Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing I would consider about my school would have to be how confusing it is to find your way around. It is a pretty big school making it a little complicated to find a parking spot and get to class on time, especially not living close at all!


The worst thing about Colorado State is the lack of diversity. I think a diverse student body is extremely important in gaining a deeper understanding for different backgrounds and lifestyles. If there was one thing I could change at Colorado State, I would like to have more diversity within the student body. There is so much acceptance and appreciation among students that having a more diverse community would help promote the awareness of different ideas and cultures.


Building architecture. The facilities in certain buildings are still very old, such as the desks, microphones, chairs are all old.


I think that the worst thing about Colorado State University is the All University Core Curriculum. I dislike being required to take uninteresting classes outside my major. I would also like to have a larger variety of classes to choose from to achieve the required core classes. Students are required to take up to 28 credits of classes unrelated to their major which can be quite time consuming. Generally, the worst thing about Colorado State University to me is the required All University Core Curriculum.


I believe that our school doesn't have enough interaction with each other. (Student) I don't know what the solutions is but I wish I could meet more people and learn more about different cultures. Maybe stating a group that has the same interest that I do.


This is my third school, I have already completed two years at two different schools. By far this has been my favorite school so it's hard to find something bad it. My only complaint though is the ability to double major as a transfer student. Because of the credits/classes I have, I was unable to add my double major of business right away. Therefore, I need to wait to change it after everyone has registered. I'm worried I wont be able to get all the classes I need, in order to graduate on time.


The sports teams aren't very good so there isn't a lot of community school spirit at games.


I do not consider anything to be bad about my school. There are things that could be better but then again, all large organizations have places that need improvement.


Off campus facilities because makes it a little hard to get to all your classes if you do not have a vehicle.


The presence of alcohol and drugs on campus. While it's not extremely common, it's still there. It makes the school seem trashy and it can sometimes make the school feel unsafe.


No decently affordable, off campus, non-school affliated housing. You have to go a fair few miles out to get decently priced housing, whether the housing be actually houses, apartments, condos, etc.


Class size is too large


Sometimes the size of the campus is intimidating.


The worst thing is how spread out things are. The school has more then one campus and students some times has class located far away from the dorms. When it is snowing or bad weather, it is kind of a pain to walk to class.


The limits on financial aid are ridiculous. The financial aid representatives here aren't really any help at all, unless you know financial aid like the back of your hand. Plan on applying for student loans and havung them become part of your normal financial aid package. They distribute the financial aid before you can even determine if you'll have enough money for textbooks! Most of the money goes towards tuition,student fees, and construction projects which you won't be around to even enjoy! The financial situation here is a little bleak to put it mildly.


The cold windds blowing


Some days it seems to be too big. It is hard to get individual attention from professors sometimes because they have so many students.


I would consider then encouragement of drinking from the town of Fort Collins- not necessarily from Colorado State University, to be a turn off, as well as the yuppie kids who spend all of their parents money and flaunt it as well to be the worst thing about this school.


I would prefer to have smaller classes for more one-on-one attention.


It's a large school with a lot of things to do. You won't get bored, but you may lose focus on the reason you are at school.


discipline program


The worst thing about my school is the lack of knowledge of students of the resources available to them. Besides tutoring, the wide range of resources that exist aren't mentioned except at orientation. I think it is a far distant thing, so students are left trying to solve the problems on their own.


The amount of drinking and partying that takes place.


I don't know the worst thing about my school. I like everything about my school the way it is now.


Not enough diversity, lots of people go here on their parents bill and income


Lecuture hall that are too big. Parking is terrible and there are not enough bike racks, yet.


I don't really know, I can't think of anything at the moment.


The only thing that I consider bad about Colorado State University is if you come from a smaller town or smaller high school, the university may seem quite scary. Colorado State University is a larger school and to some, it may seem scary, too busy, and too suburban. I did in fact come from a smaller high school; however, the adjustment to Colorado State University was extremely easy. There are an immense amount of social activities for students to participate in, and this helps the adjustment to a larger school.


Parking because there isn't nearly enough.


I don't think that there is anything bad about this school. I can't think of anything that would be the worst thing about it.


How hard it is to find a parking spot in the middle of the day.


The cost of out-of-state tuition because it is three times the cost of in-state-tution and the requirements to get in-state-tuition are extremely strict.


The Faculty is trying many new things (which may or may not me a bad thing) but it is really getting in the way of students perspectives on how we think they spend our money.


Hard Classes


The worst thing about my school is getting through the big, lecture hall classes for the all university ciriculum. Once you enter your major the class sizes become reasonable and help make it more intimate.


Our athletics aren't very strong. I wish we could compete at higher levels and I wish we had a varsity level soccer team.


Shifting classes. More than once I have registered for classes that are cancelled later. Many classes that I have also planned on taking that fit with my major have been discontinued before I can even register for them and there is nothing else offered close to the subject.