Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself in senior year that getting into a college isn't as hard as teachers and parents say. I would tell myself that no matter what college i choose to go to, I would still have to get used to the entirely new environment and I would need to stick my neck out no matter where I go. I would also tell myself that there is ALWAYS a club to join.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to myself before I had graduated high school, I probably would have said what every motivational speaker would say-- Follow Your Dreams! But honestly, I was a huge skeptic in high school, and I was terrified every single day that a career in the arts would turn me into a starving artist, and leave me broken on a street corner in New York. But the truth is I would not do anything else. I'm still not certain that in the end I'll be a better waitress than a costumer, but what I am certain about is that I'll be a damn good costumer. I am absolutely doing what I love, and I get to do it every single day. I struggle with depression, and I can unfortunately say that anything else probably would make it worse. But getting to create and learn and master my art, I am so much more than I was back then. I would tell myself to stick through the bad times because the bad times make you better, and honestly they're really not that bad. Keep dreaming!


Speaking to my high school senior self, I would say: "Relax!" Getting into college shouldn't have been as stressful as it was. I got into several schools! I would suggest that I think a lot harder about places I am comfrotable with in terms of community, as I have noticed that not fitting in at my current college causes a lot of strain. I would tell myself to focus on finding a place that's right for me as an individual, rather than a place that will get me the most valuable degree. I also would have applied to a lot more middle range schools, rather than all the Ivy leagues I applied to, as I now know that stressful environment wouldn't have been enjoyable. I've realized that the most important thing about college is feeling comfortable in every sense: the right climate, location, surroundings, campus and community. Feeling comfortable with political affiliations, social norms, and religious influences also plays a big role. I guess overall, I would tell myself not to doubt my ability to receive scholarships for school and focus solely on finding a place I can see myself truly happy for four years.


The biggest piece of advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior is to just breathe and look forward to the future. I was terrfied in senior year to move on and graduate, go to college, live away from home, and all the other challenges and experiences that come with growing up. However, now that I am here I know that I am going to be more than okay and just need to take it one day at a time.


If I could back in time and talk to myself about college I would tell myself to develop good study habits. In high school the course work was not nearly as demanding and did not require much studying. In college you must stay ahead of your classes by reading the material that will be covered in lecture ahead of time. In many classes the exams are the only grades for the semester which makes studying much more important because there are no other grades to help boost your grade. The exams are very in depth and often have questions that require bringing together many different concepts which is only possible by having a thorough understanding of the material. If I were to go back in time to my high school self I would stress that this level of understanding is not possible by scanning the class notes before the tests. It is aquired through dedicated review of the information everyday.


I would definitely say to not slack off during senior year. Even though you think that there's nothing left to do, you can be applying for scholarships as well as continuing to work hard. The GPA at the end is still a contributing factor of whether you get accepted or not, and continuing to work when everyone else has given up shows that you have a strong work ethic.


John Quincy Adams once said, " will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom. I hope you will make good use of it." I know countless times I have overlooked the value of a higher education and the freedom which was bought for me. I would tell my high school self to reflect upon the inheritance I have been given as an American and not to take it lightly. I would exhort myself to excel in everything I put my hands to and apply for scholarships. Most of all I would tell myself to be thankful in all circumstances and give credit where credit is due.


I transferred in so I really cant say on this one...


The most important piece of advice I would give myself is start applying for scholarships earlier and apply for every one that you can. As an out of state student, my costs are very high and I would definitely tell myself to work harder to get more scholarships. Another piece of advice I would give myself is apply to the universities early so that you can apply for housing earlier and get your first choice of dorm


Being a high school senior and preparing for the transition to college is an anxiety-filled time, but also a very exciting time. The unknown awaits. For me, the unknown was scary, but I knew that I would feel at home at Colorado State University. I worried the most about making friends and being able to fit in where I wanted to. After having been in college for 2 years now, I would have advised my high school self to have more faith and confidence. Every in-coming freshman feels the exact same way. Therefore, everyone wants to be friends with everyone. Suddenly, there is a social explosion and making friends no longer seems to be so daunting. The other thing I was worried about before I entered college was whether or not I would succeed in a field of study that truly interested me. Now, being in a degree that I am passionate about, I would again tell my past self not to worry because there are so many options at CSU and as long as you follow your heart and not your wallet, you will end up doing something you will love forever.


Advice To My High School Self Experiences gained in my first two years of college have given me new insight and perspective. My recommendation to my high school self would be to choose a direction in which you believe you want to go, and picture yourself shining at the destination. As I mentioned in my Valedictorian speech, “life is about the journey”. However, I also believe the key to a successful college experience is figuring out where you want to go in life, followed by finding the most effective path to reach your desired goals. While one may not know exactly where they desire to end up, it’s important to imagine one’s self at the height of their success in something they are passionate about. Likewise, it’s essential to picture one’s self in the best light possible. As Henry David Thoreau so appropriately stated, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” When envisioning one’s self moving forward at the highest standards, very little will stand in the way of accomplishing goals and becoming the passionate individual who inspires others to fulfill their fullest potential as well.


College is a huge step and one that directly affects your future. There are so many opportunities both educational and personal and there isn't a better time to seize them than college. Going to college is not like going to a bigger high school, it takes hard work and determination and it is so important to keep yourself motivated with not only all the exciting events and orginizations but with school as well. Going into college is the time in your life where you can grow and develop into the true person who you want to be. It is so important to know that there are so many people, both inside and outside the school, who want to see you succeed and will help you the best they can, but, in the end, you are the only person who can really succeed or not in your educational carreer. Don't ever take this opportunity for granted because you are so privilaged to get to go to college and further your career. Use this opportunity to not only better yourself but better your community as well and i have no doubts that you can and will succeed!


Save all the money that you earn while in high school. You will need it to help pay for books, food and classes in college.


I would advise myself to participate in the scholarship hunt earlier. And I would give positive feedback to myself for being hands-on with the decisions that will affect the condition and shape of the rest of my life. I did most of my college preparation on my own. I would tell my self to stay proactive in my collegiate life.


If I were to go back and talk to myself as a high school student, I would make sure to reiterate the reasons why it is so important to go to college as soon as I finish high school. I would also make sure to stress the fact to study hard, because it will pay off in the end. I would say to have fun with college, too! It is very important to get through college before making any big commitments unless you have a lot of support. College can be tough, and the classes might not always be the most fun, but make the best of it, do your best, and you won’t regret it in the end.


I would have told myself to explore my career options better. I was so set on becoming a general physician that I never looked into anything else. Half way through my academic career at Colorado State University I changed my mind and switched to Occupational Therapy. Had I explored options better I could have planned according and completed my masters education at Colorado State. I would also have reminded myself how important it is to focus on school. I know the first couple years I did not fully apply myself to reach my potential. It definetly would have been worth the work and I would have gotten much more out of my education.


Knowing what I do now about college, I would give myself the following advice about college life. First, I would encourage myself to RELAX and enjoy college for what it is. Everything will eventually come together. Furthermore, I would insist that I take every opportunity that sounds the least bit fun, interesting or helpful. Taking chances made my last two years of college rich, full of life, learning and laughter. On a final note, I'd suggest to myself that I study harder in the classroom but realize the real learning takes place beyond textbooks and lectures.


of course this would all be quotes. "Hey Brad Koman, I need to talk to you. I am the older and wiser Brad. What I have to tell you will come as no surprise. " Old Brad said, "While you are attending high school do not change a thing, from what I did. I loved taking as many "Honors" classes as possible. It prepared me for college. Breaking baseball records, was wonderful, but being able to put the bat and glove to rest without regrets, will help you realize how to rise to tough situations." The wiser Brad warns, "Please don't change the stupid traditions that have been set like; Tubesock Tuesday and Referee Fridays. The best is dressing up for spirit days. Being Hulk Hogan was one of my personal favorites. Don't be afraid to be yourself, later you will find out that others wished that they had ventured outside the "safe" box. Don't stop lifting weight" "The one thing that I would like to see you change is when you finish 7th in your class, and when your name is called out during graduation, take that brief moment to savor the moment."


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience despite only having gone through one semester, because I have learned and been required in many ways to focus my abilities. I had previously never been required to push myself the way that I have in college and I am incredibly thank ful for that. I have also learned a lot about the human element through experiencing college so far, and learned that what makes a person selfish is not by achieving actions for themself, it's doing so wrecklessly, without abandon for the consequences of others and what sort of after-effects they will see from it. And it's also taking from others under the assumption that you are better than that person, that you are more deserving, when you haven't done anything to recieve what you are taking except hold yourself in higher esteem than others.


My time spent at CSU as truely allowed me to become the person I want to be. The people are accepting and you do not have to change yourself to fit in. The opportunities here are endless and it allows you to really stay connected and invovled. CSU has given me the opportunity to explore my passions and find out what really matters in my life and has shown me the difference I can make. Life long friends, experiences and values have been made and when I walk on campus I honestly feel at home.


The most important thing that I have gotten out of my college experience is knowledge. Knowledge is used to create a purpose for what people are doing. If I know how to put different chemicals together to make something that is edible and nutritous, I can use that knowlege to introduce a new product on the market for consumers to try. It is essential for me to go to college to attain knowledge because I can learn how collectives exists in modern society and use that knowledge to find solutions to social problems such as poverty. The value of going to college increase immensely when you understand that knowledge is one the best things that any person can get out their college experience.


Going to a community college for the past two years has really let me grow as a person and student. I have learned a lot stayin home for my first year rather then going straight to a four year college. My current college experience has taught me to step out of my comfort zone, and to really just be myself. Since graduating this past year and going to college I have learned so much. Teachers/professors, and the class material as whole is much more interesteing and thought provoking. What I have learned the most is that I can now stand on my own two feet, and really expand my knowledge of the world and things going on around me. I am a nursing major so school is extremley important to me. Going to college with this major is really exciting.


i have got alot out of college! i love it! i have not only learned alot but met alot of awesome people! it is valuable to attend school beacuse you cant learn unless you go! it will further my career. nothing will get in the way of my goals!


I have gotten so much out of my college experience. I have become more mature and opened up more to my peers. I have learned to manage my time better and how important it is to be self motivated and keep up with your homework! College has been such a valuable experience because it has been giving me the chance to shape myself. This is the time when young adults come into their own and learn about themselves. Life is no longer controlled by you parents or influenced as greatly by your friends, it really is what you want to do and how you want to do it.


Colorado State University has been incredible! The majority of the faculty are helpful, considerate, and sincerely interested in the students and learning. It was very affordable and I know I made the right decision.


What I have learned from my college experience there is always a way to meet your goals. At first, one may feel alone and unsure of where he wants to go. Truth is that there are many different people pursuing many different ends. No matter how different one might think she is, how alone she might be in her interests, she is never alone. There is always a way to make it work. College can be a great way to both initiate and encourage new ideas leading to successful lives. Success is never automatic, however. One must always put in the effort to find the support, whether it be through clubs, professors, advisors, family, or peers. Networking is key. It takes an adventurous mind, a mind willing to try new options, and a mind that never gives up. There are tons of resources at most every campus that help students discover new means of achieving their dreams. It never hurts to ask. Little did I know that there were clubs of people who shared similar if not the same ideas and goals that I had. By networking and connecting with people on campus, new doors are guaranteed to be opened.


Since I've been in college, I've gotten a lot out of the experience. I've acquired great social skills and organization skills. I've learned how to set priorities to achieve optimal study habits. College has also been very valuable to obtain people skills. Whether it was meeting new people on campus or in dorms or creating a relationship with a professor knowing how to speak to individuals in a friendly manner has proven to be beneficial when working in an office setting as well as with any other individual I come in contact with.


My college experience so far, although short, has presented so many new situations to me that have helped me grow in my l;ife. I was submerged into a group of people I didn't know, and learned how to form bonds and friendships with complete strangers by finding one simple thing we may have had in common, no matter how small. Although my high school courses were rigourous, I also learned a new level of commitment and try required for most college courses, a lesson that will stay with me and aid me in the years to come. Also, I learned the importance of balance, a skill I am still working on as I work 30 hours a week in addition to attending school full time. My strive for balance between work and school has always been difficult, but my hard work pays off as I work to pursue my dreams and passions, a college education, and rodeo; a sport requiring more compassion and teamwork than can be imagined between a person and their horse, their partner in rodeo, and thier friend. It is these many things college has challenged me with and taught me the value of.


It is a common acceptance for many people that college was “the best time of their life.” Personally, my CSU experience is defined by my personal growth. At CSU, I am expanding my goals, aspirations, perceptions, knowledge, and experience. I have learned that life is short and it goes quickly, and a goal of mine upon entering college was to make the most of my experience. To do this, I am becoming involved, engaging in learning, and creating a unique experience for myself. It would be unfair to label any single experience or moment as defining my experience at CSU. In my experience at CSU, I feel as though I had a personal epiphany to the world because I have grown so much in thought and awareness. Consequently, my experience at CSU has defined me by giving me new opinions, perceptions, knowledge, friendships, and so much more. I do not consider myself a different person than when I entered CSU; I instead consider myself a more developed and expanded version of that person. I have grown and progressed in several different aspects of my life, and I am very aware and thankful for that transformation.


My college experience was valuable to me in so many ways. Personally, I have discovered so much about myself in terms of who I am, things I like, people I get along with and how to interact with others. Academically, I have learned more than I thought I ever would about numerous subjects: health, sports medicine, horticulture, life sciences, physical sciences and chemical sciences. I learned how to achieve what I want by working hard and working with teachers and supervisors. Studying abroad between my junior and senior year was also extremely valuable to me in that it helps me to reach beyond my comfort zone and learn about a different culture and how to depend on myself. But the most important thing I learned during my experience at CSU was what I want to do for the rest of my life; I discovered my passion for sports medicine and athletic training. Now, I will continue my valuable education experience at University of North Carolina at Greensboro for graduate school.


I have only attended college for one semester but I already know how much I am going to receive out of it. Nothing can be as life-changing as going to college.


I have gained a sense of maturity, responsibility, and individuality from college experience so far. Living on my own for the first time, I had to learn to act like a mature adult while taking on new responsibilities. Whether it was learning how to do laundry, or making my own doctors appointments, I had to push myself to carry out these responsibilities because now I didn't have mom there nagging at me to do whatever it may be. I gained more self drive to do things to be successful in college, and in turn I became a more responsible person. A college student has much leisure time in between studies, and it is up to the student to use that time in a productive way or not. I have used this time to try new things such as activities and clubs. I've become a greater individual in turn, because I've found things I personally enjoy doing. It's been valuable to attend college because it creates opportunities I wouldn't have been open to otherwise, and It gives me the chance of a brighter better future with a major/carreer that will be both rewarding and enjoyable.


I received self worth from my college experience. Even though I do not feel as if I received the greatest education possible, CSU allowed me the opportunity to learn and discover the value of who I am. The diverse campus made it easy to find friends and support with shared interests. The devoted faculty kept me on track, but gave me enough responsiblity that I was able to grow into a mature and reponsible adult upon graduation. Had I not attended college, I would not be the same person as I am today. College is an ineffable experience that only those who attend can even begin to describe. It is not just about intellectual and physical growth (oh those freshmen 15), but spiritual, sexual, and emotional changes as well. It forces you into unfamiliar territory with no way out except through self discovery.


I originally wanted to come to Colorado State University because of the equine science program. Having grown up riding and loving horses, all I desired from a career was involvement with horses. However, as I continued through high school I discovered my love for the medical field. By looking deeper into what CSU had to offer I discovered occupational therapy and my college journey took off from there. Ranked 8th in the nation for their master's program in occupational therapy, CSU provides advisors who know exactly what it takes to reach my goal of acceptance into a graduate program and they have made me beyond excited to get there. By working with professors in my psychology major I have become passionate about how the human mind affects behavior and through the guidance of my occupational therapy advisor I have gained an excitement for helping others I never had before. Hearing their excitement in discussing new technologies and emerging techniques to improve occupational health, I cannot wait until I have the experience to work in the field myself. Colorado State University has brought a passion out of me that pushes me to do well academically every day.


I have gotten the experience of being out on my own and becoming very independent while attending college. It is nothing like high school at all, in fact you learn some very valuable life lessons while in college. To this day college has helped me understand that life isnt always easy and that I need to work very hard to get where I want in life if I wish to achieve my life goals and to be able to get a good career once I graduate. I've learned to ask for help whenever I truly need it and that I'm not alone, not matter how far away from home I actually am.


So far at school I have been able to experience an diverse community and a college with good education and opportunity. I am luckily in the key academic program and so I get the experience of being surrounded by people who want to have good grades like me and the key program basically holds the diversity dorms. Through this program I have also learned to prioritize my time in order to get my school work done in time and still have time for extra activities.


Throughout my college education, I have learned many things, however the most beneficial to me may be the reality of life. I have noticed that the more effort you are willing to put into life, the more you wll get out of it. Also, I have seen that things will not be merely handed to me on a silver platter and require work and dedication. For example, throughout highschool I found myself just going through the motions but when I got into college, I slacked off like I did in highschool and failed my first exam. Luckily for me, I found a method of studying that suits me and with some hard and dedication, I now hold a higher GPA than I did in highschool, am part of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and currently made it on my colleges deans list.


My college experience has allowed me to pursue my own personal love of learning and desire for knowledge. I have always enjoyed absorbing new information, but my college experience has made these interests readily apparent. When I initially was selecting my classes, I had difficulty choosing only five to enroll in because I wanted to take them all. The classes I have taken and the material I have learned from them has been extremely valuable to me, as it has made me more aware and observant of the world around me. I really try to absorb all of the information presented in these classes, so that I can apply these newfound ideas and concepts to everyday life. I enjoy the pursuit of knowledge, and I figure that I have about 80 years to amass as much as I can before I die and it all also leaves with me. I really appreciate the college experience, as its proposed purpose is to heighten and maximize the knowledge of academic-oriented minds by presenting them with a setting where they can achieve this. I am a person that truly belongs on a college campus and I appreciate its opportunities to the fullest.


By attending college at Colorado State University, I have acquired valuable life experiences as well as a plethora of knowledge in the class subjects I have taken. As a non-traditional student with a full-time job, I have become more efficient in completing my day-to-day office duties. Attending college has also had a valuable impact on my writing skills and ability to articulate everything from basic emails, thank you letters, and letters of condolence. Critical thinking has become part of my daily life, not just something I do for an assignment. Having the ability to handle situations with an increased level of maturity is something that I continue to enjoy as my knowledge base grows. Many of these experiences are invaluable and would not be accessible anywhere other than a college campus. Attending classes alongside students of different age groups and ethnic backgrounds has opened my eyes to a more diverse world that makes me excited for my future as a college graduate. The ultimate goal of attending college is to be able to list a Bachelor of Arts degree on my resume; however, I have come to realize there is much more to it than that.


It gave me my career, and allowed me to support my family. I could not do the work I do without a four-year degree.


It took me a little while to figure out exactly what degree I wanted to graduate with. Luckily, I attended a school that had enough choices to offer and ultimately I became thoroughly satisfied with my choice. Now that I have earned my Bachelors degree, I can proudly say that it took hard work, dedication, time and intelligence to earn that degree and I can't help but say that I am now striving to further my education because I know what is available to me now. My college experience was trying at times, mainly due to my lack of focus on education and placing my focus elsewhere. I proved to myself that I had the ability, not only to complete such an honor, but to dedicate myself to a dream that I ultimately was striving so hard to achieve.


I will receive a degree in a field that I love and be able to provide for my children and myself. I am having fun learning new skills and helping my fellow students when they don't quite grasp the assignment. Our campus is not large, so it is easy to navigate and hard to get lost. The instructors and other staff members are very friendly and helpful. I am grateful for the opportunity and excited about my future!


My college experience has been nothing short of a joy. I am currently a high school senior participating in a concurrent study program at my local community college. By my graduation, I will have completed eight courses for a total of twenty-four college credit hours. Of these, twenty-one will be applied to my undergraduate studies at Texas Tech University in the fall. Although the most obvious benefit of this opportunity is financial, I also partially owe my intended major and career to my college classes. Not only have they challenged my personal values by exposing me to a more liberal point of view, but they have also shown me that it is possible to be passionate about my studies. My junior year I enrolled in Lifespan Growth and Development, a psychology course beginning at conception and continuing on until death. I felt a connection during the early chapters, which led me to apply for universities with a major in Human Development and Family Science. I will pursue this for two years before transferring to a Speech-Language Pathology undergraduate program. After my education is complete, I plan on beginning my career by teaching children with speech impediments.


Ever since I enrolled at the college that I'm currently attending, I have experienced many things that have shaped my life. For example, as a college student, I had to be more responsible. I have to make sure I do any and everything necessary to achieve my goals. I also experienced a change in my work ethic; I am more self-motivated to do better in class than I was in high school. My college experience at IRSC has been great and hopefully it will get better by being awarded this scholarship to go off to UCF. This has been valuable to me because I am the first member of my family to attend college. I came to America from Haiti in the last year of the millennium and graduated at the age of 17. I greatly value the fact of being an actual student and this college has helped me achieve many of my goals. Most importantly, I want to get a good degree to support my family and in order to do that, I will need all the assistance I can get. Thank you for your time and hopefully I will hear from you soon!


So far my college experience has been nothing like I expected. I thought college was going to be a fun and crazy time where I don't do much, but it has turned out to be the most challenging time of my life. I go to class, take notes, then come home at the end of the day and study for the rest of the night. Every now and then I go to work for a few hours just so I can help my parents to pay for my college. So far I have learned how to balance my time in college. You are faced with so much free time, but you have to learn to use that time efficiently. Studying is the top priority in college and that is one of the most important things that college has taught me so far.


August 2009 was the starting points of a new chapter in my life yet a difficult phase in my existence. I had recently separated from my husband and took full responsibility of raising my newborn as well as my two year old. Somehow I still found strength to pursue my dreams and aspirations by returning to school after a seven year absence. I look back on the journey of obstacles to now success. I was placed on academic probation due to the grades that were transferred from the University of South Florida. I am very much empowered by the growth and development that has taken place since last year. I take great pride in my education as well as my motherhood and know that all isn’t lost. As single mother who was afraid of change and loneliness, I was able to conquer my fears and doubts only by the grace of GOD. It is a true blessing to be where I am today not only in my studies but at this point in my life. I am thankful that you’ve given me the time to share with you what was so dearest in my heart.


I have learned so much while attending Brown Mackie College. I am going to become a veterinary technician. I have learned so many thing about the anatomy of the animals, as well there physiology. I never knew that there were so many different parasites in this world that animals are susceptible to, and they all look very similar. So you needed a good instructor to be able to differentiate them. As well there are a lot of diseases that humans can get from animals, and even more that only animals can get. The pharmacology of animal medicine is almost the same as human. You have some drugs that you cannot give to animals, but for the most part the only difference is the dosage. Imaging has probably been one of my favorite classes. You are able to see inside of the animal by x-radiation, sound waves, or Doppler’s, etc… It is a very important part of our job description. Knowing your anatomy as well as your directional terms can really benefit you. We have to as well monitor all animals and know the normal ranges for respiratory rates, heart rates, and body temperatures for several different species.


Throughout my college experience thus far I have received personal growth. I am more out-going meeting new friends, and networking to gain future contacts. I am more comfortable standing in front of a class and giving presentations. Also, I have learned more responsibility and time management between attending school full-time and going to work full-time so that I can pay for my tuition. I know that all my hard work and busy schedule will get the degree that I will need to enter the career of my choice one day soon. Most of all attending school has helped mold me into a well-rounded individual.


Honestly, the simple answer would be self growth. College opens your eyes to new and exciting opotunities you have. Through college I learned more about myself through the good and bad experiences. I have learned more about what my intrestes are and what they arnt.


Personally I have been a skilledlaborer all of my life. What I have gotten outof attending college is a warmsence of relief that this is not the endall beall of my life. I can attend an institution, atnight mostly, sit in a warm, well lit, room with attractive young counterparts to myself and really enjoy the time i am spending improving my life. Not everyone walks away with a smile from class. I have been blessed with the knowlege that learning in a classroom is an easy and effective method of really moving your life foward. Without a degree the path one walks in life is bumpy, hardthat leads to varies deadends which always seem so promising atthe time. None of those promises have ever come close to coming true.I never saw the results of an adult having an education, so i didn't think it was necessary to be suscessful as an adult. I started to work in my given trades and lived on my own. Since then it has been a constant struggle to survive. I live in one of the highest cost of living enviroments in the United StatesTo attened college is a privelage for me.