Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Do not get married and have children before you get your degree out of the way.


Advice that I would give myself would be after graduating really take the time if I want to go to college living in the dorms away form home or living at home. I don't want to make a last minute move and actually decide going to college 2 hours away and then not having a room and roommate already. I would also want to give myself advice to not be afraid of the first day of school. I don't like hearing the fact that you need to be a straight A students, good ACT/SAT score, and prepared for college to be good in college and you will go far in life. For that begin said, don't think that just because I didn't do so well back then I won't improve or be successfull . I struggled alot in English during my high school years and after my second year of college in my English classes I have passed in addition being able to write excellent papers. It takes time for someone to discover themselves and their talent gift. It even takes time and practice to understand the material as well.


Dear me, Do not fear. That is the greatest piece of advice I can give to you. Do not be afraid of making new friends. There are some hard things ahead. Forgive. It's easier than being angry. You have an amazing support system so use it. There are so many opportunities. Go to the plays, the pep-assemblies, and the football games, they are all worth it. Have fun! This time in your life is when you will be most carefree. You already know this, but you are right about the newspaper. Being Editor-in-Chief is hard but it is so amazing. Do not be afraid of finding out what you love. Everything will work out perfectly. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. In the end you will find that those mistakes make you a stronger person. Be fearless. Love, Your future self


It is not as bad as you think it is. Most people are pretty chill, and -chances are- you will know some of them from high school. Your professors are pretty cool, but do not mistake them for the teachers you had in high school. There is a bit more work to do during a semester, but nothing you can't handle.


Hey Jessica! It's the future you wanting to talk to you about college and the future we have ahead of us. As of now, you are probably thinking that college is some scary godzilla out there to destroy our social life and our bank accounts. Have no fear though because college truly is NOT like this. I will mention that no matter what college you choose to go to and how far, you are not alone. There are many students there you can make new friends with and faculty that will act as your friend, your parent or whoever when it comes to giving advice. Don't forget that there is always video chat if you are missing home too much. Now you're also wondering how hard college must be. I say you should not worry about that either. If you study hard in high school, then college will be a simple step to climb on and you will start off studying where you left off. It was like going from middle school to high school, believe it or not! Remember to keep up with your studies and one day, literally, you'll be in my shoes.


Dear Jackie, Don't worry about what colleges you are going to apply to; apply to a few. The most important thing to worry about are the scholarships that you apply to. College is expensive and mom and dad can't help, so apply for many scholarships. I know that you will get discouraged half way in, but boy, do you have potential and other people will see that in you, too. Now it may seem like no matter how many essays you write and forms you fill out there will be no end result, but there is, so be patient. Also, don't worry too much about the job that you get at the end of the year. You will regret going to work instead of going to regionals for tennis don't do that to yourself. Life is serious but that's one sacrifice that you didn't have to make. You will find another job pretty soon anyway focus on your grades and the scholarships nothing else. College is difficult but not impossible don't worry about the future too much it will figure itself out. SIncerely, Older Jackie


If I could go back in time and give myself advice my senior year, I would have a few recommendations. First off, I would advise myself to join more clubs and get more involved. I tried to stay pretty involved, but I think a few more clubs could have been a good idea. Maybe a sport would have added some more variety. After that, I would tell myself to sign up for microbiology and to retake anatomy. Getting as many prerequisites out of the way is the best way to go about high school. You want to be as well into your college career as possible. As a nursing major, I need both anatomy and microbiology, and since I didn't take them in high school, I now have to take them in college. During these classes, I could be getting other credits taken care of. You live and you learn, but one thing you can't do is fix your mistakes from the past. If I could, I definitely would have made some different choices my senior year.


If I could go back and talk to my high school senior self I would emphasize the importance of scholarships as well as realizing how schools have progams that are only available at certain times of the year as well as in certain years. There is so much that I would advise my high school senior self about college that it is hard to describe everything that was missed.


Get better grades so I could have school paid for. It's extremely hard paying for it yourself and not having any financial help. Also getting a job during the summer would've really helped in the long run when food was getting short and when coming up with laundry money was harder than expected. Transitioning is really hard especially being a mamas girl and tearing apart from it was unbearable but calling and texting her everyday helps out a lot. Getting a job on campus right away will help out a bunch because you can pay off tuition while having money in your pocket at the same time. And its a lovely thing. Try having all classes in the morning to get it done and over with its the best thing to do. Lastly don't make friends with every one you meet. People aren't always for you. Stay to yourself and you'll be fine.


Your senior year is a "big deal"! You're the top dogs of the school and you have paid your dues for the last three years, and this year is going to be the best year of your life! My advice to you as a senior is to first make it memorable. Attend all the games and dances, and spend time making memories with your friends. However, with that being said, don't drop the ball on your grades! This is a time that will count for your future! Make sure you don't get lazy and get behind on homework - turn it all in because it's all important. Do lots of volunteer work in your community because it looks great on scholarship applications. Oh yeah, apply for lot's of scholarships! Also make sure you get a good night's rest before taking those ACT's for the third time just because you want to get a better grade each time. Don't rush, and make sure you read all the questions. Oh yeah, and enjoy your graduation ceremony! You earned it by working hard and staying up late all those nights studying for your exams. Have fun!


The advice I would give myself would be to make sure you are in the field that you will spend the rest of your life doing. Volunteer at a place that you may be working at in the future so that you can see what is really involved in the career path you have chosen. Do not do something that your family or friends believe you should be doing and never stop believing in yourself. Always take challenges with an open mind. Remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Know that you will not like every class that is required but you will get through it. Never be afraid to speak your mind and do not be influenced by peers. Stand your ground. Take advantage of every opportunity that is available to you. When you hit a rough patch, ask for help. Most of all take care of your health, eat right, and get plenty of exercise.


Write the scholarship essays! Write all of them, forever. It seems like a lot of work, but your friends are lame (except Lindsay). Just write them already!


I would tell myself to stay focused. Get your GPA as high as you can. Don't choose a school because of where your friends are going. Go where you want to go. Participate more in after school activities and just make memories before you go to college where things really get serious.


Do IB. Just do it. It will prepare you more than anything you will ever do for yourself. It will help you write essays and make it easier in the long run. Challenge yourself to be better than the day before and to continue improving until you have achieved what is ultimatly greatness. Just work harder and not worry about all the people around you and what they think.


Hi, Everyone go to college even if you don't think it's for you. I say this because college is how you’re going to get anywhere in life. Due to are extremely high casting society we are forced to work as hard as we can to make are lives and family's lives more tolerable to live in. To not be stressed out and struggle to live day by day. I being a teen mom statistics say I would not even make it out of High School but look at me now in my life I am a young independent single mother fresh out of high school off to a community college. Yes, it might not be exactly where I saw myself when I was a freshman but listen I made it to a good point where I can build from and further my education. Overall no matter how hard things may get for you look up and change your life for the better and think it's not just changing you’re it's also you’re future family's life as well. The decision is now in your hand.


There are no mistakes, only learning experiences. Society tells you that you must have a plan in order to succeed, this is inaccurate. They say if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. That is because even the best laid plans go astray. Some people are able to follow the traditional academic path, others must first allow themselves to live, helter skelter if necessary, before they can appreciate and dedicate themselves to scholarly pursuits. You are the latter, and that is not wrong. Have faith in yourself, you will get there when you're meant to.


Katie, we both know that college is where you're headed. I know you'll do fine in your coursees and you'll meet great people and have a wonderful time. Let me tell you the hardest part about college though, it's expensive. Our partents want to help, but they just can't. So here is my advice to you, apply for as many scholarships as you can. Work harder to get a job and save all the money you can. If I had known that I'd be in so much danger of not being able to continue toward getting my degree because of money earlier, I would have worked so much harder. I don't want you to have to go through the same stress. I want to know that financing your education is easier than what I'm going through. We're meant to go to college, promise you'll do everything you can to make that dream come true.


I would tell myself that I need to make clear goals and focus on how to obtain those goals. I was a young mother and so the most important thing I would tell myself is to wait to have children until I have completed all the tasks and goals that I set for myself regarding my education. Regarding all aspects of college life I would tell myself that the road to success is never easy but not to give up on my dreams simply because it is hard. Some of my best accomplishments have come from some of the hardest tasks I have undertook and came out on top. Know yourself and what you want out of this life. Don't go to college simply because you feel you have to. I isn't not cheap and the value of money is not a myth. What you borrow you will have to pay back. Learn how to manage money and understand the true value of the dollar. Don't get pressured into taking out a ton of loans simply because you think it's free money... it is not! Remember to take good care of yourself.


If i could go back and tell myself one thing before leaving for college i wouldnt because i would want to change a thing. I am blessed with choosing a school so far away and making all new friends. If i had to tell myself something though i would tell myself to enjoy the time that you have with all your friends because it can be taken away from you very quickly. So love the ones who love you back and dont hold back anything.


I, as a high school senior, need to understand that college should be approached in bite-sized portions. Attempting to comprehend the vast scope of prerequisites, scholarships, and academic responsibilities in one go will only stifle any motivations to achieve a form of higher learning. On a day-by-day basis, I must swallow my fears, especially my fear of success, and slowly work on the often bitter academic process. The beginning of most things in life is the usually the most difficult. Mustering the willpower to write that first sentence of a final paper, for example, is probably the most exhausting aspect of the project because it symbolizes the commitment to finishing a very arduous task. Therefore, like a good game of Jenga, my high school self needs to take things slow and make the first step to reach new heights, else our success will crumble by our impatience.


There are several different pieces of advice that I would give myself that would better prepare me for college. There is a lot of advice that I would wish to tell myself to make the transition to college a bit easier. The biggest piece of advice I’d give myself is be more organized and manage my time better. In high school it is easy to do things at the last possible minute, but in college that is not the case. The work that is required in college takes more time and effort, and it can be a bit of a shock if you are not properly prepared to manage your time well. It will pose for several late nights trying to finish homework that you won’t even remember how to do the next day because it is so late. Managing your time is a hard thing to learn, but if I could have learned it sooner, my transition into college wouldn’t have been as difficult. Also learn to be organized, as this will help with the time management, but also keep all you r schoolwork straight and easily accessible thus making college a little easier.


You dont have to go to school right away if you need some time to think about what you really want to do, it is really important to like what your doing and not hesitant about wondering if this job is meant for you... Financially it is a lot of money that is being wasted if you decide to change your major even if you just do your basics... What a lot of people dont know is that for each major they have their own amount and requirements of basics that is needed. so if you decide to change your major and the courses you have already taken are not needed for the current major you have taken, you realize that money went down the drain and for the low income it might get harder to finish school for financial reasons...So if you are very limited for financial reasons i say use the time to do some critical thinking about your career and put all effort in doing a great job in school because this is going to better your future and help with the limits of successfully finishing school financially...


If I could go back to being a senior in high school, I would tell myself to start looking at college choices really early like junior year. Also to apply to multiple colleges, not just one or two. When you are accepted to take a look at the college more deeply than just looking on the surface. Make sure you know exactly where all your classes are and also ask lots of questions. The one thing I defanitly would tell myself is to not wait until the last minute to do everything. Basically to start early when looking for colleges.


First off, I would tell myself to apply for scholarships and loans to get enough money, along with financial aid, so that I would have enough money to cover my expenses for that year of college. I would also tell me self to get all the expenses taken care of the first few weeks of school so that I would not have to worry about it during the semester.


If I could go back to when I was a high school seinor, I would have told myself to focus more on making a higher GPA, studying harder for SAT/ACT exams. I would have foucsed more on dual enrollment at the community college and aspired to complete my AA before finishing high school. I would have gotten my AA in a specific area, like accounting, or finance, if I had I know better rather than in general studies. I wasn't at the best community college, but I didn't take advantage of the resources that the school offered with counseling. I tried to do it on my own, and only ended up changing my focus of my degree over and over, and working harder. I would tell my self to set a goal, have a plan and to stick to it, but to have 1 back up plan, that would have made it to where I didn't lose any credits, but still helped with both plans. I also wished that my parents had givin better counsel, and pushed more on how having a degree would get me a much better job than my highschool diploma.


If I could go back in time, I would tell myself about the freedom and the independent choices that lie ahead that will help me mold who I want to be. College will give me insight on what I want for myself as an adult and more power to do it. I can choose what and how I learn and at whatever pace makes me feel most comfortable in achieving my goals. The instructors get better at teaching, they will demand more involvement, interaction and participation, however, they will have a more defined purpose. The classes are more challenging yet also more motivating because they are in-line with my future career goals, they are faster paced. I would also tell myself to “get ready” . . . get ready to start learning, get ready to start developing my social, interpersonal, and professional skills, get ready to contribute to academia—get ready to grow


I would tell myself not to worry so much about college. It may seem scary at first because you are moving out and heading to a different city to become more of an adult. But there is no need to worry because I know you will make a lot of friends and study a lot and also learn a lot on the way. The teachers are not as scary as you thought they would be also they are actually very entertaining and know how to make you laugh. College is fun and a lot of people do not judge around here either they know college is a new experience and they are learning all sorts of new stuff also. So do not worry and relax because this a new beginning that will be full of adventures waiting to be found.


the best advice I could give myself would be too never stop hunting for scholarships and try to save up all the money I can for college because It's very difficult to attend college when you have little or no money at all.


Attending college has not only helped me to grow academically but I have grown tremendously on an emotional level. Looking back to high school, I was a very positive, outgoing person but I never had the confidence to know that I am able to make a huge difference in the world. Within the two years I have attended college, I have had major life changes. My family no longer supports me because I choose to date an African American man. I have had to push through and support myself and know that I can make it. It has been the greatest challenge of my life to find the inner strenght to pursue my dreams and never give up faith. If I had the chance to talk to myself as a high school senior I was say that no matter where life takes a you remember to always have passion and faith. Those two attributes can take you to the moon and back! Hold your head high, never ever give up, and the sky is the limit!


My campus experience is a collage of vivid encounters produced by belonging to an elite campus leadership program, opening a new campus organization and in employment by the university as an Orientation Leader. The President's Leadership Program is an academic leadership program sponsored by Colorado State University-Pueblo. They believe I can be a transformational leader who will serve Colorado and the community I live and work in. We join with local and state leaders in Colorado to resolve social issues. My class and I were so moved by the need of children living on the streets in our community, we made it our PLP junior class project about raising awareness of homeless youth in Pueblo. Just as an artist has many color selections to fill in their picture, the diversity of people I have met in college color my life. I have taken the opportunity to start a campus organization. Working with numerous resources of the Student Activities Office offered through the campus has helped me gather a group of multicultural and international friends bringing a fresh perspective on how beautiful different cultures are. Friendships I have found here have forever left a lasting impression on my heart.


The fact that I am attending college and that I plan to transfer to a university next fall means a lot to me and to my family. I am the first one in my family to ever attend to college. I want to make my father proud of me, he wants me to get a good education as much as I want to. Unfortunately I don't have enough money to pay for my education expenses. But if there's something I got out of attending college; especially from my teachers; is that I have the academic potential to succeed at a University, and I don't want that to go to waste due to lack of resources.


At the age of almost 27, I have just recently completed my Associate's Degree in Visual Communications at Pueblo Community College. I have worked in three restaurants as a manager, cook, server, bartender, and dishwasher in order to pay for a car, food, entertainment, and life as it comes. As a junior at Colorado State University-Pueblo this Spring 2011 semester, I am currently taking Mass Communications courses and will be a DJ at the local radio station, REV 89. I am excited to be on my way to completing my Bachelor's Degree and truly value my education. I hope to one day be able to work for Channel 5/30 as a Electronic Media minor and I am grateful to have the experience to work for the Center for New Media at Pueblo Community College two years ago. If I was to be awarded with scholarship earnings, it would eliminate stress related situations from the restaurant business so that I could put all my efforts and focus into class and studying.


When I graduate college, I will be the first in my entire family to do so. My whole life, I have dreamed of wanting to become something to help others. I did not know if I wanted to be a nurse, a teacher, or something along the lines of helping someone else and giving back to the community. In 2004 my little brother was born, he's my world. As he grew older, we discovered that he has speech problems. From that point on I decided I wanted to become a speech pathologist. This is my second semester in college and I love it. It's helping me achieve my dreams. Making my family proud and giving to other people. I hope to gain more knowledge to be the best that I can be in my career and help children, adults, and other people who do not have what I do. The college I am at now is a two year college and all my teachers are fantastic. I need to be in a four year college for my bachelor’s degree. This career will be helpful and fulfill my dreams of being able to work in hospitals or schools.


College experience to me has been the absolute best, especially since I moved to Texas last year in my senior year of High School. Last year, because of the move, I was very depressed, moody, and hated to go to my new school. My grades dropped, my parents were concerned with my behavior, and making new friends was a difficult task. I was literally in a dark deep hole, one where I did not want to ever come out of. I missed my life back at my home state of New York, missed my wonderful friends, and felt hatred towards my parents for forcing me to move here. College gave me a chance to have a brand new start in school life, one where I was very happy, upbeat, and excited to start a new learning year. Since the start of college, I have yet again regained my love for knowledge, met some very cool people, and found my career goal in life. I also have done many new and excited things in college, like singing on stage in front of hundreds for a charity event, a very scary and thrilling experience. In a nutshell, college helped me be myself.


The truth about college is that it is NOTHING like it is portrayed to be when a student is in high school. The college experience is a grenade that destroys everything a student believes about life, the world and themselves. In my experience at CSU-Pueblo, I have discovered a portion of the complications of life, like the importance of money, cultural tolerance and dealing with death. There have been many situations that have expanded my knowledge and continue to drive me to succeed, such as a study abroad trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey. Most importantly, through the relationships and experiences that have been introduced to me at the university, I have found a new me. When leaving high school, there was a real anxiety associated with my identity and who I wanted to be. With the help of my friends and my higher power, I have successfully found the person in me that I like being... that I am proud being. There is nothing more valuable than understanding yourself and knowing what the purpose of your life is, and I believe that college has unlocked and will continue to help me unlock the mysteries of myself.




I am returning to school to earn my teaching certificate because I have realized that the field of education is where my passion truly lies. I have already received a Bachelor's from Ithaca College in Sociology which I have used in my work with an environmental lobbying organization as well as an educational reform non-profit. However, I caught the classroom teaching bug and I couldn't seem to shake it, so I returned to school last fall at the University of Rhode Island to pursue my degree in Secondary Education, History and Social Studies. However, I found URI woefully disappointing and started looking elsewhere. What CSU Pueblo does well is that they offer choices to students who are going through transitions. Their Degree Plus program was perfect for me, allowing me to earn only the credits I needed for teacher certification without going through the hassle of a lengthy second Bachelor's Degree. I am grateful as well for the friendly and helpful staff employed here, including my advisor who walked me through signing up for classes and laid out my requirements in very plain terms. I look forward to my future experiences here at CSU.


I first started at the University to fulfill my goals of becoming a doctor, and that is what I had always wanted to do with my life. I awoke to college this last year as a whole new academic world. There were no longer teachers, there were professors, there were no longer tests, rather, we took exams, however, the biggest difference was that all of my piers had a goal, just like I did. It was a whole different world from high school. Kids are required to attend high school, but the kids that knew what they wanted to do with their lives surrounded me at the university. Being around such people inspired me to work hard, and succeed in every class that I took. I was always a hard worker in high school, but in college, I had to find the motivation to work even harder, and the people the professors that surrounded me every day played a huge role in this motivation to excel.


While my college experince so far has only been a short one, so far I have grown personally and expanded my knowledge base considerablly. I have gained an insight about business management which is where my future lies which is valuable so that I know I am headed towards a career that I enjoy. I have grown with my relationships by meeting new people, working in diverse school groups and being taught by new people. Expanding my personal skills is important to me because being able to work in groups and communication are extremely important parts of my future. The majority of my college experience is yet to come, but based on how the firt semester has affected my life and I am more than confident that in the end my college education will be the most valuable investment I could ever make.


I enjoy the idea of advancing my lifestyle with the use of my education, none of my parents have recieved a four year college education. I am very greatful that God has given me the oppertunity to eccelerate in school and show my potiential to succeed. College is a learning experience that goes beyond just the books, but allows students to have the oppertunity to get a stability in order to achieve asperations in life and promote a competitive drive. I believe a college education separtes the future avaibility of a good and decent finacially stable lifestyle with a struggling lifesyle, especially with the American economy. Being that I am African-American, I must consider the fact the I will be judge negitively because of the stigmas of my ethnic soiological influnces, so it is critical that I persue my education so that I am not apart of the negitive statistics but an exception. In America the college experiece is a gift and a honorable achievment, I am highly blessed to experiece all the pro's and con's of college, and with that I will encourage everyone, especially African Americans to attend college and graduate.


What i have gotten from my college experience is the sense fo being an adult. When you go to college you do not have your parents holding your hand anymore it is time to make your own decisions. College for me has been amazing. I have done things that I never thought I could handle on my own, it has given me a sense of worth in this world. College has been valuable to me because it has shown me that i am capable of much more than i imagined, although some of it may be scary college has truly made me grow up and become a better person.


I have recieved confidence in myself. I have gained the knowledge that I can accomplish something I once thought was bigger than me. I now have knowledge about things that I never knew I could learn. I always knew that there was a higher education out there and that I could never stop learning but so far in my college expirience, I have only wanted to learn more and more. It has been very valuable to me to attend college because I understand that the world is rapidly becoming more competative and that getting a higher education is the only way for me to keep up with it. I am the first to attend college in my family and I can finally prove to them that I can do something I put my mind to and I do struggle but through it all, I have become a stronger person and I have gained a certain knowlege about my life. I have become more mature as well because I have had to deal with all the bumps in the road and I understand mor about how the world works. If I hadn't attended, that might have taken longer.


I am an older student, now 30, but that has not kept me for having a great college experience. Yes, I did not focus as much as I should have when I went to school right after high school, but I did learn more about myself and became more of an independent person. As as older student my experience has been one of acceptance and motivation. I thought I was too old, but with all the support I get from the people I come in contact with, I know its never too late. The college experience is valuable obviously for educational advancement, and better opportunities, but also to discover who I was as an individual.


a life long experience and memories that will carry me through life and halp me accomplish all my goals in life. i have gotten a second chance and a future for me and my famil, not to mention to be the first one in my family to go!


I have a better understanding of the needs and learning abilities of elementary school students. I have learned many creative .ways to engage them into different areas of learning


It has helped me learn to study better and more efficiently.


I went to a local JC back in California before transfering here for teh nursing school. I can honestly say I have learned more about college and just what I need to do to be sucessful and what i need to know once i graduate in the first semester at CSUP than I did at the JC.


I received the education, skills, and development of personal qualities that allowed me to succeed from a post secondary institute. College allowed me to grow from a cook making minimum wage to a career path set in the information technology industry. I have become a well rounded individual and gained several qualities such as: communication, teamwork, integrity, diligence, and respect. I truly believe that my college experience has shaped my life and set me on a course that I would not have achieved otherwise. The social interaction has allowed me to form new lifetime friendships who I have kept in touch with since graduation. This type of networking also landed me my first job. College allowed me to pursue a career that I have contemplated since I was a child and opened unbelievable opportunities. I became a teenage father at the age of 19. College allowed me to earn a job that enables me to take care of my family. I am extremely grateful for the education I have received and only wish to continue my academic career.


I have learned to not be afraid to ask questions when you don't understand something. I learned that when things are tough for you and you think you can't do it, there is always someone on campus that you can talk to that will make everything better and you will feel like you can accomplist everything you set your mind too. Attending college gets me one step closer to my lifetime dream of becoming a nurse. Without all of the help and support from this University I wouldn't have been able to keep up with it all. One thing that I find most valuable to myself is the hallway with all of the previous Nursing graduates. When i feel like I can't do it anymore, i like to walk down this hallway to life my spirits up and realize that it can be done and I too can be on that wall if I stick with it and get all of the help I can.


Everyday we are faced with life changing decisions that we make that either make us or break us. After high school I decided to get a full time job that i "thought" I would be happy with. One day while at work I realized I could do better for myself and go to college, and that's what I did. Today I am currently finishing my first year of college. The college experience I have recieved so far has truly been life changing. I have learned to be self reliant and look after myself. In college you're on your own. Only one has the choice to succeed or fail. This reminds me of a quote a professor told the incoming freshmen durning oritentaion," college isn't about how smart you are it's about how hard you try." I'll never forget that quote because I know now as a fact of how true it is. My education is the foundation that will help me grow and accomplish all my future goals. For now all I can do is take it a day at a time and always give it my 110%.

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