Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The only thing I can think of is that the instant messagers to ask qustions and stuff are sometimes really slow.


I dont consider anything to be bad about my college. This college has many good apects like teacher and student communication. Everyone in their own opinion has different views about the school they attend. It is up to the student to make a good school transition. I beleive that the school could have more funding for students and veteran students that are attending any college. Any student that works hard and acheived the Deans List or Chancellor List should be awarded. Being a college student is challenging at time but overall it makes lives better.


Group projects.


It is a little fast paced, but for someone like me that is good and I have all day to do my work which I need at my age.


Having to do group projects. Depending on otherr students for a grade was very stressful and at times unfair.


I have no complaints about this school. I have never had any problems. The only thing that I have to overcome is in working two classes at the same time in making sure that when the projects are due on the same day that they are done. Sometimes the live chats are not at a convenient time, yet because they are archived and a student is able to get to them, we can go back and listen to what we missed.


I haven't found anything bad about my school yet, they are very helpful. Why? Because it's still new to me.


I have had a great experience with this school and am so happy to be able to continue my education, that I cannot think of what the worst thing about this school might be.