Columbia Basin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend Columbia Basin College?


This school is accepting of everyone no matter who they are. This being true, it is difficult to single out one group of people who shouldn’t go here. For college in general, people who are not determined to succeed and learn shouldn’t enroll here either; people are either serious or trying to find their educational drive. These people would waste their time and money, when they could be working somewhere and making money.


The type of person who shouldnt attend this college is someone who isnt motivated to do well at school, and isn't thankful for the opportunity of having a large school, that is affordable, and so close to many small and somewhat isolated towns.


The kind of person that should not go to this school is someone who is not serious about their education. At columbia basin college the students are serious about their future and want a good education so they can fulfil their goals and dreams.


I feel this college is good for any type of person.


I think this school is for anyone and everyone. It's an awesome school were I am actually learning something and at a great cost too. I'm an out of state person and tution is only a few hundred more than in state. The only thing I have to say bad about this school is that I wish they had housing.