Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

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The coursework was online, however I could attend lectures at campus if I lived near one while being enrolled online.


I love the online school. I have taken classes both ways, and would never go back to a campus school. CTU had the program that fufilled my needs where some of the others didn't. I can work and still go to school through the archive system. I can work on my own time, where I couldn't do that in a conventual college.


What is unique about Colorado Technical University is the students and the facilty alike are open and kind to everyone. I like Colorado Technical University-Online because the students are responsible for their work only. There is group discussions but not group projects, like there is at the previous college I attended (Univeristy of Pheonix Online). As we all know, when people are put on group projects some do more work than others and some do no work at all. I believe group projects are not fair to all and CTUO does not have group projects only group discussions.


Honestly, I do not find anything unique about CTU.


It is attended by many student from different countries, but mostly in the US, and different ethnic backgrounds who like to collaborate their lives with one another and then we all end up learning just as much from each other as we do from the school alone. This is mainly through our discussion boards we have each week in our courses. This college has more resources than most colleges, as I am still learning them myself after about 2 years at this college. If a student is willing to learn, then this is def the college for them!


This school is an online school that allows students to attend class from anywhere in the world and receive a quality education.


The environment in which we all interact in. Online interaction with my professors and fellow students has brought us close to each other as if we were all in the same room, yet the students here are from all over the world in different time zones. I felt comfortable doing classes online for my convenience and it helps to interact with students globally while having CTUO as a common ground for learning and discovering each other's ideas and cultures.


This the first time I decided to go to college, I wanted an online school. CTU offers everything that I could hope for in a online college(convience,great support,every tool online to accomplish what I need. Plus it's very rewarding to have online chat sessions in a virtual classroom and get help and respond in realtime.


CTU online is a great place to help adults go back to school, to be able to do the things that was not allowed for me when I first come out of high school. There is so many opportunities at this school that is available for me and all I have to do is reach out and grab as many of them as I chose. The staff/advisers have made the beginning of my new career so easy. It's unique cause it has given me a chance and opened an excitment in me that I thought was long gone.