Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


When looking for the right college it is important to examine every detail. Look at the quality of on-campus housing and dining, the layout of the campus, the quality of technology/resources, and the surrounding city. You have to remember that you will be living there for at least four years, so if there is something you can not handle at the school/city of your choice then you should rethink your choice. Also important to consider is the number of majors-that you are interested in-that a school offers. It is quite possible that you will decide to change your major, and if that happens it is much nicer to be at a school that has another major that you want. To make the most out of your college experience, simply remember to keep balance. Don't ignore your schoolwork in order to hang out with friends, or enroll in every on-campus organization that you possibly can. Simply budget your time so that you can do everything that you need/want to.


My greatest advice for parents and students is to discuss all of your options and goals together. Things you should talk about: ~ If money is an issue, go to a community college for your first two years and get all the core curriculum out of the way so that you can make the most out of the two years you spend at the college you really want. My first year's classes were in large classrooms with over a hundred students and no connection to the teacher, which seems like an education you can get anywhere, for cheaper. ~If there are opportunities for you, run with it! I have gained so much through the honors program at my school that I couldn't get anywhere else because I was able to discuss my ideas and concepts with top professors who were eager to listen to me. Also, in my first year I gained so much valuable experience through a mentor program, and have earned multiple jobs in my field of study because of that program. Those types of experiences you can only get at a school that is dedicated to what you want to do. Good luck and remember: discuss!


To find the best college, I would say that choosing a study focus that interests you is more important than the prospective jobs that some fields can have. Once a person figures out what they want to study, they should pick the school with the best program for that study, without making a large emphasis on the location of the school. In making the most of the college experience, I would say that it is very important for students to engage themselves in conversations with their fellow students as much as they can. Also, it is very important to make friends quickly and just be yourself. As long as your friends know the real you, then these friends will potentially be your best friends for the rest of your life.


first make sure that you apply to all the colleges that you would even remotely ever want to go to so that you have lots of options in the college picking. way your options when choosing a college and visit the cmapuses before deciding. then once you move to your chosen college for your freshman year make sure to start early making friends and meeting people in your classes and dorm (especially if you are attending school out of state) also join any clubs or sports that interest you. and finally focus on and dont let your school work suffer = a great college experience.


do general ed at a community college, then transfer into a college..have fun and don't switch majors, just get it done


In finding the right college, I think it is very important to look into more than just scholarly history, but also to visit the campus and look at extracurricular activities. For many people I know, they went to college based solely on the academic aspect, which of course is very important, but it is hard to do well acadmically when you are unhappy with your surroundings. Being in college is like no other experience, and it is not something that one should waste. It is important to make the best of it the whole time through and it is important to try to find the best place for yourself based on who you are.


Get Invovled!


You need to have an idea of what you want to do with your education. May be a year of travelling and finding yourself can help with this. Also you need to spend some time with oyur child at some of the colleges you all are interested in.


As a current student I would advise others to choose the best place that fits you by visiting the campus and their website to see if they share the same interests as you or if it is at a location you prefer. If you don't know what you are looking for, it's ok because more than half of freshman that enter college don't know what they want either which gives you a chance to explore what the college offers. And also stay open minded about other colleges/universities, don't apply for just one, apply to at least 5 so you have a good chance of getting into college you were looking into. Also to the parents who's children will soon be future freshman, you need to be suppotive no matter where your child goes because you are the first person they look up to.


Myself entering college as an Open Option, or no major, student: It is important for a student that is Open Option to have options for classes, majors etc. not only because it allows flexibility without changing schools but it allows the student to enroll in classes that teach subjects unknown. Also as a word of advise, the first two years or so are just core classes, non-major, so don't be discouraged because a major isn't chosen; furthermore, a major is a guideline for classes and can be changed almost anytime.


Finding the perfect university isn?t just about looking at the average GPA of the students or the amount of money that is spent on research. Those things might be important to some, but it is hard to quantify a college experience. My advice is to visit the colleges; walk around and get a feel for them. Many students say they know what college they want to attend until they see it for themselves. Try to find a place that ?just fits?; you?ll know it when you feel it. Also, talk to actual students and not to people who get paid to make the university seem appealing. Ask the students what they like about going there. Ask them what they don?t like. Try to find out if this school is going to set you up for future success and at the same time foster your growth as an individual. Every college experience is different, but there are ways to make the best of it. Get to know your professors, balance your time wisely, and make sure you are doing things you love. Follow this advice, and it is sure to be the best four years of your life.


My advice would be to apply to a variety of school that meet your academic and social needs. I choose Colorado State University without ever visiting the campus before. This was my second round of college admissions though. I took two years off after high school before starting at CSU. I visited six or so different campuses before graduating high school. It helped to get a feel for different campuses and to talk to current students. I knew someone who was attending CSU and gave me a good recommendation of the college and surrounding area. I love being outdoors so this is a great place for me. There is plenty of hiking and skiing so I knew I would be happy, especially since I wasn't sure which major I wanted. I advise choosing a place where you are comfortable and will be happy living there for four years. Academics are important, but they are not the only aspect of college life.


I think that every student needs to really look into what they want in a univeristy and what they feel would make the best fit for them. I chose my school based on the class size, the programs offered for my major, and the amount of school spirit. I also thnk it is important to look into the political views of the univeristy and the amount of diversity. It is easier to make friends when you are around people who have similiar interests and share the same values as you do.


Don't settle. Find the right school that fits your needs. From majors offered to class sizes to price. Make sure you will be happy because that is the most important part. Going through four years or more of college if you are unhappy will be miserable. Lifelong friends are made in college and will probably be the best years of your life!


Make sure to enjoy the major you choose and take in as much information as possible! Because when you graduate you are going to be wishing you could keep on learning!!! So make the most of your experience!


Don't pressure your kids to much, and let them be themselves.


I would have to say to the sutdents that finding the right college is truly a process and don't think that if you don't get your frist chocie that your second or even third chocie is not right for you. Things always some reason always seem to make sense later in life, I know it did for me. To the parents I would like to say; allow your children to get what they need done, done and always be there for them when they don't know which way is up or down. I know if it wasn't for my parents (who are divorced) sticking by my side I probably would not have gone to college, oor for that matter continue to stay in college and continue to strive for what I have always wanted and that is a college education. I encourage every student and parent that it will have and to continue to strive for you all want because it truly is yours' for the taking.


I would suggest spending some time looking into careers that might interest you while you are in high school. Volunteer for companies or organizations that are involved in the fields that you find exciting. After you have done that, then you can look into schools that have good programs in fields you want to explore. Don't hesitate to apply to schools that have high admissions standards. Aiming high never hurt anyone. At the same time, look for a school in a community you enjoy and that fits well with your values, because that can make all the difference. When you are in college, don't let academics alone rule your life. You should get involved in your school's clubs and organizations. This will help you form strong friendships and build good relationships with students and professors. Try to make the most of the opportunities college will offer you. Take classes that intrest you in addition to the classes that are required. College is about trying new things, meeting new people, and bettering yourself and others by sharing knowledge and experience. Good luck.


My advice to any parent and/or student about finding the right coollege is to choose a place where you really feel comfortable. Visit the campus and get a feel for it, if you feel out of place just visiting the campus then it probably is not the right place for you. I remember coming to CSU for the first time and the second I got out of the car I knew that it was the school I wanted to be at. Aside from visiting a campus for a day, see if you can shadow some of the classes that are in your interested major; while living on and off campus and participating in non-academic activities is a huge part of the college experience so is your academic career. If you do not like the teachers that are teaching your field of discipline how do you expect to enjoy your stay at the school. So remember, where do you feel most comfortable and does the school offer you what you want/need to persue your future career.


if you're not sure of the major you want to pursue, go undesided for a year or two. that way you can have time to pick a career path that is right for you while not waisting classes, time and money. Also, it is a good idea to get involved with a professor in their lab or in their research. this will give you some really great experience, help your understanding of class material and give you a great reference on your resume'. from the very beginning, get involved in jobs, internships or volunteer work that will further your career interests. Sororities and Frats are a waist of time and money and may even hurt your grades. Always make time to have some fun so you don't go crazy from studying too much. Work really hard for good grades, have good time-management skills and you will be successful. Pick a mojor that has a good job market.


Know the your strengths and weaknesses. If youhave an addiction (drinking) problem, make sure the you are getting counseling and try to stay away from campuses that have addiction (drinking) problems. Don't let anyone choose the school for you. You must be comfortable where you are and enjoy the school and the location to make the best of it. Ask questions, go to open houses, take tours and talk to students and professors. It is so important you know the personality of the school before you choose one. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn about the services offered before you reach the campus you have chosen. It willmake the transition much eaier.


FInd what you are interested and persue it.


Experience it first hand if you can. Take part in the activities made available to prospective students and parents should take part in the informational sessions for themselves. The deicision ultimately needs to be the students, but guidance can be very helpful from the parents. If at all possible, let the student live on campus even if they live in the same town. It is an important step to independence which can be hard for both parents and student. It's time for them to begin making their own decisions and be involved with the financial aspects of college. It would be encouraging for the students to become active on campus and take part in all the wonderful activities, including community service. Study, learn and mature into the responsible adult your parents have dreamed of but most important of all have fun.


What parents are most concerned about is their son or daughter's future. So my only advice to them help your students pay for college if you have the money to. Finance is what can distract your son or daughter in finding success. My advice for students is study hard, work, have fun, but don't go crazy.


College is an important part of one's life. When choosing a college, think about what you really want out of life and find a place that will make that possible for you. Choose a city that you would be comfortable living in and check the curriculum of the university for classes that you would be interested in taking. When you get to college, try everything once. You don't want to get to your senior year and wish that you would have been more social instead of sitting in your dorm room all the time. College is a singular opportunity that gives you the chance to meet people, study abroad, create your own schedule, and live life the way you see fit among many other things. Its the stepping stone that will get you where you want to go in life. Make it worthwhile.


Go where you're student/you are going to feel comfortable. Don't give into the pressure of it all. Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.


Decide what area you like. You love the beach? Go to the coasts. You love the mountains? Go to Colorado. Also look at the size. I like small classes, but wanted the feel of a bigger university. So I entered into the Honors program. I was able to get the best of both worlds that way. Also, do you want to live in the city or in a smaller town. This impacts the experiences you can have while an undergrad. The small the town the more creative you with coming up with things to do (or somethings the more drinking is done). With Fort Collins being mid-sized and with Denver close by there was never a lack of things to do. Also, and not at all least important, look at who has a well-known academic program that you are interested in. You want to go into Marine Bio? Go somewhere where research, internships and well known professors are. You want go into ag or vet med, go to CSU! No matter where you go, remember that you are only an undergrad once. Dont be afraid to live and make memories. Academics are important but so is life!


Students need to understand that college is not just something to do after highschool; it is a career path and a continuation of mental growth. They need to understand that in order to make the most of their college experience they need to want to go in the first place. Students who want to go to college should choose a college they can afford but also a college that will develop them in all areas. They will make the most of their experience by making the effort to be active in the programs of their campus and by developing relationships with faculty and staff.


Don't pick some place solely based on price, and don't let anyone force you into going somewhere you want to go. I would also recommend seeing the place before you choose it, but just be sure to do a lot of research about the places you're looking into going. Don't just rely on what one sorce is telling you, look around. College can be the most awesome time in your life,;you don't want to waste it as some terrible school that got a good review on one website and cost a third of the price of that school you really wanted to go to which recieved rave reviews across the board.


The first step in choosing the perfect college is to research the degree programs offered at the schools you wish to apply. If you do not know what you want to major in then pick a school with many programs you think may interest you. Pick a school in a location you know you will be comfortable in. If you prefer city life choose a school in a metropolitan area, etc. Also make sure you visit your potential school choices, seeing the campus in person is crucial to decide if you will enjoy it there. Once you are in school the number one piece of advice I can give on making the most of your college experience is to become involved! Most universities offer a large variety of groups, clubs, etc. to choose from. Find something you are interested in and join, it can foster so many rewarding experiences and be a great way to meet friends that will last a lifetime. Finally, take care of yourself. Know your limits, take breaks when you need to. Stay active, eat as best possible, stay in touch with those you love, and always listen to your body, it knows what you need!


I have to go take a test online right now -so this can't be as heartfelt as I'd like. But really do research on what you want and where that is offered. Decide first what you want and THEN where to go. Don't pick based on popular names or reputation only. Do what you need to do to succeed and be happy. As to making the most of college - have fun. Be brave to meet people and get involved in things that interest you. Focus on your school, because, after all, that is why you are there. But have fun, too, and try things you've never dont before. Work hard + play hard = succeed.


Talk to people who have been through the program in which you are interested. Advisors and professors will more often than not give you a juiced-up version of their department and programs, but people who have been there and gone through certain programs for years have a better view of how a school and its programs run. I would highly recommend working during college. Not only does it provide you with some extra cash, but it is so easy to make new friends in a work environment. Almost all of the friends that I keep in touch with today are from where I work or where I used to work. Remember that drinking isn't everything. There is much more to do with your valuable time. Don't waste it getting wasted.


I would say get involved in extracurricular activities and make a point of meeting and hanging out with people in your classes. Go to a university thats strengths and pride are in the department youre interested in.


My advice to all parents, begin early and be thoughtful in the selection of the college. The right college will make all the difference in your child's experience and pending success. Spend time at the college during school hours, talk candidly with students and professors, read reports about the college's ranking in your child's area of interest and ask about parking/living/rising tuition costs before your child enrolls. If you do these things, your child will be most closely fitted to a college that will meet his/her needs academically, financially and socially. Finances might not be the most important determinant, but don't kid yourself into believing that the out-of-state tuition won't come with a high price tag. Remember, some students are receiving the same education for a fraction of the cost! Don't assume your child will be able to handle frat parties without your guidance; take this into consideration while planning how far away your child should go. Even if the school is ranked highest in your child's major, that one factor might not be enough to make that school the best for your child.




Don't let school bankrupt you, but go to school!


Advice I would give would be to always visit each campus to see if the campus has the "right" feel for a student. There were a couple of colleges that I thought were wonderful but then I visited the campuses and I decided right then and there that the college was not a great fit. Once at college, the best thing to do would be to get connected to campus organizations. Once connected, one will have a greater sense of community to that college and will be happier in the long run because they are constantly doing things and not being singularly focused on academics. Academics are important but so are getting connected to the community.


To parents and students looking for the right college, I would tell them that the process is much like dating. Before choosing the college that is the one, it is important to see other colleges and know what is out there. Like people, universities are diverse: big, small, academically focused, very social, etc. Getting to know four or five colleges minimum before choosing the one is essential in making the best decision. Once students say, ?I do?, to the college that has what they want, it is important for students to fully commit and get as involved as possible. To really enjoy the college experience, a student must really develop a comfortable relationship with their university. The student should get to know how the college is available to them academically, socially, physically, and mentally. Students should also bear in mind that if they realize the college they have chosen turns out to be the wrong match, it is okay to ?divorce? and transfer to another institution. As a final note, I would remind parents and students that parents should act only as a guide and advise their students during the ?dating? process; not actually do the ?dating? themselves.


Many students graduate high school not knowing their full potential. They are often lost in a state of confusion, rambling to find any answer to their life questions. Most of us are scared to go through this tough experience; however, my advice to future students is to grab that confusion and run with it as long as you can. That is what college is all about! I came to college knowing what I wanted to study, yet my career choice within that degree changed many times. Most students change their majors often because they are still confused. Find the college that fits with who you are and who you want to become. If you want to be an artist, go to the best artistic school there is. Make the most of your college career by not holding back on any decision. Don't let your family or your finances stop you from going where you want to go most. They will always support you in the end, and sometimes, you need to move away to realize what it is that you really want to do. Never look back and never have any fear.


My suggestion would be that prospective students come and visit the campus; to get a feel for the attitude. Visit the library and the student center and see what the students and faculty are really about. Check out some of the extracurricular activities available and notice in what direction they seem to be going. If those all add up to the students own personality and interest the campus will feel much more like home when the attend and there is a higher chance of them feeling content with the workload we all have to deal with at the university level. Acedemics should play an even larger role in the decision making process. Prospective students should look not only at the overall acedemic community but especially in the major they choose, knowing that over the next four years that community will be a second home.


Choosing the right college is very important, as it is planning at least the next four years of your life. Some people say that it does not matter where you receive an education and that the important part is that you go to college. I would disagree with that. College shapes you and makes you realize many different things you did not previously know about yourself. I personally call my last three years a wonderful learning and growing experience. As cliche as that may sound, it is very true and from the bottom of my heart. No matter what, I would advise people to have faith in themselves and know that they can make it to college and do well at it. We are human and will make mistakes along the way. However, what matters most is that we not only learn from those mistakes but also try and grow from them. College should be a time in your life where you truly find you- your passion, motivation, and what makes you tick. It is necessary to realize it is a hard part of life, but in the end is very worth the hard work.


I would have to say that the most important aspect to college searching is to be as open and honest with yourselfs in what you want in your eductaional experience. Try to find as many options as possible before making any descisions. Don't pidgeon hold yourself to one area of the U.S. or one type of curriculum. And once you find what you are looking for, go into it full heartedly. Don't hold back or be afriad to do something different then what you're used to. That is how you learn and grow as a person on all levels. And finally; become interactive with everyone around you. It is easier to succeed in all areas of life if you have people and resources around you at your despense. Don't be afraid to take advantage of what you have. That is how you can become successful in finding a suitable college and having the best experience available.


Visit the campus first, and visit a class or two. Also don't buy into "brand" name colleges, just because a school is well known doesn't mean its the right fit. Also have lots of fun, you wont get to do it again.


The advice I would give to parents is I believe they need to get involved with their son or daughter in choosing the right school as well as help them research in order to pick the right school for their son or daughter. Also students need to be able to visit the campus and take tours to gain knowledge and a little taste of what their college experience would be like. Once chosen their right school students and parents should take time to plan on how to manage time in school and their social life to succeed in academics and not just the excitment of college. Also if parents are sending their son or daughter to a school where they cannot supervise then they should call and keep in touch making sure their son or daught behaves,stays focused, and pushes them to succeed. If parents and students do these things I believe they will not only succeed, but be very happy in the experience they have in college.


I would have to say the best advice for parents and/or students when finding the right college is to visit the campus and talk to as many people as you can to find out if it's the right fit. You don't want to enroll in classes and pay money just to find out that you feel uncomfortable there. As for making the most of your college experience, I would say to make friends and talk to people that you may not know or may not be of the same ethnic or racial background. I feel that people can learn alot from others as well as make some new life-long friends. Also, I believe that students need to get active in the community and at school. There are so many jobs and internships that suit everyone's interests. I would say to take chances and shoot for the stars...What's the worst thing that can happen? I feel it is important for parents to be a part of the student's decision-making process and to be included in the tours and visits. I think it helps students to get feedback and reassurance.


Make sure you visit the schools you are considering before you decide to attend. Being on campus can really give you a feel of how your experience at school will be. Students, choose the school that is right for you, not your parents. Colorado State University is an incredible campus that welcomes all kinds of students. Make sure you choose a school with a good concentration in what you want to do in life as well as somewhere you feel comfortable enough to make your home for the next four years.


The advice that I would give would have to be make sure that you go to a place that makes you feel like you belong. Going off to college is a large enough change as it is without the added stress of feeling out of place. Also, finding a school that will work with you to make your dreams achievable, whether that be paying for school or being able to study whatever it is that you want to study.


When deciding what college is for you, do not rely on the money or where a friend is going; make sure that the campus fits with your personality and they have what major you want. When in the college of your choice, make sure you do more than go to class. Go to sport games, make friends, and most importantly get involved!


When it comes to finding the right college firsthand experience is key. Participate in campus tours so that you can get a personal experience of the university. Campus tours allow you to see what the environment, students, and faculty are like. Also, talk to alumni about their experiences at their universities. Research is also vital for finding the right college. You cannot just apply to a school without researching statistics about them; you must research. Research everything from class sizes to demographics. In order to make the most of the college experience, the number one thing is to get involved. If you get involved, you will meet people, grow intellectually, and become a stronger individual. Getting involved can be anything from playing a sport, to attending on campus events. College is what you make it, and only you are in charge of what happens.


I would advise that students thoroughly research their schools of choice and make list of 2-5 schools that match what they want. They should visit each of theose schools and take an in depth tour of everything the school/campus has to offer. Parents should help as much as they can in the decision process without interfering with the choices of the child.