Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of Colorado State University-Fort Collins?

Is Colorado State University-Fort Collins a good school?

What is Colorado State University-Fort Collins known for?


This is my first semester here, but so far I am very impressed. The campus looks very nice and is surrounded by the mountains. The school itself seems like it has a great science program and the people are very freindly.


Sounds like a practical education and not too heavy on the theory regarding water resources.


It is a great school with a beautiful campus. The administration can be hard to contact and the school is often difficult to work with.


An accepting and happy environment with numerous resources and helpful students and faculty.


Colorado State is an amazing university to be apart of. The campus is beautiful with newly renovated buildings and a great view of the Rocky Mountains. Fort Collins is a great community to live in. Everyone in the town and in the university have been very kind and welcoming throughout my time here. As a College of Business student I have been provided with an exceptional education and career resources that will assist me in finding a job when I graduate. Even though the business school is the largest undergraduate major on campus it still provides a small college atmosphere. Most students are involved in clubs and organizations and there are always new ways to get involved on campus and in the community. CSU has provided me with the tools I need to find a fulfilling career and the faculty and staff have worked with me on achieving my goals every step of the way. CSU is a great university to study at and Fort Collins is an even better place to live.


My overall opinion of this school is that its crowded and somewhat over populated. While I love the huge campus and the opportunity to meet new people every day, it gets really frustrating having to wait twenty minutes to get to the dining hall, and having to weave in between people in a coffee shop on campus, and not having a place to leave my car that's within walking distance.


I absolutely LOVE it at CSU. I've learned so much since I've been here and the dorm food isn't half bad. Fort Collins and CSU is very biker friendly so that's always a plus and it's so close to Old Town.


The best thing about CSU is it's combination of a warm welcome and lots of resources. Even if you want to feel out of place at CSU, it's almost impossible to actually do so. The students are all friendly and so is the faculty. Beyond the warm welcome, CSU has great resources for everything from athletics to academics to careers to comedy tours. There is an excellent amount of student life and involvement at the campus and that helps students feel really united.


I love CSU!