Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


An average college with caring teachers and a peaceful environment to study in.


while walking throught campus, It is easy to see how much the alumi care about us, we now have two new buildings-one for computer technology and another for my major Human Development and Family Studies, paid for in part by faculty.


My school is in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where the fun and loving atmosphere radiates into the college.


My school is a strong research institution that provides a lot of opportunities for all different majors.


The perfect environment to receive a well-rounded education with numerous opportunities at your finger tips as well a comfortable surrounding.


Colorado State University is a large school with a friendly, small town feel that is abundant in school spirit and pride.


Socially based and laid back.


CSU is like one huge network of diverse groups of people with similar interests and talents.


Fun, exciting, comfortable, teaches a lot.


A bunch of liberals.


Colorado State University is an awesome campus for students that enjoy the outdoorsy life.


Too big, not academically focused, and doesn?t really care about quality of education but only quantity


Colorado State University is a great school and gives an individual all of the tools needed to succeed in their professional as well as personal life.


Challenging, diverse, a place to make decisions.


Colorado State University is a challenging, interesting and driven University that works extremely hard to make sure that it's students are happy and it's graduates leave with a rewarding degree.


Colorado State University is beautiful with opportunites for people with interests in many differnt areas.


my home away from home


This school is full of life and energy, there are things to do and people's lives to touch, new depths of knowledge to discover and yourself to invent.


I love the people here!


Fun, happy, and safe.


Animal frindly, environmentally concerned and socially accepting with a plethera of outdoor activities.


CSU is a friendly, environmentally conscious university that tries to give students the best education possible with the amount of funds that we are given.


Socially diverse with lots of options to get involved and stay involved.


A beautiful place to go to school, with almost countless possiblities for carrers, and programs that help get you there.


People come here for colorado, not the academics.


My school is a school famous for its past accomplishments in football; it is ranked highest in the nation for Equined Science.


I love Colorado State because it is a very "green" or evnironmentally-friendly community with great, friendly people.


Colorado State Univertsity is a very good size school and I came from out of state and it was very beautiful and welcoming. I met a diverse amount of people in the dorms who have come to be my best friends. Its an amazing school academically and socially. If I could go back in time I would pick CSU because it is a perfect fit for me and I love it here.


My school is located on an absolutely beautiful campus and everybody I know seems to enjoy being here.


Colorado State University is a well-rounded school. There is a plethora of different and unique things to be apart of here. I always feel welcome and safe, and that I am getting the education and tools I need to succeed in the real world. I enjoy my professors and have created lasting relationships with them, my classes keep me on my toes and informed. I have yet to miss or skip one! I enjoy life here because I feel at home, I feel safe. Also with that, I feel challenged and pushed to exceed.


CSU is extremely career oriented.


Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins Colorado. This video shows a 360 pan of the center of campus.


CSU is a huge school with tons of things going on every second and is also very beautiful.