Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The majority of my classmates are very focused but it is also easy to find people who are similar and make study groups.


The students here are friendly, sometimes they seem more timid than I would like.




They are really friendly and always willing to help when you need it.


my classmates in one sentence are simply amazing and on another level.


My classmates are awesome, unique individuals.




Very outgoing and very involved in class discussions.


My classmates come from all over the world and they all friendly and helpful.


My classmates, or rather those classmates I prefer to interact with, are those with the ambition to succede in life and that will work their hardest to achieve their goals.


Most of the students at Colorado State University at Pueblo are friendly and academically focused. On the other hand, some of the students from neighboring counties where racism is high have a hard time adjusting. There are a lot of students from Denver, CO and CA who fit in just fine.


My classmates are very interactive, enthusiastic, and also very driven individuals. They are there to learn, and excited to learn also!


The student body here at CSU-P is great and is getting more and more diverse each year.


CSU-Pueblo's classes usually consist of the same students in every class.


They are very supportive and will not let you fail even if they have to study you at all hours of the night.


We have a very diverse campus and our student organizations reflect that. People come from all different communities and that is reflected in the cultures we see walking around. Many people have several different social groups and this hoping around brings the campus closer over all.


The students at CSU-P including myself are all very diverse. There is never a time when I am walking on campus and see just one race. The table at dinner are scattered and no table just sticks to one type. All the students here have seemed very welcoming to me. The clothing here at CSU-P varies. Some student show up to every class in sweats, but at least they are there. Others dress professionally every day they are here, but the majority of people just wear jeans and just any shirt. On nice days you will see people in shorts and t-shirts, but there is no dress code and no student feels like they can’t express themselves through their clothing. There are so many different types of people that I have never really felt out of place, even the people I never thought I would talk to have helped me through many different problems in math. Over all the students here may wear clothes that are different than yours but they won’t judge you, they may even become your favorite study buddy.


The student body at CSU-P is very diverse, but unlike the community which it "serves," it is not overrun by Hispanics.


My classmates are helpful and seem very nice.


For the most part the students here are very friendly. It took me a while to make friends here, but the ones I made are some of the sweetest people on campus. Because of all the activities that are always going on, you’ll be sure to always meet new people. Students are encouraged to get involved in campus life, whether it’s joining a club or even by working on campus, there are always ways to become a part of the university.


No such 'groups' dominate CSU-Pueblo. There is a gigantic variety of groups on campus. No matter what your interest is, it is a for sure thing that you will find people to relate to. A lot of students are from the Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver area.


The less motivated are to be avoided because they slack off and drag you down, but the good students are up-beat and interesting and make good friends or study partners.


Either helpful or not. Generally helpful to some extent.


My classmates are all very determined.


Mostly Non-traditional and commuter students that are over 30 years old.


My classmates are friendly, optimistic and willing to learn.

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