Columbia Basin College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Columbia Basin College is a great place to be. At this college there are professors, such as Karen Grant, who are recognized in their filed. She is the only one in the Tri-Cities who is certified to teach organic chemistry. Most of the faculty is willing to help students with problems and questions they have about material. The orientation of classes makes it easy to make friends. There are plenty of opportunities to form study groups and connect with an assortment of personalities. Over all Columbia Basin is high up there, as far as community colleges go.


It is possibly the best community college becuase it is such a great start to the college life or unversity life.


Columbia Basin College is a Community College that has been around for a long time helping students of all ages pursue a career.


Columbia Basin College has helped me succeed and discover what career path I want to take. They have been very helpful in choosing what classes I need to take to fulfill the requirements. I have gone here for two years now and I have loved all of my instructors. I especially like the online classes that they provide; they are organized and well planned. I would defiantly suggest going to CBC for the first two years.


I went to Selah High School, in Sealah, Washington. I would have to discribe it as one of the highest education, and arts driven highschool that I've gone to. Had to be one of the best exsperiences in my life.