Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag that the education is supreme. I can go to class and expect to leave with new applicable knowledge.


Lots of fun and an unpretentious atmosphere.


I like to tell them about the amazing people. There are so many interesting and funny people on campus and if you can find those people, they make the study and toil bearable. I may spend an insane amout of time in the library, but I can stand to do it because there is someone to keep my morale up and make me laugh about it. I don't think I would find people of this quality at University of Colorado.


I brag to my friends about the overall sense of community that comes with on-campus life. Everyone really looks out for eachother. People are generally super nice and polite. The professors really want to see you succeed and they will bend over backwards to help you. Just walking around campus, you can tell that everyone there is proud to be a CSU Ram.


Whenever I'm asked by my friends about my school, I rave about the camaraderie and spirit there, the availability of resources, and the life both on and off campus. Everyone is so alive and full of energy and if something goes wrong, everyone bands together. There's always something to do and get involved in. The amount of resources that campus offers is amazing. From looking for jobs, to financial aid, to counseling; you name it, they've got it. They provide you with all the connections you need for now and after graduation.


CSU is ranked number three in the nation for its veterinary programs and has a very colorful history with vibrant traditions. For example, they used to require students to wear hats of different colors to represent their class level in the college between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM, and if they didn't they would be required (though I don't think this was ever enacted) to push a peanut around the center of campus with their nose.


I am very proud of the program I am in at Colorado State. The Rockwell Business School is a competitive business school compared to the other public universities in Colorado. My professors are very successful and have led impactful careers in their fields of expertiese. I brag about my involvement in the investment clubs and oppurtunities offered by the college of business.


The thing that I love most about CSU is how friendly and helpful the people on campus are. Everywhere you go there is someone who wants to reach out and connect to someone else, which makes it a really nice place to be since there are 30,000 students that currently go there. It's nice to expand your circle of friends every day and have such happy and studious people around you all the time, it's contagious.


Colorado State University has a beautiful campus and I couldn't be happier with my decision to get a forestry degree from this university. I have never had more support from faculty and staff as I have recieved from the Warner College of Natural Resources.


I brag the most about the beautiful campus to my friends. The campus creates a small community of the thousands of CSU students, which is something I love about campus. It is not spread out across town, but it is very close to town so there is always somewhere to go. There are so many trees and a lot of places where you can sit in the grass and eat lunch or do homework or play frisbee. The atmosphere of the campus was one of the reasons I chose to go here and I love being a part of that.


When I tell my friends that I am going to CSU-Global Campus, I get excited about the way the programs are offered and how the school is so focused on the students. The staff is helpful and I like to let friends know that getting into the school was smooth and easy. So far, I like to say that I have had an awesome experience!


I brag most about the scenery. I am from the East coast so the mountains are magnificant to me. I've never experiencing anything like the fresh outdoors in Colorado. I also brag about how nice the townies are in Ol' Town. I've meet the friendliest souls here. It's a very happy place to live.


That the campus is beautiful and the people are really friendly. The greek life there is amazing to with all the events that they do and how much they help the community, as well as making CSU's image look that much better.


I brag mostly about the location. Being so close to the mountains is one of the biggest draws I found in moving from Texas to Colorado. I have loved being outdoors in the beautiful weather, and being able to see the mountains from my window. I have also loved the open-minded atmosphere. People here seem more accepting of differences and more open to change and different cultures. I found that to be extremely refreshing and definitely something to brag about.


The people are amazing and are really there to help you succeed. Colorado State University is a big school yet everyone is interested in seeing everyone succeed. The people are genuine and passionate in helping you succeed and achieve your dreams. The school is close and everyone if helpful and welcoming. I love my school!


When I am bragging to my friends about Colorado State University I generally like to talk about all the awesome events that go on here along with all the free stuff we receive. I like to tell them that I go to the most beautiful college in Colorado that is always green and filled with beauty.


The commitment to being a "green school." The close ties we have with state natural resources departments. The quality of most of the professors.


What I brag about most is my schools opportunities . It has many programs for you to get invovled in such as Key and Freshman Action Team which I am a part of. Key allows you to get to know people before you start school and it makes the transaction a lot easier. I t also gives you more support from people who are already at your school and have already experienced being a freshaman. Freshman Action Team allows you to be more involved in your community. You can not only attend events but plan them yourself.


The weather here is warmer than most places during the year, so that's nice.


The academic programs.


My internship experience.


Being proud of academic success is valued the most. I received a 3.6 grade point average during my first semester. Accepting challenges and taking them to the max, gives me a real sense of accomplishment. Our intramural football team and softball team gave me great bragging rights. Our teams did not take first place, but we had a lot of fun while collaborating with new friends. It was once said, "While living in your parents house, your friends are chosen for you, but.... while attending college, you choose your own friends."


I am able to pass with high grades, A's and B's, and for the Spring of 2010 i passed with a 4.0 GPA.


My school is laid back in the nicest town with fun things to do and friendly people to hang out with.


Campus is beautiful! Fort Collins is an awesome city to live in - great food, great bars, great music scene. Classes have been enjoyable so far. Professors are insightful and passionate about what they teach. There are so many offerings and opportunities to get involved and participate in on campus. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.


People are great and tolerant. So much to do off campus, but a lot to do if you want to stay more involved in school acitivites. Sports are great here, a lot of school spirit. School is challenging and you have many choices for classes. Expensive and hard to find jobs in this economy. The area is beautiful as well as the school. There is much to do throughout the year, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, you name it, Colorado has it.


I tell them how diverse the student population is. I brag about how beautiful campus is, nestled in the foothills of the mountains. I tell them about the new University Center for the Arts, where I get to dance in a beautiful new space. I tell them about the amazing opportunities for undergrad students in research and study abroad programs. I brag that the math and science programs will give me a leg up in applying to physical therapy school.


When I talk about CSU I talk about the campus and the people. I know several people going there through 4-H and the campus is safe and beautiful.


We are considered one of the most "green universities" in the nation and one of the first to offer students the option to buy green energy for their dorms. We are also in the city that is the skinniest in the nation.


CSU has fantastic resources available for all of its students. In the Psychology department, at least, the advisors are tremendously helpful and knowledgable and the professors are very approachable and always in need of research assistants. The university also has a very useful staff at the Career Center, with insightful advice that is applicable to all careers and gives me a great deal of confidence when I think about the impending job search in my future. Full-time students also receive five free visits to the Health Center and University Counseling Center, both of which are phenomenally staffed.


Can you imagine a class full of nursing students, all vying for the same 24 possitions? Can you imagine the pressure of the entire school on your shoulders as you present your honors theisis? Dude that is what I imainge every time I step into that classroom, and whats more, it's true! We are the very best of the best at that college. We are the future of nursing, we disect, smell and taste thingsthe rest of the college would faint from, and we love it! Can you imagine that?


When talking with my friends I like to brag about the professors and how well I like my classes. The participation levels and the way that they classes are taught are excellent . The involvement with the music program is wonderful and it allows me to relax and enjoy playing my instrument without the stresses of a class setting.


How much fun I have with my friends.


At CSU, there are so many friendly people! It's such a great atmosphere to meet new people and make lasting friends. The suite I live in is also very nice. We have our own custodial staff and we have a kitchen, theater, laundry place, theater, and nice study rooms. No elevators, but we have our own sinks and a bathroom to share with four people. Everything is close and the food is better than most schools I visited. Plus, teachers understand the rigors of socializing on campus and will grant you a few extensions if you ask.


I definately focus on where the school is. Not only does Colorado completly rock as a state, but Ft. Collins has been ranked the best place to live in America for a city it's size several times. The mountains are right next to you, and the sun shines almost 300 days a year. But location only enhances the school's characteristics. The students are numerous and diverse, and there are enough student groups on campus that i'm confident anybody could find a place to fit in.


I brag about the quality of the veterinary school and the steps my university has taken in being 'green.' I'm also proud to be a CSU ram.


The environment of CSU. It is the most incredible community and I feel apart of something special and real everyday. Fort Collins is an amazing town and only increases the environment at CSU. Everyone is friendly and motivated to succeed which is an amazing combination and I am fortunate to experience it everyday.


I brag about the location of the school, and how beautiful it is. I also tell them how lucky I am to be here at the school. I would not have my college experience in any other way.


It is a toss up between how amazing the campus is and all the resources. They campus is bike friendly with many trees and walking paths also. The oval is like walking through the forest . Anytime during the year campus feels like home and looks like a picture from a magazine. The resources from the advisors, mentors, computer labs, clubs, and so forth are great. As long as you know about them, they will help you succeed in a complete college experienece.


There isn't really much to brag about for my school academically since it is a state college. One of the best qualities of it is the environment surrounding it. The community is very supportive of our school and the nature is beautiful; an aspect some colleges don't possess.


I brag about the cool machines and processes that I learn about in my classes. New and imaginative ideas are some of the coolest I think.


I always tell my friends that for my degree (Psychology) CSU has one of the very best programs in the country! They offer a B.S. instead of a B.A. and I think that will give me an edge in the career field. Also, because of this, I can tell interviewers that I had hands-on experience in research!


I love the way the campus is set up, how friendly everyone (including the professors) is, how helpful the financial aid office is and their desire to keep their students in school. I love how easy it is to access several places on campus for food. The student center has a huge amount of useful resources and their computer labs are extremely helpful.


There are so many opportunities.


great location and the friendly people. Great lifestyle


That my college is the number one in the nation for my degree in Equine Science.


The eco-friendly enthusiastic nature of the campus. It's helpful and not pushy and offers ways for you to become 'green' instead of just telling you to become 'green'.


When I think about CSU, I think of all of the wonderful friends that I have made and the time that I have been able to spend with them. I have had several professors that have shown true dedication to their students education, and several classes that I have thoroughly enjoyed, that I feel have really shaped some of my views. Fort Collins is a beautiful town with lots of opportunities to make friends and enjoy the outdoors. Plus it is close to Denver which has all the high light s of the city.


I tell them there is so much to do here and it is one of the most desirable plaves to live in the U.S. statistically. Plus, if they move here, they get to see me! If they are someone who is driven to make change environmentally, politically and personally, then they should attend CSU!


I brag about how "Green" our school is. I think our school really stands out when it comes to our environmentally savy ways. I also would brag to them about the feeling of community that the school gives out along with the surrounding community. I am proud to be a CSU RAM!