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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Here I am, back at my old highschool. I would most likely find myself in the Fine Arts building, working on a painting or jewelry project. It is just before lunchtime, and I'm hoping to catch me before I rush off at the sound of the bell, weaving through the crowded halls to meet my friends. I would grab myself firmly by the arm and say point blank, "Don't go off with those girls any more, you will go nowhere in life if you surround yourself with such bad influences." What I really need is a good slap in the face! I would give that lost, naive girl a lesson about college preparation and direction in life. "Apply for scholarships, NOW, and make the grades to merit them! It will save you thousands of dollars if you figure out how you're going to pay for college--with money you don't have to pay back. Whatever you do, never take out signature loans. Interest rates are high, and it is a recipe for failure when you have to pay them back. Don't take a full load until you've figured out how to manage your time."