Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


There is a guy who stands on the plaza (where almost every student must pass by on their way to any class) and he holds a sign that says "You Deserve Hell". I walk by him and, as a Christian and a sinner, I am almost brought to tears. What the sign should say is "Jesus LOVES You". The hardest part is when my fellow Rams argue with him because he says terrible things to them. Truth is, in every heart there is a desperate desire to be loved and that is all that Jesus wants to fill for us! No shaming necessary! Other than that the dorm food gave me food poisoning a couple of times. EW


There's a significant party culture. The student section at football games tends to be drunk students who are smoking. In off-campus apartments, and occassionally houses, it can be difficult to sleep or study because of parties or drunken individuals.


My school is not always religoulsy tolerant to Christians


The worst thing about this school is that bullying happens more often and no one does anything about.


The most negative thing about my school is that there are so many places to visit and hang out and so many clubs to join and participate in that there isn't enough time to do everything you want to do and still have time for schoolwork. It requires me to be extremely organized and have a schedule where I set time apart for studying and time for having a social life. Downtown Fort Collins is one of the most interesting and fun places to go and hang out that it can be hard to leave and go do schoolwork.


The worst thing about CSU is the class sizes. I had some sciences classes that were over 300 students. If a student was struggling the teacher never took the effort to email the student or to find the student help. It felt like you never really had a good relationship with your instructor due to the huge class sizes. These large sizes also allowed students to be rude and not pay attention in class. It was very hard to pay attention in class when others are talking, on facebook or on their cell phones which a large class size allows.


The school is very difficult to work with in terms of financial aid. The people who work at the financial aid office seem to know nothing and are not very interested in helping you even though you don't know anything. Their attitude seems to be that what's your problem is yours to fix.


I consider the size to be the worst part of CSU. I personally don't like crowds, so the main thoroughfares of campus can be a little overwhelming during passing periods. Also, I have several large lecure classes. While they don't bother me, I know they can be an issue for some people.


Personally, nothing is truly bad about my school, I love the school that I attend. But if I was forced to say something, I would say the worst thing in my school is that it lacks a school of law. I would love for my university that I am attending to have a school of law, because it would give me a higher possibility of attending a law school near my home. Sometimes, the drivers are not the best here either, but I would consider that as more of a state wide issue.


*I am a transfer student to university this fall, so this is a reflection on my community college, rather than on Cal Poly Pomona.* College is the time when students learn they have a voice, but that it needs to be used to communicate clearly and respectfully with adults. To waste this opportunity in futile arguments with instructors, or on engineering cheating methods on tests, is to completely insult the experience. To be an instructor who allows these behaviours to continue, however, is an even bigger disservice as students then don't grow in a meaningful way as human-beings.


You get swallowed up in this school. It isn't the biggest school in the country, but it feels ginormous. There aren't a lot of clubs to get into, so it's extremely hard to find a group.


The worst thing about my school is that they are always doing construction, so it's hard to get around. There is also not enough parking!


The diversity isn't that much and could be more.


Faculty and staff are typically very unhelpful. There are, of course, exceptions, but the majority of university employees are rude an unfriendly.


CSU-Global is not for the student looking for a traditional university experience. For a more traditional experience I recommend Colorado State University in either Pueblo or Fort Collins. CSU-Global is based on a pure online experience where everything is done online. If a student isn’t comfortable sending and receiving form, feedback, and assignments digitally, then they shouldn’t attend. All classes are considered fast paced and can become demanding. It takes great organization, dedication, and self-discipline to take all of the classes online.


There isn't much school pride. Everyone one I know myself included really love going to colorado state, but not many people attend sporting events or show up to school functions. I think this is because, we have lots of dedicated students with lots of pressure to do well in there classes and manage jobs at the same time. It makes it hard to find time to drive to the football stadium across town.


The worst thing is that some of the buildings and classrooms are in need of refurbishing. The two dorm towers and that area are so old and run down compared to other dorms; the quality of buildings and classrooms should be better for how much it costs to go to college.


The problem with CSU is how many extraneous construction projects they seem to start every single year--the library is great, but for some reason we need a $3 million 'study cube'; the dorms are fine, but they need to completely rip them down and build new ones rather than simple cosmetic fixes. And now they're talking about a new stadium on campus....As a student trying to pay for her own schooling, I get closer and closer to having to drop out every year because they won't stop raising tuition!


The worst thing about Colorado State University is living in the food becasue it all starts to taste the same after a while.


The university's financial decisions in terms of how to use the private and public funds are the worst. The reason I propose this is due to their decision to hire a new atheletic director after the previous director signed a three year contract with the university. Logically, I do not see the benefit in paying a $200,000 salary twice for two people in the same office. The university comforted the students though, saying it's coming out of the private funds. Nonetheless, if I was a private contributor to the university, then I would rethink my investment.


The worst thing about my school is the bike cops.


The worst thing about Colorado State University, is there are far too many options. When wanting to choose electives one could spend hours on end looking for things that look and sound interesting. This can cause frustration and anxiety but in the end the University is full of great classes so you know you'll be okay with one of the dozens of options there are to offer.


Every school has their ups and downs. I'm thankful in getting the chance in returning back to school after a seven year absence.


The biggest problem I encounted was with getting certain questions answered. Often, when I would go to an office to ask a person for help, or a some university related question I was sent to three different offices before getting to someone who knew the answer. Most of the office and secretarial staff are friendly, but students often get tossed around while searching for an answer.


The worst thing about my school is the sports that they offer, they should offer more varsity sports other than just football and basketball. This school offers twice as many girl sorts as male sportsc.


High amount of spending on buildings to promote enrollment, but very little funding being spent on academic improvement.


Cliques don't really dissapear at this college. Don't get me wrong, people are friendly, but don't venture far into the unknown. Maturity is also an issue. Many students enrolled here are pretty young. As a non-trditional student, it is hard to find peers with similar interests. MOST of the professors are not concerned with you as an individual. They will certainly not go out of their way to help, they tell you to find help elsewhere. Every once in a while you find a professor who is here for the right reasons.


We have a lack of minorities, as our school is mostly middle class white students. We could develop more as students and as a school with a more culturally diverse campus. Having more cultures and more people from minorities around us would change our perspective on the world. Also, it might mean more non-white students in the Education program, which I think is something we REALLY need.


The trees that were planted at Colorado State and the flowers and such used to decorate are non-native to the region. I happen to think that ever greens, aspens, brush, etc. are much more economically sound, not to mention nicer to look at, than East coast trees and flowers that have to be cared for far more diligently than the native flora. And I think it says a great deal that this is my biggest complaint.


I hate how people at our school makes it seem okay to smoke weed.


The lack of knowledge that a Performing Arts major exists. CSU is so Agricultural and Science-focused, the more liberal degrees get overlooked or are less important.


While there are a lot of great resources available at my university, it is sometimes necessary to return multiple times before receiving help. It is a combination of finding the right person to ask and phrasing the question in the correct way to get help that help. I feel like it should not always have to be a work game in order to reach different resources.


The expectations. They expect you to be literally perfect, but that's humanly impossible and only stresses students out.


The worst thing is that there is a large chunk of campus that does not have emergency call buttons. This part of campus is through the intramural fields where a large chunk of students who live on campus walk during the day and night. We have call buttons in the main plaza, but it seems as though we are lacking in an area that seems quite crucial. In order for everyone's safety to be as secure as possible we need to make the efforts and find the funding to place several more call buttons throughout the intramural fields.


The worst, and most difficult thing about school is the fact that no one holds your hand. Your mother doesn't come and wake you up in the morning and tell you to get dressed. There is no one to yell at you when you want to play sick and ditch classes. You are responsible for you, no one else is. It is very difficult to stay motivated when someone isn't there constantly encouraging you.


I think that the worst thing about my school would be the online format for participating classes and grades. Some classes even use their own cite so there isn't a central format for each class. Everyone is different. Sometimes you even have to discuss in class and online and I believe that it really repetitive. I think that having one sight to see all the classes would be a great improvement. Also, guidelines for whether the classes are all online or in the classroom.


Some of the dorms are far from the classrooms which makes for a very long, cold walk in the winter.


The worst thing about Colorado State that I feel is that we promote that we are a "green university" but there are many times that I notice we really aren't that "green." For example over Thanksgiving break one of our buildings had the heat and lights on the entire time but it was closed. I wish that we lived up to the "green" status that our school has.


How the departments are seemingly not connected. It seems that each department keeps to its own and therefore has no knowledge of other departments. For example, my art advisor knows very little about other academic departments or opportunities other than art, so when I went to ask her about minoring in another academic department (Japanese), she merely told me to go to the foreign language department for that inquiry. I believe that an advisor should know at least the basics of other departments...


I'd say there are only two problematic things on campus: parking and preachers. Our campus is installing buildings while trying to remain small and accesible. So parking lots are ripped out to become new building sites, a trend encouraged by the 'green campus' image that endorses low car use. All well and good, save for students who live far from campus. Bieng one of them, I'm annoyed. And the preachers. We are a fairly liberal school, but occasionally a preacher shows up to rant and stays for hours. Their raving, if anything, turns students away from their faith.


Colorado State Univesity is located in a town of 100,000 non collegiate residents. I would have prefered it to be in a "college town".


I think the worst thing about the school is that they put so much money towards athletic programs that doesn't help the teams at all. I feel that the money would be better spent on lowering students financial costs like tuition or parking, etc.


The worst thing about UCSB is that the California budget cuts have lead to the elimination of teachers, programs, classes; all while tuition is rising. Students are unable to register in the classes they want or need, and some students cannot even get enrolled in a single class.


The lack of transit and location of the school is the worst thing about Colorado State University. Fort Collins' buses stop running early and the high expense of having a car on campus make it hard for freshmen to get out of the dorms and into the surrounding culture the city of Fort Collins provides. Walking only works in certain months when there isn't snow. The distance from Denver International Airport adds another fee for out of state students who have to pay for a 2 hour shuttle trip to the airport when going home.


One of the most difficult things about CSU is the size of the classes. Most of the underclassman seminars are over 100 people and it's difficult finding a connection with your professor unless you work for it or you are in the upper-division classes. These larger class sizes are some times better for certain students, but smaller classes are appriciated by many others as well.


The worst thing about my school is the class sizes. I know most big universities have big classes but I feel that students, especially first year, need smaller classes and that extra attention from the professors. The majority of my classes this semester had at least 300 people which made it difficult to focus in class know what was going on. It also made it more intimidating to talk to the professors.


The worst thing about Colorado State University is the food in the dining halls. They rotate through a couple of basic meals in a week which would be fine if not for the lack of flavor and all around taste. I use my meal plan to survive during the semester but it's almost not worth it because after about two months of that food I get sick of it. You can tell when parents are visting because all of a sudden the food tastes good and the lettuce looks fresh. How can students study on empty stomachs?


CSU has an expansive campus chalk full of things to do, but it is so difficult to find a niche of your own because of all the options offered. A very small percentage of students choose to check into or do not utilize all the wonderful possibilities available because they are not exposed to them and do not know they are there.


The worst thing about myself is the lack of time managment and the ability to relax and focus on one specific goal instead, I try to achieve many goals which in turn, makes it to where I can't accomplish most of them.


The tight bureaucracy is the worst aspect of Colorado State. While a well structured system is vital to such a big campus, the difficulty students have making academic or campus change is discouraging. Students should not have immense amounts of paperwork to file for a simple question about their program, for example. Also, they should feel comfortable discussing issues concerning their professors without feeling that their opinions aren't taken seriously. Ultimately, the system should be altered to make students more comfortable being proactive concerning their education and the university as a whole.