Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for the veterinarian program. They are also known for their equine studies program and their research related to both animals and human diseases.


Our school is best known for unity. Everyone is always willing to help out their fellow rams!


CSU is best known for the gorgeous location, lying in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, paired with impressive academics. In particular, the Warner College of Natural Resources within CSU has many majors dedicated to helping the environment and animals. With a mountain campus location, there is a lot of hands-on work and extremely beautiful surroundings. The college of natural resources is an awesome and well known aspect of Colorado State University, an amazing school with a million good qualities.


CSU is known for being very environmental and community driven. The best way to make a change is to cause a ripple effect and CSU is devoted to educating its students so that they can go out and change the world. Alumni form an intense bond with CSU because the recognize the educational and personal benefits they recieved by attending university at CSU.


From my prospective, this is one of the best schools to attend for natural resources. I am proud to be attending.


It is a natural resources and agricultural school.


CSU is a research institution best know for its construction management , vet med, business, and engineering schools. It also is located in beautiful Fort Collins which is known for its outdoor lifestyle and active people. It is a very friendly environment with many passionate students who are driven and focused on getting the most out of their college educations. There is a strong focus on preparing the students here for what they will pursue after their college education whether that be a career or grad school. I am truely happy at CSU and am satisfied with my choice to attend.


We have one of the best veterinary programs in the country.


The atmosphere and where the school is located


Agriculture and Vetrinary Medicine


Colorado State University is best known for its biology program and more specifically, it is a strong animal science and veterinary school. They offer fantastic courses in this field, as well as several others, and a plethora of resources to aid students in excelling in their studies and choosing their future careers. Some students pursuing careers in scientific research are also given the chance to work with professors in their labs. This fantastic opportunity provides students with valuable experience working under a mentor and following lab procedures. Not all schools offer programs such as this.


Having a close nit community that strives for excellence in every student and has many options available to students so that they may show their maximum potential as a student and as someone about to enter the work force.


CSU- Global is best known for its user friendly online format and ability to complete all information online, including need forms. Classes are based on the trimester system and run for about 8-10 weeks. A full semester of classes are usually completed in 2 classes in the first half and 2 classes in the second half. Although the time needed to be put in is the same as traditional full semester classes, working on two classes at a time helps keep students focused and less overwhelmed. CSU-Global holds its own accreditation through Higher Learning Commision.


Colorado State University is mostly known for its agricultural, educational and research degree programs as well as its concerted effort to "Go Green" campus-wide.


I think our school is best known for the teaching the professors do. Not only do they have a profuse amount of experience in their subject but they know how to convey it well to the students. They are always willing to help and you can tell their main goal is to have all of their students understand the material.


Our school is best known for the business college. I was previously a business student at this college and know the program ranks high in the nations top business schools and is incredibly competitive to get into. Other than our business school I don't think CSU is really know for anything else.


Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. Non acidemic, are sun and being Green


Undie run! In the spring there is a night were everyone goes out and runs around campus in the underwear. They close off the roads around campus (even though some cars get stuck on them) and everyone is in such a good mood. Plus, no one cares so you don't have to self conscious because everyone is in underwear :)


Outdoor activites, friendly people, laid back


My school is best known for their veterinarian program. I am not a part of that particular program, but I think that in the future the growing Psychology program will become widely recognized, as well recognized as the veterinarian program. I would encourage any student to join the campus as all of the professors have exceptional skills in their give subjects.


At Colorado State University we are without a doubt known best for being GREEN. Just by taking a tour of the campus, one can already tell by the clean, merely litter free ground, and recycling bins located almost everywhere, that our school takes great pride in keeping a clean, healthy, and conservative environment for all its students and visitors. There are many community service organizations on our campus that students can get involved in to help clean up litter, plant trees, and to come together and talk about ways we can make our campus even cleaner and greener.


It is best known for its incredible environmental studies and research. My department, Fish Wildlife and Conservation Biology, is nationally ranked. As is our Pre-Vet, Pre-med, Engineering, Agricultural, and Zoology departments. Overall it is a very academically challenging school.


Colorado State Univeristy is best known for its Veterinary program, top in the nation. It has a small town feeling and charm. Everyone is very nice and helpful, especially when dining out, driving, and touring the town or campus. CSU is also top in the nation for going Green, in Dorm life, dining halls, classroms, etc.


Engineering and Agriculture


It used to be a purely agricultural science based school but now has branched out into several different areas of study.


Our school is best knows for it/s business proramm anmong the Pacific islaND. Moreover, the campus is intercultural, therfore students all over the world exchgange their experience and cuktural values. Also, many clubs aer available to join students andperfrom better in their classes and future career. For example, invetsment clubs are really a good deal to join.


We have a lot of school spirit: we love our football team, even though they don't do that well. We have a lot of school sponsored activites, and a lot of places to take advantage of, like the newly remodeled fitness center and the career center. We are close to the Rocky Mountains, and many of our students go here to ski and snowboard. We have a beautiful campus in a beautiful city that doesn't cost that much. We are focused primarily on the Sciences, but we are the second best school for Teacher Education in Colorado.


Colorado State University is the nation's leading school in vetrinary medicine! Students, traditional or non-traditional, come from out of state and even out of the country to take classes in the vetrinary program. I chose Colorado State University because it has the best visual arts program out of all the public universities of Colorado. There are private art schools available but I really felt that I could get a well rounded education at CSU and more real-life experience that will be more useful to me when I graduate.


My school is best known for "going green." Our campus strives to be an environmentally friendly community, we are frequently looking for new and exciting ways to better our planet. One of the required classes at Colorado State University is soley based upon learning more about our planet and what WE can do as a contribution to make our home a cleaner and brighter place to live. Going green is not taken lightly at my school, we are extremely competitive about being the best in this area.


CSU is best know for its green campaign. CSU is one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the Nation.


Great Colorado surroundings


CSU is best known for the engineering program. Many of my friends have come from out of state specifically for the engineering program . Althought that is what it is best known for, the psychology program comes in close second. There are tons of reasearch projects occuring in order to help students learn. Also, guest speakers will come in very often to speak to all sorts of different classes, not just in the engineering and psychology programs, but every program the school has.


CSU is known for its green campus. We are one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the country. It was one of the first universities to offer students the chance to purchase green power. The students at CSU are very involved in preserving the environment through active community service and research.


I believe CSU is best known to be a school that cares about its students. There are programs to assist students from all walks of life and to help students who may be struggling in their personal life.


I think perhaps its Vertrinary program, and there is of course its party reputation.


I feel my school is known as the CSU Rams, but also known for quality work by each individual student. I want to believe that all my friends want to be someone and we believe that CSU will provide that for each one of us.


My school is best known for how much research it does and renowned for its veterinary program. It is also best known for its students whom are very respectful and friendly to anybody. Our teachers have been nationally recognized for a variety of accomplishments and help make the process of learning material more interactive and relevant to what we, as students, hope to do for a career. Finally , we are best known for our committment to be a green university and become carbon neutral in the near future.


CSU is best known for it's friendly envrionment. Everyone that attends this college and all those that live in Fort Collins are extremely friendly and welcoming all of those that wish to attend school, live, or visit here. Everyone here is open to all views, beliefs, opinons and ways of life, no one is shunned away for being who they are. It's the best place to be yourself, because you know eeryone is just as genuine as yourself.


We have the number 2 vet school in the country, and a great engineering program.


CSU in my opinion is best know for it's involvement with the community surrounding it. Students are encouraged to participate in bettering themselves and the community through different interactive programs that are designed to benefit the student's overall well-being as well as the community as a whole. CSU is trying to minimize the impact it leaves on the environment and the surrounding communities are following in it's path.


My school is best known for its Veterinary Hospital and extensive Equine Science Program.


We are a land grant and research university. If you think you may have a strong interest in that area, I would suggest coming here. We also have an excellent music department. That would be another reason I would suggest coming here. Finally, our vet school is the second best in the country. If animals and there health are your passion then Colorado State may be the school for you.


Agriculture and vet med schools. Also, being close to the mountains.


CSU is most known for their research in many different fields as well as trying to be more green.


My school is best known for being environmentally friendly.


We are known for being a very green campus and down to earth.


Colorado State University is well known for it's veterinary program, it's "green" policies, and its high academic standards in all of it's colleges, especially the colleges of buisness and engineering. It's forestry department is also ranked among the top in the nation, which is why i chose to attend.


CSU is known for having the #2 Vet school in the nation. It has a vey competitive program and addmission process. Many students who come to CSU, espicially out of state students, come here for the vet school.


CSU is consideredone of the most green colleges.


It's environmental practices, promoting green technology