Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

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The thing i consider most unique at CSU-P is how the students and alumni are so proud of Pueblo and the school. When you go to a big campus, the students usually go there for the environment or 1 or 2 exceptional programs, but at Pueblo you have people that care so much for the university, they are willing to go the extra mile to try and improve something. I am originally from Colorado Springs and I am proud to say I am from there, just as people born and raised at Pueblo are.


The most unique part about my school is the marching program. While other colleges have a marching band the most they usually do is spell out words on the field, while CSU Pueblo creates a show for halftime audiences at football games.


The diversity of students on campus is truly unique here. It is amazing for me, especially comming from a very small town, to interact with students from all over the globe. I love learning about different cultures and I have made wonderful friendships with young adults from all over. It makes me so proud to see that no matter what the color of ones skin is, we all have an equal chance to succeed.


The majority of the classes at CSU-Pueblo are small and that allows you to interact with the professor during discussions, ask questions, or provide feedback/comments. Group presentations are usually encouraged due to a small amount of students as well. The use of Blackboard9 (an online tool for faculty and students, where grades, documents, and course information can be constantly checked) facilitates the learning process and the communication with all your professors.


My school is smaller than most colleges and you get alot of one on one instruction. You are a person to your instructors, not an ID number.


It offers a combination program for acute care nurse practitioner and family nurse pratitioner


The truth about CSU-P is that it is a great place to start and finish your ongoing education.


Any college you choose will give you a good education. Also, it's entirely up to you if you are going to enjoy your college experience. I love CSU-Pueblo, and I love my friends here. I encourage campus involvement, because the more involved you are, the more people you will know, and the more friends you will make.


The naked truth about CSU-P is that it is a hidden gem. I believe it is a great school and that it is not advertised as greatly as is should be. Also I think it would be a great school to start at just to get into the flow of things. There is so much help around campus that it is impossible to fail.


Has dedicated business school that is close to home.


If you are wanting to have a great academic experience at an affordable price, then CSU-Pueblo is the perfect place for you. If you want to have a decent social life, however, I would reccomend going elsewhere.


Though this is a smaller school, once you get use to it, you hardly notice its size. It’s safe and it provides a good education. I personally decided to come here because of the financial aid that I got, but now I have a job that I enjoy, and classes that I’m excited about taking, so really, CSU-Pueblo, can make any student feel good about their education choices.


How everything is being updated. And the campus is very great at making you feel comfortable.


Our University is affordable, convenient and fun.


My school has a lot of of outdoor school sponsored activities . We have small and large class sizes. The campus and town are easy to get around. We also have many accredited programs.


The ethnicity of the students and faculty is so diverse. There are students that have chosen to attend this university from all over the world. It has small student to professor ratio which helps immensly.

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