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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice would be to interview each school before you make a decision. Visit each department and observe your surroundings. When you visit the school, ask for a report of graduation, drop out and transfer records becasue some students leave becasue of issues unresolved. You do not want to go to a school that is a revolving door . Also remember to do cost analysis on the colleges, so that you get the most cost effective education. Although financial aid is available, usually it is not enough if the college you attend is too expensive. Research the schools accreditation adn make sure it is not a mill.


I feel that to make a "splash" in college, you should pretend that you are already the professional you would like to be. The mindset that will get you farthest in your field, is one of responsibility and professionalism. Try using a day planner to record all classes, assignments and due dates for homework. Break projects up into small achievable sections and include them in your plan for success. Always show up to class 15 minutes early, and be willing to stay late to discuss questions with your professor. Instructors are very willing to go out of their way in the case of extenuating circumstances, for a student who is always prepared and shows enthusiasm for the classwork given to them. Never "skip" school unless it is truly an emergency, and I shouldn't have to tell you that. What kind of person would YOU hire for your prospective job? Instill those properties into yourself, by modeling who you are after a mentor. Do whatever you can to meet someone in your field that you respect, and ask lots of questions. Your enthusiasm for your chosen field will earn respect and possibly a career you love in the long run.


I would definately tell my self to get the motivation and the drive to attend class, prepare for college now, and get into that attitude of taking care of responsibilities and having goals that you are determined to reach. Then I would have more focus currently.