Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


CSU-Pueblo is a growing campus that has many wonderful people here willing to help with anything you need.


I think that the campus size at CSU-Pueblo is just right. I like being able to walk anywhere on campus in less than 15 minutes. A lot of people where I come from didn't know that there was a CSU campus in Pueblo, but I hope that by my coming here they come check it out. I live in the residence halls and most of my friend all live in the same building. Sporting events are free and there is usually a good student turn out.


CSU-P I believe is a “just right’ campus. I came from a small school so I didn’t want a large school and CSU-P is big enough to still get the full college experience but small enough that I also know my professors and they know me. And there are always events going on no matter what time of the week that it is. The staff all around campus is great and helpful while every building on campus has a nice place to relax in between classes and it is just a very student friendly campus. Although there are a lot of places to go around campus to hang out I have fun just staying within the residence halls. There is always something going on and I never feel under entertained.


CSU-Pueblo tries to live up to its parent school, CSU-Fort Collins, but comes up a little bit short in some areas. The academic life is great, but the social life is very mediocre. The addition of the new student recreation center has provided students with a great place to hang out, but I still have found it very hard to make new friends. The school is very affordable, however, when compared to similar universities throughout the state. There is lots of reverse race and gender discrimination at this university, especially when it comes to scholarships and student employment. It is very hard for a caucasian male to obtain a scholarship or get an on-campus job because it seems that every department tries to adhere to Affirmative Action laws and has either a woman or minority conducting all of the hiring.


CSU-Pueblo may not be as big in size as other schools in the state, but that in no way means that there’s nothing to do here. The Office of Student Activities (OSA) is always planning something to keep us entertained. With activities like international dinners, movie nights, and comedy nights; CSU-Pueblo students are hardly ever bored.


CSU-Pueblo is a smaller university with a big campus feel. While our class sizes are small, there is still a large sense of pride and excitement.

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