Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A great place to meet people, get a degree, and set out into the world with confidence.


The most affordable and diverse four year university in the entire state!


CSU Pueblo is a diverse environment bringing together students of all ages, interests, and backgrounds to pursue their educational and professional dreams in a friendly and supportive environment.


Colorado State University Pueblo is a good first year school, it starts you off in small classroom gets you used to college life and it gives you confidence that you can make it in college.


CSU Pueblo is a smaller school but it is quickly becoming bigger and more successful by building new dormitory buildings, advertising their division two sports, and excelling in academic education.


My school is a multicultural ecosystem of students who wish to achieve the most in there future hopes and dreams, in addition to realizing their potentials as an intelectual for the sake of be it weath, ego, or simply to support those around them.


My school has something for everyone and helps every person in their persuit to get their degree.


CSU-Pueblo is a great school, I like the small class size.


CSU-Pueblo is a very small school.


Colorado State University-Pueblo is located in the southern part of Colorado, just a short drive from Colorado Springs, close to some of the greatest outdoor recreation in the world with nearly 5,000 students, great degree and sport programs and many new facilities, including our new recreation area, football field and dorms.


Describing my school I would say that it is fun, academically helpful, and the perfect place to get you education.


My school is hard, but so rewarding. It's really worth it


My school is the best for me, which means it is good for normal human beings.

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