Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


CTU ONLINE is great.


A wonderful experiance with a great outcome.


CTU is great! The staff is very concerned about each individual student. They talk to you once a week for the first 6 weeks of course work. They keep in touch with you in other ways as well. You get a mentor that you can send any question you have and they will either answer or pass your question to the appropriate staff member so that you get an answer very quickly.


My school gives me the ability to go back to school and get a professional degree, with a hectic work and personal life schedule, going to an online college was my only choice. Learning is a second nature to me and enjoy it immensely, with CTU they give you as much or as little workload you can handle. Classes here are a bit interesting to get use too, but once you do it becomes a pleasure to learn. Teachers and faculty have always been very helpful and available to me.


I actually go to Colorado Christian University, however it was not on the list of colleges for Colorado Springs. Colorado Christian University is a Christ Centered school that will change your life forever.


Website very nice, books shipped without any work on my part, and email communication right on webpage at all times.


CTU Online, with its ease to get around their Virtual Campus, has proven to me that you are never too old to learn, even at 54.


My school is easily transversed and well equipt to handle everything that I have seen put to it and the people that I have worked with are all knowledgeable as well as friendly.