Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Colorado State Univsersity is an institution that cares about its students, faculty, alumni, and community memebers through the oppertunities provided, acadmics, facilites, and resources it provides for their fellow rams.


My school has a beautiful campus with amazing professors but a very poor chimestry department.


Colorado State University is more than just a college, it is the home of emerging adults in the process of discovering ourselves and the contribution we can make to the betterment of society. CSU is welcoming to students from all backgrounds and works to break down stereotypes to keep students safe, educated, and secure their identities. With a plethora of resources, students are never left alone to deal with problems and can connect with their peers in a variety of atmospheres day and night. Fort Collins and CSU provide a safe haver as a place of self discovery.


This school is vibrant, alive and full of knowledgable faculty.


The most outstanding life experience I've had to date.


A sound higher educational institution that provided me with a well-rounded education and good student activities. An affordable education at a school located in a beautiful city.


Colorado State University is a school where everyone is very friendly and the environment is beautiful however there is a slight lack in diversity of the students.


Colorado State University is a beautiful campus, and very well organized for how many students it serves.


Colorado State University is a large school with a beautiful campus that is occupied by a diverse body of students with a number of different interests, all united on the basis of attending one of the most amazing schools in Colorado.


Colorado State is a school full of generous and welcoming students, staff, and administrators that give you the tools and opportunities to get involved in the school, community, classes, and your future career to become successful in every aspect of your life.


Colorado State University is a beautiful, amazing, inspiring, academic college because of its research capabilities, the opportunities it offers, and its community based programs.


Colorado State University is a prestine and beautiful campus, nestled at the foot hills of the great Rocky Mountain Range in northern Colorado.


Attending Colorado State University is the best choice I could have ever made for myself; the people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, and the overall experience is amazing!


Colorado State University is a quality, green, friendly, and active university that will enrich the life of everyone and anyone who comes in contact with it.


Colorado State University is a welcoming, peaceful, engaging, active, and environmentally friendly school; The feeling of belonging to this friendly and loving microcosm and seeing the open, green campus is an intrinsically euphoric and mind opening experience--day in and day out.


Colorado State University is a well rounded school that is challenging and provides a multitude of opportunities.


Colorado State is a fabulous mix of hard working students and faculty, nature and new infrastructure, and future oriented individuals who only see one direction, up.


Colorado State University was a great experience that I will remember forever.


They would notice that it's very green, and there are trees everywhere. Right now there's a lot of construction going on, but once that's done everything will probably look very modern and clean


Colorado State University is an academically challenging yet fun place to be.


Colorado State University is not only a great campus with intriguing classes, it is also a great place full of community, positivity, and the beautiful Colorado mountains!


Colorado State University is a socially vibrant and intellectually engaging research university that encourages students to expand their thinking through interactive classes that do not merely teach students facts but push students to think more in depth about their area of study and how it affects the world we live in.


I remember what CSU first looked like to me. Honestly, I was really overwhelmed when I first walked onto campus. Compared to the other colleges I toured the campus was way bigger. Students swarmed campus as I walked through the long paths to get to different buildings. The plaza was filled with people trying to talk to me about this and that protest and what I thought about global warming. Even though I was a high school senior, I clung to my mom's arm. The buildings were huge and overtaking for one person to view, but the inside and out of them are very pleasing to the eye. I felt like I was at a real college looking at those buildings. CSU did look pretty though; very pretty. There are huge green trees everywhere blooming with leaves that reminded me of where we moved to Colorado from; Texas. The fields were green with grass and every outside space look appealing to stay in for a day. My favorite place, then and now, is the oval. The oval is a circular field in the middle of all the most important buildings on campus. The main walkway across the entire field is lined with trees and there is plenty of room to play games and read in the sunshine. To this day, I go there whenever I can. CSU may be overwhelming at first, but let your insecurities of college go if you tour the campus. Trust me, you do that and you will be able to know if you are supposed to go here.


The school is very big and is big in the landscaping. Right now there is a lot of construction going on because they are trying to make more space for incoming freshman and to rebuild some of the resident halls that have been up for a very long time. During the warm months the plants are very pretty around campus and it is really pretty after a lite snow.


Colorado State University is a beautiful and well-rounded school, offering a variety of experiences from academics to the environment and even to extra-curricular activities.


Colorado State University is a diverse, accepting and open school that offers a plethera of incredible opportunities including studying with very diverse people and great professors, tons of extracurricular activities and so many opportunities to get involved in the community that is Colorado State University.


Decent school, but I felt out of place, as my socioeconomic status was far lower than most other students.


A great place to learn with great facilities and resources, but a hard place to get to know people. Many people are impersonal, and often insincere and don't give others the benefit of the doubt in many occasions.


A great, challenging school with great people, facilities, and community.


A comfortable laid back school with focus on agriculture, veterinary science and other sciences.


The Colorado State University is, environmentally friendly, lively, spirited, proud and involved in the community.


Colorado State University has provided me with an excellent opportunity to continue my education, as it offers a wide selection of classes which have allowed me to pursue my personal interests, an environment that strongly promotes and encourages learning, and a generally friendly and caring social atmosphere.


Colorado State University is filled to the brim with opportunities for undergrad students from all walks of life, with a plethora of majors offered and chances for research and study abroad.


Go Rams!


CSU is diverse and full of support.


So much to do, so little time!


Colorado State University is welcoming, diverse, academically challenging, and a home away from home.


Colorado State University is a diverse university, both ethnically and eduactionally as there are eleven different colleges that are all recognized as top educational institutions in the nation, CSU is the best place to be!


My university, Colorado State, Has opened a new window into life, with its excellent education, unique dorms, and interesting education and career opportunities


CSU is very entertaining, there is always something to do whether it's a school sponsored event, spending time in town, or being outdoors at Horsetooth lake or one of like a million different parks.


CSU is one amazing experiance that teaches you about life and yourself.


Colorado State University is a very beautiful campus and the people here are very friendly!


Colorado State University strives to create well educated, prepared, community conscious individuals who want to create a better world for themselves and others.


Colorado State University is a great school in a beautiful state. The campus staff is really focused on helping each student succeed in their choice of majors. The have a great selection of classes for each major and alot of choices for electives so everyone can figure out the best possible major for their career. They have alot of different ways of helping each student succeed, from tutors, to being able to contact your profressor at all times.


Colorado State University is a great place to meet new people, learn new ideas, and share concepts in a technologically advanced, fun and exciting environment.


Less academic more social.


I am now enrolled to start school this spring 2010, though this will be my first year attending, everyone has been so helpful, showing me what I need to do in what order and why, to sum it up I am really looking forward to attending Front Range Community College.


A big school for students with big goals, located in the most perfect city of the most beautiful state.


My school is very friendly and helpful to all of its students, focusing on the effort and hard work each student puts forth to guide them into their own careers,


CSU has/is pride, community, friendly, small town feel in a bigger city, and gives options to be who you want to be.