Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


CSU is a large school with many classes being very large. If you prefer smaller more intimate settings then this school would not be a place for you. The campus is large so there is a lot of walking or biking to class and all the centers. I personally enjoy this but if you are not into it then this again would not be the place for you. CSU is also in my opinion is a big party school so if you cannot cope with that and just do your own thing then I would not recommend CSU to you.


An individual who is not comfortable in large class sizes or a huge school environment should not attend this school. This school is very strong in the sciences but not as strong in liberal arts. This school has a strong research interest so not all the teachers are good professors and good scientists at the same time. This school is not for an individual who is extremely introverted as the size of the school would swallow up an introverted individual. Individuals who need frequent conferences and help from teachers should also not attend this school, it's too big.


CSU puts a lot of emphasis on the fact that everyone has a place here. I originally tried coming up with a list of adjectives that wouldn't "fit in" at this school, but I erased them all because I honestly believe that any person would be capable of bettering themselves simply from choosing to be apart of the Colorado State community.


The only person who shouldn't attend Colorado State University is someone who is not dedicated to their education. CSU encourages studiousness, and requires a large amount of time to be devoted to the learning process.


I believe that there is a place for everyone at Colorado State University. The sense of community starts in the dorm rooms and even makes it way to off campus housing. Colorado State University is a diverse school that does not put limitations on anyone. Colorado State University is an easily adapatbale school and they strive on respect and accomplishments.


To be honest, everyone can find a place here. However, closed-minded people generally struggle more. Because people from all walks of life call CSU home, you have to be willing and able to handle the diversity. If you want to be a part of the family, you have to act like family, which means no excluding.


The person who should not attend CSU is the person who is looking for a small campus with small class sizes.


If you don't fit into large groups or are very shy, do not go here. The people here are verbose and travel in packs. Solitude is weird for almost all the students here, and people are always traveling in groups. You have to make friends quickly, and you have to stick by them if you want them around, or they will leave. If you are shy, do not go here.


If you don't like extrememly large groups of people or aren't a fan of the mountains, CSU might not be the right place for you.


Honestly, I think anyone could be happy at this school. It all just depends on what you do with your time and what you want to get out of it. If you go in with a negative attitude, then you will most likely not enjoy the experience. If you are open to learning new things and meeting new people, then it will likely be a great experience.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Colorado State University is someone who isn't willing to make connections with all of the great people associated with the school. The campus, and frankly, the town, is filled with truly genuine, and caring people, who are incredibly accepting of others. If someone isn't interested in this, then Colorado State University is not the place for them.


One who enjoys the outdoors and a small school feeling in a large university.


Someone who is looking for a small and comfortable environment in a community where everybody knows everybody. I also wouldn't attend this school if you are not into diversity or expanding your cultural horizons.


someone who doesn't enjoy nature and the outdoors.


Some one who loves being outside and thinking green


Someone who is not looking for a big campus or wants a challenge different than a tradtional college should not attend Colorado State University.


To be honest I believe this university doesn't discriminate against any type of person. I have heard stories of transfer students from other universities and Colorado State University is a step above the rest. Everyone should apply here.


I wouldn't suggest attending Colorado State University if you're not comfortable with community. All the students and staff at CSU are committed to their education and want to see each other succeed. Also, if you don't like the idea of a big campus and the inevitable large lecture, CSU is not for you.


The type of person that should not attend Colorado State University is one that does not like diversity and opportunities. CSU has so many diverse options to offer to people, and if you are not the type of person to deal well with that do not go there.


Colorado State University offers an invaulable experience for most students. It is extremely affordable with a very diverse campus and student body. I would not, however, recommend someone attend this school if he or she were very religious or abstained from alcohol. While the campus does not promote substance abuse, it would be difficult to find solid friends and support groups in such a liberal atmosphere.


Someone wanting glitz and glamour. We're mostly laid back and chill here!


All should apply and check financial aid opportunities. If you are not interested in a four year degree, it is cheaper to go to community college.


Sombody going looking to go into medical school. Good to get general courses out of the way.


A person who is not interested in working hard to further their higher education learning. This is not a school for slackers and the coursework is intellectually challenging but still appropritate for all majors. They have a good mix of core curriculum classes as well.


Anyone who is looking to cause trouble should not attend CSU as we are a very peacful school that tolerates everybody, no matter race, background, or sexual orientation.


Those who aren't use to warm weather should steer clear of most Colorado schools. Shorts will not keep you warm during the winter months. If you require a certain level of respect and maturity, do not expact to find it here, at least with the underclassmen. It is also helpful to know what you want to study, unless you are attending college for the social aspect and not for an education.


Students who are inspired to study and seek knowledge should attend this university. This school leads us to find our own a path in life and education. All instructors and professors arehere help us and willingly to cooperate witrh students. Also, non LDS members feel like burden on their lifre style , however, people who are nrightenous should be ok.


This campus is welcoming to all but will definately be difficult for those who are closed off from everyone else or who are even close minded. There are many different backgrounds on campus and it's better to have an open mind and be willing to try and understand other people's point of views.


An individual who is afraid to take steps to help themselves would not do well here. Help is available but at the very lest most times you must initiate it yourself. It is the resources that are not always the most openly available that can be the most beneficial. There are numerous activates and clubs on campus but you have to be able to make new friends on your own sometimes and be bold enough to take chances


The person I fill that should not attend CSU is a person that is not willing to give 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of the time and effort to succeed. There is no reason why with all of the resources that CSU has that you cannot gradute.


Those who are not ready to be independent and venture out into the real world should not attend Colorado State University. This university places students in an environment where they have a lot of freedom and do not have the voices of their parents telling them what to do at every hour of the day. To attend this university, you must be ready to make hard decisions on your own and willing to own up to your mistakes. It is difficult but allows you to find yourself in the process.


I think there is a place for everyone at Colorado State University, if you don't know where your headed come figure it out! If your extremely driven and know what you want, there are resources to help you get where you want to go! I would say however, if you only own flip flops and don't want to walk to class in below-freezing weather, I wouldn't come here.


I think most people could potentially attend CSU. The only people who I do not think would get much out of it are those who have no desire to learn more "basic" academic knowledge (math, science, history, etc.) and would rather study for a technical or specific career.


Anyone interested in learning, growing, and advancing their opportunities for the future should attend. No one should be left out, if they are willing to work hard.


Colorado State University has a large campus, so, a person that would prefer a smaller and less populated campus should reconsider attending.


A person who is looking for the biggest party in town or looking to spend their Freshman year in a drunken state. CSU takes underage drinking very seriously. They have done a tremendous job in educating students about their responsibilities as human beings. There is also a pretty serious consequence if caught drinking on campus by police.


Those who wish to further their education along side laid back teachers and students who vie to do their best should keep Colorado State University in Fort Collins in mind.


There is no kind of person that should not consider attending Colorado State. This school offers such a wide range of involvement opportunities, services, and programs to students that I don't think anyone would not feel welcomed or comfortable here. There are several programs and organizations that covers an extrordinary spectrum of interests and lifestyles. The academics are superb with professors that care about the success of their students. The majors offered at Colorado State are some of the top in the country, and prepare students for a career in their field.


someone who is afraid to meet people and get involved


People who want a small school with no drinking or drugs should not go to my school, you may never find your nitche.


Everyone can attend Colorado State. It is a great school and very diverse. Differences are appreciated and are sought out. Anyone and everyone can feel very welcome here.


A career minded student, who is comfortable in a large town setting. Also should be comfortable with a rural feel.


Someone who doesn't care about their future and is not ready for their life to change.


A person who does not want to is one that does not want to have a large variety in experiences while they're in college. Someone who shys away from diverse academics, extra-curricular activities, social events, or sporting events. A person who prefers to keep to themselves and not get involved on the campus most likely would not like this school.


Close minded. Unwilling to compromise. Republican.


There is not really a type of person that could not attend this school because it is so diverse.


Anyone could attend CSU


CSU is a pretty large university, so I would say that students who are looking for a small-school environment shouldn't attend CSU


Someone who has no tolerance towards alchol and drug use.


anyone that is not commited to attending college and being focused on academics