Colorado State University-Pueblo Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I like the class size because it allows you to have a more personal relationship with the professors.


The best thing about my school is the amount of tutoring the campus has to offer. Professors have open office hours and a student can also schedule an appointment with them if need be. If the professor is not there to help, then the second option is to go to the multiple locations of tutoring areas where a tutor is there to help. Over here, it is all about graduating promptly and easily.


The best thing would have to be the rooms. They're big for two people to live in comfortably.


The best thing about my school is the size of it. The class size is perfect, and gives the professors a chance to get to know the students individually. The school just brought back football three years ago, and all three years our team has made it to the playoffs. It's safe, and has our local Sheriff's Department serving as the security, which makes students feel safe when walking to and from classes. There is also lots of clubs that students can get involved in, and a new recreation center that allows students to explore the outdoors.


It's so small everyone knows everyone. The classes are small and the professors are understanding.


I believe that the football team is one of the better things for the school. I also believe that the size of it is what makes it great.


The best thing about my school is the fact that they always have entertaining stuff to do such as riding in helicopters or having a paint fight. They know how to keep a college student happy and never bored. There has not gone one day where you could not say there was nothing to do at school because everyday there is at least one thing available to do.




The best thing is the professors. All of the professors show how much they care about their students and their education. They love to help their students, and will help in any way they possibly can. I can tell that they love to see students succeed.


There are a lot of good things about my school. There are always activities to get students involved with each other, the classes have a decent amount of people in each room considering the class and the teachers are helpful. There is so much support for the freshman and good feelings they recieve when first entering the campus. No one is rude and the atmosphere created on campus is one that makes a person feel comfortable and at home. I felt like this campus was home to me the first time I visited and it hasn't let me down.


CSUP was my second choice after I graduated Pueblo Community College with my Associatein General Studies. I could not adjust to CSUP at first but time went by and I feel good about this school. It is a very friendly and helpful enviroment including students, advising. The location is great and school size is just right for me where I do not have to drive around like crazy and look for a parking spot. There a lot of activities going on on campus such as soccer, indoor claiming, running club that I am going to join pretty soon.


I love all the positive feedback we get from our advisors and the teachers that want us to succeed yet still challege us. The environment at school is very relaxed and it feels nice to be able to see friendly faces at the school. I also like how the professors will always help you with whatever problems you might have about homework, scheduling, etc. Plus whenever you need advice, tutoring, or just extra help on assignments, there will always be someone there to lend a hand.


I attened CSU-Globak where I am enrolled through CSU Pueblo. I love being online for classes it makes it so much more flexible.


The best thing about my school is the academics and the people. The classes are great because they are smaller classes which allow you to know the teacher on a personal level as opposed to a name on the attendance sheet. The teachers all want you to succeed and they always offer extra help if needed. Since the classes are so small you get to know everyone in your classes and make a lot of new friends. The people are so friendly that you feel comfortable wherever you are on campus.


The best thing probably consider the best thing about this school is the the class sizes. They are really small and the instructers really care about the students and they know everyone by name and you aren't considered a number.


CSU-Pueblo has a small campus, you can get to any of your classes in ten minutes on foot. It has grown in size for the past three years. It has a new football team and stadium, and a brand new marching band. The tuition is comparitively cheap to other universities. It also employs some very competent professors.


I consider the class sizes and the professors at the school the best part because they are supportive and always available if help is needed.


The small and large class sizes because you have the opportunity to meet lots of people but also get that extra attention you may need from your professors.


The best thing at CSU-Pueblo is the upbeat feeling on campus. Also the small classrooms are amazing! Professors know you by name and help you to succeed in your class. They realize when you are struggling and they talk to you about it. Your professors are real people, and talk to you like real people, not just like a student. They realize you have a life outside of the classroom, but help to make you focus on your priorities.


At my school I consider it to be perfect in many ways like the class sizes, the campus size, and the pofessors here. Not many students can say taht everything is great at their school but I can the class sizes are never the same some are tiny and some have over one hundred and fifty students but I enjoy the diversity of every class in the different environments. The campus itself is just right and the professors are professional, caring and enthusiastic about what they do for a living.


The campus is small but just big enough to allow people to meet every one. The class sizes also allow students to meet other students and gain those friendships and others to study with, and it also allows students to get to know their professors, which ultimately helps them later in their college years.


The best thing about CSU-P is that the advisors are on your tail everyday of your college life. They want to see the students succeed and become somebody out there in the future. They dislike the term "I can't do it and I firmly give up". The other best thing about CSU-P is that racial slurs and or discrimination is unacceptable, everybody gets along with everyone and that keeps CSU-P environment very warm and welcoming.

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