Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person should attend school because you'll never know your potential until you try. Any and everyone should apply to continue thier education. There are many things in ife that can be acheived through hard work and persistence.


I believe the kind of person that should attend this school is one who is able to handle the online environment and can be supportive to fellow online classmates. They should be able to communicate effectively with instructors and classmates. Colorado Technical University-Online offers a good learning experience but anyone considering this college should verify that the cost is worth the experience. When I was being courted to attend this school I was told Colorado Technical University-Online was cheaper than the previous University I was attending (University of Phoenix) but that is not the truth.


To be successful, you should be self motivated. Also, there are few if any tests, so if you don't like tests it would be a good fit. However, there is significant amounts of writing essays in each class, so if you like to write, this would be a good fit.


Every kind of person should attend this school, however you have to be self driven, responsible and determined to graduate.


Anyone that wants to better themselves.


Anyone who is seeking a higher educationwith that convience of studing online . You your own personal advisor, mentor if needed, tech support, online clubs,IM with professors and fellow students. Just take a tour, have someone give you a call with more info.


Serious, mature students who already have a home and/or family or job. Those who can discipline themselves to do the work without having to be supervised or physically located at a school.