Colorado State University-Fort Collins Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I love my school and really believe I chose the best school out there, but there is a goose problem on campus. From late fall through winter and spring, there are geese everywhere. In the giant, beautiful open fields we have on campus, there are hoards of geese laying around. The geese alone would not be much of a problem if they did not deficate absolutely everywhere. There are several places on campus that leave your shoes covered in goose dung. The incredible amounts of goose poop on the ground is the most frustrating thing about Colorado State University.


The most frusterating this about my school would be the parking situation.


The most frustrating thing about my school would actually be some of the students themselves. I say this because, each year a student pays a substantial amount of money in order to obtain your education from a four year university such as this one. However, even though they pay this amount to attend, they lack the maturity and seriousness needed. Meaning, they fail to take their education seriously by not attending class or failing courses, because of their particular social norm. But , they will realize the importance of these few years because of their success in the future.


I would have to say the most frustrating thing about Colorado State Univeristy is the ability, or the lack there of, to easily transfer credits from other schools. Before attending CSU, I attended another school in a different state. Once I got to CSU, I found out that 21 of the 36 credits I earned from my previous institute would only be counted as elective credits. So, I was forced to take many classes that went over similar criteria over again. The headache continues each year when I try to transfer credits from the institue I take Summer courses at.


The most frustrating thing is walking to class when it was in the worst of winter getting a foot of snow and having no teachers cancel class because it was just typical colorado weather


It's out of state, so tuition costs A LOT


It is really cold in the winter and walking to class gets really hard with the wind and sometimes snow. I normally ride my bike which takes no time at all but when its freezing out side it is much too painful to do that. Sometimes i have tests at night too that i have to walk to in the dark during winter. It was so cold the other day that my hair was damp and it began freezing.


Personally I get annoyed that this school is so "green" I believe in recycling to a certain extent but sometimes CSU can go overboard about it.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that I am part of the minority. At my high school i was part of the majority, although it may not seem like it it is hard to adjust to. A lot of people who may not understand you have completely different views than you. As they say it's hard to fill a cup that is already full, thats how some people minds here already are as far as students. It is frustrating trying to get them to understand you. It is also difficult being one out of many in class.


The most frustrating issue I found in school was the weed out first and second year mandatory classes that seem meaningless and boring. If you don't know what may be intersting in your first year, take all of the core curiculum classes and get them over with but do your best. You have to get through the weed out course before you start the classess that you may find interesting. Those classes grab you, make sense and you want to learn more when you are in them and you don't want to bother with core classes.


Unless you find a job from the start, it's hard to apply for positions to get work-study.


The most frustrating thing about CSU is the tuition and the amount it increases with each passing year. As a state school, it is not as affordable as one would wish, even for a Colorado resident such as myself. Furthermore, scholarships are more commonly handed out to those who are in minority groups rather than students who work hard and earn the best grades.


The number of peers that still take college for granted and refuse to see alternative perspectives.


It's hard to get good one on one counsuling for students because I am a Human Development and Family Studies manjor. Administration send people in my major to random teacher assistants to get help with registering for classes.


I'm so far away from home and I came out here to Colorado because of the skiing appeal. And I can't afford to go skiing because we're too busy paying the outrageous tuition and paying my rent.


Sometimes there are students that slip through the cracks and can't seem to find any accomodation there. I don't know how they would fix that, they do a great job on the majority.


One thing I find frustrating is how many students drive cars to and from classes. The Colorado State University campus is very accessible for bikes, walkers, etc... Not only is the campus accessible but many people live in walking or biking distance of the school. I find it unnecessary for cars to be on campus. I understand that when the weather interfers it can be miserable to walk or bike to class, but I think people could make more of an effort walk or bike to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is all of the classes I am required to take outside of my major. For instance, I am required to take a history course, and while I love most history, some sections simply do not appeal to me, yet I am required to take it in order to graduate. I know it is important in order to be a well rounded student but it is frustrating to wake up in the morning and go to a class you do not enjoy.


Sometimes the classes can be crowded and the teacher can be hard to hear. Not that big of a deal though. And the cold weather


Too large


There are so many different student organizations and clubs on campus that its hard to decide on which to attend. I also find it frustrating from time to time when I am unable to find an open computer to print from in the computer labs.


There doesn't seem like there is enough time to do everything on your agenda. Socializing, working out, going to school, eating, studying... All of it time consuming and fun. But once you've got time management skills learned, the bone-chilling cold sets in. Don't forget to bring your ski/snowboading gear once you're up at CSU. It gets to be -19 degree weather up here! Plus, with your cold gear on, you can hitch a ride with snowriders.


The fact that the student to ratio is so high you don't really get to meet your teachers and have a lot of time to talk to them. Communication can be hard when there are only a few set hours that teachers have open and email is only so helpful. The communication between students and teachers is the most frustrating.


For a large public university, none of our varsity sports teams have been very competitive historically. This tends to somewhat diminish the amount of school pride around campus. However, our primary rivalry games are still very well supported, and across the board students and faculty seem proud to be CSU Rams.


I have to be honest, I love CSU. While I am someone with a lot of school pride, the virtues I could extol about my school are numerous and not contrived. Even though I love my CSU, one thing I find frustrating about it is the amount of construction going on on campus, and more particularly at the rec-center. It makes working out or participating in events at the center a little difficult until the construction on the indoor fields are done. The only comfort is that it will be done soon and the university will be even better.


The cost. It frustrates me all the time that my education all depends on how much money me and my family can hand over. While I'm at school it frustrates me to think about all the things my parents and little brother are giving up for me to be where i am. CSU will gladly except your money and come up with other ways to get you to pay them, like parking permits, meal plans and ect.


When selling textbooks back at the end of the semester the bookstore gives you a very small percentage of what you paid for the book initially.


The most frustrating thing is the big classes. I do not mind the class as much as I mind the fact that the professors of big class are, obviously, less personal. This makes it really hard for me to come to them and ask questions because I am very intimadated.


The thing that frustrates me most about Colorado State University is the lack of diversity. The student body is predominately white, and many undergrads lament the homogeneity. With the majority of the students being white, it may result in a more difficult transition for minorities coming in. There are student groups and organizations on campus that focus on groups and bring attention to them and help them interact with the community. Overall, I would like to see a more diverse campus.


Some of the classe are too big so its hard to relate with your professor if you're stuggling or having trouble in the class.


The most frustrating thing about Colorado State University is the lack of availability of professors, advisors, and counselors.


Not being able to get into the classes that are needed to graduate because the class size is only one hundred students, while the degree program holds over a thousand.


Not enough time to do other things than school work.


The most frustrating thing about CSU are the building designs. When class is let out it is very difficult for all the people that want out to get out of the class rooms and stairs with all of the other students wanting in. They are older buildings so the stairs and doorways are narrow. It is always a struggle to get down the stairs and hurry to your next class because you will be waiting for hundereds of others to get down the narrow stairs ahead of you and hundreds more to come up.


It takes some work to stand out with the administration; you're basically just your student ID when trying to run through the registrar's office, or any other administrative process.


The wind! Fort Collins is a very windy town and it sometimes seems like there's no escape from it!


My advisor is not a very motivationg person in terms of helping students reach there goals. She is just there it tell you what classes take, and only has one way of doing it.


Having professors from other countries can be really beneficial to their students. But not when their students can't understand what they are saying. Because it is a research based university, many professors are there for research and only teach because it's in their contract. This has rarely caused them to be un-enthusiastic, but it has led to a failure to communicate.


There isn't enough parking.


the exams are extremely challenging, which is good for the mind, but sometimes they are so difficult that it doesnt matter whether you have attended every single lecture or read the entire book, you still perform poorly on the exams


Very liberal, and with the election this semester, I had too many people throwing their views in my face and not being considerate of other people's beliefs.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there is a very large number of people here that don't seem to care about education as much as the should, granted the price they are paying to attend this school.


Many students have the problem of some of their required courses being held early in the morning or late at night. If this is the case, I would suggest waiting until the next semester to see if it is held at a different time. It always works for me.


Academic departments can fight internally, creating frustrations for students.


For me, the most frustrating thing about Colorado State University is the fact that I have to pay out-of-state tutition to attend the college that I want. Colorado State University's equine program is the best in the nation, so for me to be a member of the program, I unfortunately have to pay a higher tutition cost. This hurts me financially since I come from a recently divorced lower income household. However, I believe in Colorado State University's equine program and feel that I will not receive the same education any where else.


The most frustrating thing about this school is that off-campus housing can sometimes be too far away. Not everything is in close proximity to campus, which makes it hard to find parking and makes it hard to bike or walk.


Some of the professors are terrible teachers. While some are exceptional, not all are passionate about teaching, some are just there for research.


That i cant find a place to live right now. Also the fact that i am in the process of walking on to the varsity basketball team here. I have to be patient. I played two years at Trinidad State Junior College where i transferred from.


I really can't imagine anything frustrating about a learning instituion that provides me with skills and knowledge necessary for my career development. Besides the occasional test anxiety, the school is a very peaceful place. Conducive to the well-being of students, faculty and the surrounding environment alike. In fact, I see more and more gardens around campus that actually have fruits and vegetables available, and students who tend to them often give the produce to an interested passerby. I love this school!


The most frustrating thing is how unavailaible some of the professors are outisde of class. Tuition has also been a major frustration for me personally.