Colorado Technical University-Online Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish they had more advertising so I could have applied and attended this college first. They work hard to enure student success and that the school is a right fit for you. The work is based on extreme independence, so you have to be self-motivated.


I wished I had realized just how expensive the school was compared to a local community college.


I wish that I had known about CTU before I did. I tried other online schools and was not impressed. CTU not only is more affordable they care more about their students and I love the "live chats" and the "intellipath" for learning lessons. CTU allows you to work at your own pace and knowledge and builds on that to get you to the level that you need to be at when you finish the class.


How to get more money for school.


Well, I did some research and I am not really sure if this school is recognized by everyone, although their curriculum has changed to a higher standard of learning since I first began. I do however wish they would not change curriculums during my classes because I get focused on what I am doing and then it changes so that sort of throws me off.


All the information is great. No flaws.


I wish I would have known more about the grant and scholarship options. I also wish I would have known that the main task in each course entails writing papers. There are no tests or quizes and all assignments include essays. The only other thing that I wish I could have known about was the Clep and Dantes tests that students are able to take.


A lot of self motivation is required.


I wish I would have realized that no school even online schools are a walk in the park. It takes hard work and concentration to learn no matter where you are.


I wish that I had known how easy it is to apply and go back to school after been out of school for so long. I was intemidated because I did not think that it was possible for me. I wish that I had known that if you have the mind and the will to do anything, with a little help it can be acheived. I wish that I had know that just by asking questions, you can find the answer to every question. The last thing is that I am a brave person who loves to try new things.


I wish I had known the total amount of money i would have to pay before actually getting so attach to the school system.