Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academic life here at CSU-P can be difficult at times but whenever I get into a really hard spot in that department, there is always someone willing to help me. There are tons of resources that I can use on campus that can fit my busy schedule.


Most of my professors know me by name. They know where I am struggling and it is easy to talk to them about missing class for athletics. Even in lecture classes the professors are good at encouraging class participation and discussion. I am in the Mass Communications Dept. and am really enjoy my major classes. The academic requirements are pretty reasonable. The education here is very hands on and gives students real life skills that will transfer well into the workplace.


In all of my classes but one my professors know my name. And the one class that they don’t I have around 90 other classmates. The number sounds large, but that is the largest class I have taken and it is because it is a general education course. My favorite class for my first semester here was my general psychology class. The professors where fun and energetic and the information was very interesting. The class was easy because it was fun and I could never lose my focus with the way the class was run. Outside of the classroom students don’t just stop being intelligent. There have been many times students will sit outside of their buildings just talking about the topics discussed in class. The requirements for classes are completely necessary so you never feel like you are taking a class that you won’t need in the future. Over all the academics here have greatly pleased me even though I have only been here for merely a semester.


CSU-Pueblo offers a great deal of degree programs, ranging from hard sciences to business to social sciences. Most non-general education classes have a small student-to-instructor ratio, which provides for a great experiences. They have top of the line technology as well.


A big part of coming to CSU-Pueblo is the academic life. The school offers small class sizes, which helps students personalized attention from their professors. They will all eventually learn your name, and notice when you’re gone from class. I went to a community college before CSU-Pueblo and there was such a difference between the two. Classes are more challenging and the expectations are higher, yet there is a lot of help available to help students reach their potential.


Because the teacher to student ratio is 1 to 18, professors know students' names and are always available out side of class. Teachers are easy to work with and departments are are always willing to help. In my major of english, class discussion is thick and study groups are common. With the Teacher Education program, you get hands on experience from the moment you begin your first education class. Field experience hours that are required really help you get a grasp on the teaching environment.

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