Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I am a social work student and have been told that this is by far the the most cost effective way to go to get an degree from an accredited program in Colorado.


I think anyone should attend this school. However, if students are looking for an affordable, small school well Colorado State University- Pueblo is right choice as well. Also, if you live in Colorado and you want to go school far away but not to far away, Colorado State University- Pueblo is the best choice in my opinion.


Anyone who wants a quality education and a great college experience should attend Colorado State University-Pueblo. CSU offers a variety of courses and majors. If you are interested in nursing, like myself, you can also apply for the nursing program. The competition is vast, but it is very possible to get accepted.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is independant and not afraid to branch out and do things for themselves. You need to be confident and goal oriented.


Someone who wants to work hard and be succesful in completing their degree.


A person that knows how to have fun and learn at the same time. They like to make the classes as fun as possible. They try to have everyone as motivated as the next person. They also want everyone to learn and what better way not to learn then by making it fun.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be not so competitive, and really only focus on just getting a four year degree in something in order to establish a good career in the future.


Colorado State University-Pueblo has many undergraduate degrees. It is one of the lowest costing universities in the state of Colorado but the quality of classes are not affected. Anyone who is seeking a four year degree or is a transfer student from a community college should consider this university. This school is not a party school and the majority population are commuters from the surrounding area.


This school is perfect for the type of student who is really dedicated to their studies. There really aren't many distractions which is good. Since it isn't a big school everyone knows everybody.


Anyone looking for a four year college could attend and enjoy CSU- Pueblo. There are many majors to choose from and the universtiy is all adout the student. Along with many majors, the clubs are endless and there is always something going on around campus. All the staff is very well rounded and are about helping you succeed and build a better life. On campuss living is available, new dorms are being built along with a new libuary!


Any kind of person should attend this school, young, old, gay, strait, working, non working, any one.


The kind of person who loves the snow and mountains in a town that's not too big. Those who play football as well, because there is a good football team. There is also an excellent recreational center for those who enjoy working out.




Someone who is intimidated by large cities or fast traffic would find this town and school to be a good match - it's a slow-moving, slow-talking place. It is also very rich in Hispanic culture, which is a bit artistically restrictive (if it's not Hispanic, it's not art here). Students who want a "close community" would like it. Everyone knows everyone's business.


A person that enjoys a smaller town, a smaller school, and a smaller number of students in each class. There are a lot of farmers and agricultural students that attend this school.


Someone who is open minded, definitely. While CSU-Pueblo is not the most visually pleasing school in the nation, I believe it is a very unique school and one would just have to give it a shot. CSU-P brings this quote to mind, "Don't judge a book by its cover".


Anybody can attend CSU-P, no matter who you are poor, rich and or disable you can always apply and they will accept your application. There are various ethnic groups that attend CSU-P; Nepalese, Russian, French, Nigerians, Congolese, Korea, China, Japan, Iran, India, Mexico, Spain and many more. Student exchange is very big at CSU-P and we welcome all that are accepted. GO CSU-P!!

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