Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


There is a large Hispanic population here but in saying this CSU-Pueblo is a very diverse campus.


It is a small campus, but it gives the students a better opportunity to succeed by knowing professors well. The school in inexpensive, but the it has the student activities and academic opportunities comparable to those of a bigger school. Most of our freshmen live on campus, giving us a good community feel.


The Stereotypes about Greek life and small diversity on campus are false. There is Greek life and there is a great diversity on campus, and CSU-P is one of the cheapest to attend but that does not take away from the level of education that one gets from this university. Also, many teachers depending on the class size will learn most students names, it is a very friendly environment.


They are somewhat accurate, if I had to guess I would say that 3 out of every 4 students I have met are from Pueblo. There are a great deal of Hispanics at the university, but very few of them will make it to the graduation ceremony.


Out of all the people I’ve met here, only about three were born and raised in Pueblo. There are people here from all over the state, country, and even world. We have a lot of student diversity here, and are very proud of it we even have international dinners, to celebrate our foreign students.


The stereotypes of CSU-Pueblo being a commuter school is NOT accurate. While we do have a number of commuteres, we have an equally large base of on campus students. This year our enrollement increased so much that the university has built a new residence hall, with two more following in the Fall of '10.

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