficult to study hard and do well at a party school. At Mines, everyone works hard and plays hard. It is really nice that everyone around you is working as hard as you and is supportive and helpful.


The focus on getting you ready for life in the industry. I think this is the best thing because if you don't know how to function in the real world, your education means next to nothing.


The academics I recieve at this school are great. This is one of the top engineering schools in the nation and the fact that I'm here taking advantage of its superior academics really makes me think that this is the reason it is the best thing about my school.