Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


its an online school but my classmates seem ok


The students at Colorado Technical University online are from all over the United States and abroad. They are from all walks of life and religions. The students use the online programs for their education due to the fact they can listen to live chats and or the archives of live chats and do their homework in their time that fits their personal schedule. I have made many friends have been made that live across the country and have learned that even though each individual is different we are all learning from each other about our education and the area in which they live. In the end we are all very much alike due to the fact we are all trying to further our education and living our daily lives to the best of our ability. I am a listener so often some students call about concerns and opinions. This is all right with me because I enjoy being able to help even if just listening.


I don't know anyone as of yet.


My experience with facial, religious, LGBT, socio-economic or other groups on campus has been a non factor since I am online. I believe any student who attend CTU will be comfortable attending CTU online. Everyone is very respectable to each other. The attention is towards the academics. You can wear whatever to class since you are online that's the beauty of online classes! The financial backgrounds is just to have the funds to pay be it loans, scholarships, etc. You can have any political profile-left, right, whatever.


I can't wait to meet them.


My classmates are ambitious.


Going to school online, I have never met my classmates face to face, but the few I have had direct contact with (via messenger) have been very helpful. We also have the opportunity to participate in class discussion boards, and again my classmates are very helpful.


Most of the students are over thirty years old, are parents, and looking to better thier future with an amazing drive to be successful in every class they take.


Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with has been awesome!


They were good people and we worked together to get our degree.


The student have a variety of backgrounds, so meeting different people is an engaging experience.


My classmates are people just like me, students with a desire to better themselves and get a higher education.