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What are the academics like at your school?


Academically, I feel like CSU is good. Haha, my spanish teachers, or other small classes, and my advisor are probably the only teachers who know my name...well, acuatlly I guess my macroeconomics teacher knows my name now because I scored a perfect on a test, and she takes all the people who got perfects out to lunch, so she knows my name from that. Also in her favor, she goes around at the beginning of class and always tries to learn new peoples names. Many of the professors would like to know everybody's names, but it takes a few smaller classes or actual major classes before you might get that (assuming you don't put a lot of effort into it yourself, I don't, but if you do I'm sure they'd remember you if you went to their office hours or something). My favorite classes have been the classes for my major, human dimensions of natural resources (basically tourism and natural resource management). The teachers in my major are all pretty young and fun and they really make classes that don't always sound promising (i.e. parks and protected area management) an enjoyable class. There is a lot of participation in these classes cause everybody knows each other and the teacher and everybody feels pretty comfortable, but some classes are pretty quiet and the teacher just lectures. Thus, the class that was my least favorite was human development and family studies, or something like that, it was 8 in the morning MWF and boring as hell. You didn't get very many points in class and your whole grade was based on basically 5 opion geared one-page papers. Not fun, not interesting. The most unique class I've taken would probably be the seminar I had to take freshman year because I'm in the honors program. It was called "Yuck! Diseases through the ages" or something like that. It was once a week, but pretty interesting. Haha I really liked the reactions I got from people when I told them I was in that class though....... I feel like CSU is a good academic environment though. I have had intellectual conversations outside of class, and have heard some as well. I think the academic requirements are pretty typical, and that yeah, the education is geared toward probably getting you a job. Of course there are classes that aren't specifically job related that you'll have to take and those are more learning for its own sake, but it really is about coming out of college ready for a job though, and I think CSU will do that for me.


So far I have enjoyed the classes I've taken at CSU. I do feel that a lot of the general education classes are redundant from High School and feel they are not necessary to take when students are ready to take upper level classes. Some of the requirements seem like they hold students back from their potential or from graduating early, or even on time.


Professors usually don't know my name, because most of my classes are too large. My favorite class by far is health and the mind taught by Mark Benn. I believe that class is the best class I've had in my schooling career. I have never been to a class where people wanted to go, and although the way he teaches is unorthodox and probably a little controversial, I wouldn't change it for the world. If he ever left CSU this school would have a huge loss. Other then that class I have had some great teachers in other classes, but once again the large classes such as chemistry are hard to monitor and most students don't go.


I like most of my classes here but there are a few that are eitheer too hard or the teacher rubs me in the wrong way. Especially when teachers are not very understanding. It is too difficult to receive an a in my opinion.


I feel like the majors offered at CSU are really good. there is a wide variety and a lot of choices that seem to have bright futures. I feel as though open option shouldn't be a choice because those who begin with that have trouble getting in to the major they actually desire. I think advisors should highly recccomend that freshman begin in the major they are leaning to and not say that open option is a real option because its actually just a hinderace.


They are hard but when studied well enough you can succeed and do well in all that you need. the teachers are all great and helpful and always ready to help out when needed.


If it is a smaller class the Professors know my name, and they are extremely helpful. I really like the classes that force you to do homework because then it is really hard to get behind in class. The competitiveness of a class depend on which class your in, some are really competitive and other not as much. The professors are really helpful.


Undergrad classes at csu are very large and therefore you dont get to know professors by name. My favorite class at csu was child psych, but my best professor was my history professor. He was very easy to approach and very willing to help. Class participation is not very common in big classes and most classes are lecture style.


They are good, but they want to really weed you out. Some teachers are non existant and hard to reach. The advisors in the engineering department, especially civil are really bad.


One of the most unique classes I have taken at CSU is Food From Farm to Table with Professor Jack Avens. I have learned so many things about the food I eat like what its processed with, how it is manufactures, the process of canning and jarring food, how animals are made into cuts of meat. It has really opend my eyes to how much it takes to get food to the consumer.


I feel like CSU's courses could be a bit more challenging, while they are difficult I do not feel as though I am being challenged with activities that simulate the real world. This may be because I am entered in mostly freshman level courses. I really like my honors classes and spanish classes because the number of students is smaller. Most of the above questions are highly dependent on the professor. Therefore I believe that most funding should go to improving the quality of instructors, our football team is going to suck either way, but I'm paying for an education.


When I was taking Freshmen classes my professors didn't know my name or anything about me. When they came into my work I would mention that I'm in one of their classes but then they would just strug me off. But, since I'm now a senior all my classes sizes are like 30 or less students. I can call some of my teachers my friends and have no problem going to office hours for extra help or just to talk. They actually care about who I'm and strive to help me succeed.


I a lot of busy work that a student working two jobs is hard and annoying. Not so many TA's for classes and labs.


I think that students are competative and want to be better than the next. I do not really like my major/department, because I do not feel involved or like I fit into my major. I think some of the basic level classes are more for learning, but the higher level ones are for a job.


Allthough i have only been here for one year i have yet to run into a horrible prof. i have had the honor of being in class with some realy good profs like Dr. Chanberlain.


Teachers don't seem tocare on a large picture.


Professors have been very friendly to me so far. Some even know my name, which is great. I was worried about being just another number at a large univeristy, but i actually feel right at home.


I think that perhaps CSU should change something about the attendance, because too many times when I go to class for lecture there is almost nobody in the class, but when there is a test or quiz the class fills up like everyones been there. Its kind of frustrating because I am there to learn what I can from the teachers and not just look at the notes online to study. But i guess it wont change because if students are paying for school then they have the choice to go, i just choose to get the most out of my money since I am the one paying to be here.


None of my professors really know my name. With general classes I am in a lecture halls with over 100 people. If I really wanted them to know my name it would be possible though. Students just have to make the effort to get individual attention here. Students here are always studying. The library is always full, they are even talking about extending the hours. The most unique class that I have heard about is the psychology of sex I haven't taken it though. I feel like CSU's academic requirements are reasonable.


None of my professors know my name but I like it that way. I feel like students don't talk about academics unless they are complaining about the unfairness of them. I absolutely loved my Pop Art seminar.


The academics at CSU vary a lot depending on your choice of major. It varies in every aspect ranging from class size to work load and even to the type of people you encounter in classes. As a double major in accounting and spanish, so far my workload has not been too difficult. At the major colleges they say you dont really get into your major till about junior year so I have mainly been taking general education classes that have been nothing to intense. On the other hand, I have several friends in the engineering department who have ridiculous workloads spending 3-5 hours per night on homework. But overall to this point, I have been overall satisfied with my education for the first two semesters of my experience at CSU.


Some of the professors at this school know my name, but there are 100s of kids in my classes. My favorite class would have to fashion industries because my techer Carol Enright inspried me to fulfill my dreams. My least favorite class would have to be accounting because it is confusing and extremely boring. I would say when Im not working Im studying. I don't think most kids care to participate in class. The conversation that I witness at parties and such are nonsense talk. In my fashion merchandising major, i would have to say that most people tend to be a bit competitive. The most unique class I have taken thus far is fashion industries. My major is fashion merchandising and I love it. I think the department does an awesome job of integrating outside activities and classroom activities to real live situations in our major. I am sad to say that i dont spend time with my teachers outside of class. I think the academic requirements are tolerable. I don't necessarily think this is the moat challenging school, but I do think that they have a high rate of job placement.


Its pretty diverse to my understanding. I think that most of the professors are very knowledgable in their fields but unfortunately, that does not make them good teachers. Teaching is a different skill that I don't feel like is as developed enough for too many instructors/professors. I have had good luck getting help outside of class when I needed it from the TAs or the instructor or professor his/her self.


The classes are good i am really busy this semester because i am taking alot of credits. So far i have had only good experiences with dealing with professors outside of class. They have all been helpful and help me with what i need to do.


no my professors do not know my name, granted i am a freshmen and i am in many general classes. i am planning and hoping that in a few years i will be in smaller classes with teachers that know me and my name.


we need more friendly professors that are not sooo stuck up!


In the smaller, more concentrated classes, professors do tend to know your name. I would expect this, but not in the larger, more general classes. My favorite class so far would have to be my beginning ice skating class. Very relaxed atmosphere, and fun. There were no expectations. I haven't found a class that I really disliked yet. Class participation varies. You'll see virtually no one ask or answer anything the first couple of weeks, and then students will suddenly find their voices. Sometimes you'd wish that a person would just shut up. And there can be a lot of competitiveness among students. I try to avoid this as I'm not really competitive with others, just myself. CSU's academic requirements are very well-rounded. The core classes have a nice balance of what's needed in the real world versus what a student needs to be able to succeed in their major classes. And I feel the education I'm getting at CSU is a nice combination of learnning just to learn and learning to put you on the right track for a career, not just a job.


one thing that should be changed is the math courses that are only available online (117, 118,119, etc). there should be a class offered with a TEACHER, along with online courses, i was forced to take math at front range because i hadn't taken math since jr year in highschool and needed a teacher to teach me instead of trying to teach myself online.


My first semester i had a few professors i liked and only one i didn't like. This semester i have three proffesors that i really like. They make me enjoy going to class and make me want to do well. Studying is very important if you want to do well in school, which is something i learned the hard way frist semester. I wasn't used to the amount you have to study, but I got the hang of it and it's alot easier now. My proffessors have been very helpful if I contatc them. Most of the time they are very understanding and will help you if you ask for it. But you have to ask. I have learned alot so far and alot of my classes tie into one another and it really makes classes interesting, and makes me want to learn. A lot better than highschool.


Depending on the size of the class and the style in which the class is taught determines class participation. But like most classes, the smaller the class the more class participation. The only department I do not like is the PACE program in the math department. It is an online class and I feel that students do not get out of it what they would from a teacher taught class.


I am an apparel merchandising major, and I know I have been pretty happy with all of my instructors. They are all very knowledgeable about the industry and most of them are well known in the industry as well. I have some difficulites just because my major is small. So there isn't a whole lot of flexibility with the school schedule. Sometimes classes are offered only in the spring or fall or sometimes every other year. I also really want to study abroad and there are very few options with an apparel merchandise major, unless you study abroad for some of the core competancy classes.


I know my professors last names but that is about it. My least favorite class is when you have to take a ton of notes and it seems likes the teacher is just reading the notes that she is giving you and is not really taking the time to teach you. I do not spend time with my teachers outside of class unless i need help.


I haven't been here that long but it seems that the proffessors here are willing to establish a relationship with their students. The Students also seem intellegent.


The academics at csu are challengeing just like any other college. The teachers are all friendly and will help you at any time.


It's up to you. There are big lectures, but professors are willing to get to know you if you are willing to get to know them. Go to office hours, ask questions. With smaller classes, you cannot just hide in the back. Watch out for the pre-vet students; they are the most competitive and cut-throat when it comes to grades and classes.


Pretty much all of my professors know my name. My favorite classes are the small ones were you really get to interact and not be scared because hundreds of other students are listening. I am a business major and I love the College of Business here at CSU...they are there only to help the students and its awesome!


so far id say its, for me anyways, that its geared for learning, i dont even know what i want to do and i dont seem to be having any ideas dropped my way. my professors have no idea who i am, and i rarely see them outside of class. class participation isnt common, at least not in the large classes i'm in. although i recently declared my major as business, i am not involved in anything outside of classes, but that is my choice.


I like that the professors are strict but also have understandings for things that come up and are willing to work w\ the students and make acceptions.


At Csu there is a variety of classes that you can take which is very helpful when choosing the coure classes that you might not want to take but end up being very intresting in the end. Only in my freshman year I would say that CSU can be considered for both learning and preparing for a job depending on what your major might be.


I am a Health and Exercise Science Major. This is one of the more popular majors at CSU because it is geared towards students who would like to go to grad. school and students who would like to be done in four years. One of the acadmeic requirements just in my major is you have to have a 3.0 or higher in four of the required courses. Some students feel that one class should not reflect how they do in all of their classes. I do not spend time with my professors outside of class, but I do see them and talk with them if I run into them. One of my professors is actually the advisor for one of the clubs I am in, so I do have a closer relationship with her than with some of my other professors. I would have to say that the education is geared towards getting a job. There are a few classes that a more for learning amd knowledge, but the majority of the classes prepare you for a job as soon as you graduate.


One thing ive learned is, just go to class, attend class. Its so easy to get in a bad habit of not goin to class so pick good times for your schedule, and just go to class. I personally like lecture classes but that might suite everyone you don't really need to participate in class but you'll find that other people have some interesting things to contribute


Professors don't know me by name :( mostly because I'm in these huge lecture halls with 350 other students. I always want to make an effort to talk to them, but it's really intimidating! I haven't taken too many crazy fun classes but one I really liked was Popular Culture. It was really interesting and really showed you how things have changed. It was also really unique because the professor was a self proclaimed goth and he brought in a lot of his goth friends (fully dressed) and it was just really interesting to learn about thier lifestyles. I don't have a major yet. I feel that some classes are geared toward just learning (like the pop culture class) but once you get into you major and start taking more concentraed classes, there is more of a focus on getting a job which is really reassuring.


In the business school, I am on a first name basis with all of my current professors. It is harder in the general ed classes, but overall it has been a good experience. Students are competitive in class and that results in more class participation. I do spend time with both students and teachers outside of class, and most of my teachers encourage going to them if I need anything at all.


Because of Delta Sigma Pi, I do know professors within the College of Business because a lot of them are faculty brothers so I often say hello to them and ask them for future advice. The academic requirements to get into the College of Business I think is very competitive which helps leverage the quality of our education.


I think the best thing about CSU is that it really is a great school, but it's not arrogant and in love with itself about it. The professors are actually approachable, rather than just brushing you off and making you talk with their assistants. That's a big thing in my book. The tuition is also good for a school of its size, the resources available, and the quality of education you get.


My experience with CSU is that my students spend time studying. I have encountered those students who never study, and those student who study a lot. I tend to be someone who studies a lot and I have found that a lot of classmates also study a lot. I think that the professors tend to be very clear on what information will be covered on the exams and they truly do want you to do good on the test.


My favorite class right now is Spanish- I'm minoring in it and I love learning more of the language every day. This however, is a smaller class, so it is much more personal. We all know eachother by our names. I do enjoy the bigger lecture hall classes but they make it easier to not pay attention and to have friendly chats with your friends. One thing I don't like about the academic requirements it that my AP Statistics class transferred as 3 elective credits. And since Stat 204 is required for business majors, I still had to take it. However, I had to take Stat 301 because apparently Stat 204 is too close to the one I took in high school.


My graduating class was 28, so to go into classrooms with 200 people overwhelmed me at first. I soon realized that the teachers are personable, and not unreachable. They are willing to help, and want to get to know students and help them with problems outside of the classroom. Classes get smaller as students get older, and it's a lot easier to participate. Participation is expected from the professors, and they expect students to do a lot of work outside of class.


Do profesors know your name?Yes, i try to communicate with professors to better understand the subject inwhich i am studying. My favorite class would be AM250 Clothing adornment due to my interst in studying other cultures, The most unique class i have even taken would have to be HY101 becuase it was very challenging and little visuals to understand the subject.


Education is somewhat different to what i've thought before coming here. I guess, I am a bit disappointed.