Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Even if the classes are easy, that doesn't mean slack off. Don't even slack off just a little bit. Keep up, even if you know you're going to get an A+ in a class.


Even if the classes are easy, that doesn't mean slack off. Don't even slack off just a little bit. Keep up, even if you know you're going to get an A+ in a class.


I think that there should be more satelite classes out of colorado springs.


The wind is the worst. The campus is located in northern Pueblo, which seems like the windiest part of the state.


I consider the worst thing here at CSU-P is where it is located. The school itself is very well put together and the professors and programs offer a lot of knowledge and experience to the students. I just do not like the fact that is for a lack of better word, plain and boring. I wish that this school would stay the same staff and program wise, but move to a different location like Denver or Boulder.


I would say that the concensus on the campus is that they are not very informative and helpful regarding classes, financial aid, and other aspects required for entry into the college. Many students feel lost and that they have had no direction on how to schedule classes, access financial aid and other services. I feel that the school need not assume that new students understand all processes and will get them completed. They need to make it easy for students to access these services and understand how financial aid works and how it will affect them in the future.


My school has alot of people who commute so i feel that if more people lived on campus then there would be alot more things to do and you would be able to make alot more friends.


The worst thing about this school would be the food. There are some good choices but you can get really tired of the same things that they tend to serve. Sometimes the food also doesn't seem to be fresh at times.


I would say that there is nothing worst about my school. I am entirely happy and loving the experience I get from attending.


The worst part of Colorado State University-Pueblo is having to take out student loans to survive financially. If more scholarship money was awarded to students that truly want to better themselves and their education, then students could just focus on their studies instead of having to worry about finding a part-time job. Colorado State University-Pueblo is what you make of it. If any student has a bad attitude towards the school then that will most likely be the feedback that they receive. I am happy to be in school and value my education as an adult.


Essential classes are not always offered as frequently as might be convenient for students who do not want to attend school any longer than they have to. It's also on a very large hill, which may sound like a joke, but as a bike commuter, it gets difficult!


The worst thing about my school would probably the lack of funding for all of the programs the school has to offer. The university has amazing programs and outstanding potential for more clubs and programs. However, I think with the proper funding Colorado State University-Pueblo could be outstanding!


The food isn't that great most days. The meat can be dry and just not taste that good. The dorms are so far away from where classes are held that it makes it not so appealing to go to class after a while. Other than those things the school is great.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of information about scholarships.


The price of the parking passes. Everything else costs alot and when going to school full time there is no time to work a full time job so this becomes an issue on how to afford this.


financial aid service


The school is going through some large growth right now, so the library renovation really is a bummer but once it opens it will be nice.


The only thing I can really say that I do not like about my school, is some of the professors. The ones in the math department especially. The teachers do not take in to consideration they can be wrong and having to make us relearn the unit they have previously taught is difficult and stressful. Not to mention frustrating when you are a chapter behind and still need to catch up to other classes.


The worst thing about my school is the location. Their are no stores or restaurants within walkind distance and the bus service run every hour untill 6 pm. If you drive you have to get on the highway to get anywhere and their is only one gas station within 10 miles. The city is very boreing and older. Their mall is way outdated.


The worst part about going to CSUP is that when going there you never get to go out and experience the college life. For myself I live alone my friends went away for college and I stayed in Pueblo where nothing every changes. Its much harder to meet new people at CSUP because most of the students that go there already have friends from high school that they hang around with they do not want to meet new people.


There are a couple faculty members that are discouraging to students. Espically those students switching majors. You can always find someone to help you but its not fun to hear discouraging words from some professors before you find a helpful one.


I think the financail aid could do a lot better in helping students find scholarships and making sure the students understand. I don't think they do a very good job of truly caring for the students and helping them do whatever possible to recieve more financial support. Instead, they're rather impersonal and don't answer any questions the students may have very clearly sometimes.


Taking general credits. It wastes money when students could be finishing degrees and getting realy world experience.


I would say the best thing about my school is the atmosphere and community. Our school is filled with such a diverse group of students which makes attending college all the better. The campus is beautiful and relaxing, which comes in handy on your first day; the nerves are gone! Colorado State University- Pueblo is definitely one of the most lively campus' I have been on, which is one of the big reasons it was my first choice in college's I was looking at. The amazing factor is that we are still continuing to grow.


The teachers are very unorganized and do not follow the syllabus a lot of the time. For instructors that have doctorates, they seem to not know enough about the subject to teach it.


The worst thing about my school is that administrative departments (i.e. financial aid, cashiers office, etc.) give you less respect than if you were not a student at all.


no wireless internet access through out the campus its only accessed in a few buildings at the school.


I feel the worst thing about my school is the sudden pursuit of legitimizing itself. Someone had to do it, I suppose, and our new president is making strides in elevating our image, but it's happening very quickly and is a bit of a hinderance as there is a large renovation project going on all over campus and we started a football program again. Funding could have gone to those things a long time ago. At least it's finally happening, but it's all happening at once so it's causing some problems.


The high acceptance level. There are a lot of students here who do not deserve to be in college and only want to party. They come to the school as freshmen, fail and don't come back.

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