Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


It doesn't really look like a school. There are a bunch of tall buildings mixed in with a bunch of other tall buildings. Almost all have big Columbia signs painted on the side, some have big lobbies on the ground floor with brightly colored furniture, there's usually a big group of 20-somethings standing around the entrances smoking-that's what other schools say gives us away. There are usually murals on the hallway walls and flyers everywhere for different shows put on by students.


Columbia College is a school that supports the arts and creativity.


The school best for those who want to be successful and pursue their career in the arts.


So far the school has been excellent. I believe the best part is that just about every teacher works in their respective fields. In most colleges, professors work on projects and other stuff, but at Columbia we have people who actually work in the business. In the audio department, there are teachers who own their own recording studios. Getting to know these people is one of the largest benefits of going to Columbia since you can add them to your circle of collegues. They are willing to work with you and to help you succeed.


Columbia College is an extraordinary place full of talented, imaginative, and aspiring students.


A private art school with a preference of conceptual artwork over technical skill.


probably really weird & different. we are such a mix of creative mush. Fine artists,, music, theatre, marketing... it's really funny how you can place students in their major by looking at them


Columbia is a place for artists of all kinds looking for a accepting environment to create and live.



If you learn better in a hands-on environment, are creative and want to major in non-traditional subjects such as the arts, media, music, fashion design or any other creative wndeavor, this is the place for you.


Columbia is a very diverse college and full of opportunities.


It is a large arts and media school located in Chicago, a bustling city of diversity and opportunity, providing for a unique and submersive learning experience.


Columbia College Chicago is unique and full of great teachers.


Columbia College is a great school for those who are interested in multimedia arts, fine arts, and performing arts and it also has amazing resources such as art studios, practice rooms for music majors, film equipment rentals, and a vast amount of computers and certain softwares and programs so the students are able to share their talents and work in very creative and professional ways.


You get what you put into it.


Columbia College is an exciting, kaleidoscope of options and a school that you would never want to leave.


The best arts school in the country.


Columbia college is filled with great people and teachers. Columbia is greater then I ever imagined


A place where I am not penalized for being me.


Columbia College Chicago is a unique community of passionate, artistic students and teachers dedicated to learning in small creative class rooms.


Columbia is an Experience


I could write an entire book describing Columbia College, but with only one sentence to work with, I would have to say that the school is inspirational- everything about it makes a student want to succeed, whether he or she is studying art, music, marketing or journalism and the teachers are unlike any others; they mold you into a creativity spewing, hardworking, motivated machines and it is everything an education should be and then some . . . it's not just high school 2.0 here- it is a place that will make you dedicated towards finding yourself and fulfillment in life.


My school is accepting and liberating.


Artistic cultures fuse together to make one community.


Columbia is a college where you are free to explore your creativity through the medium of your choosing.


Columbia is huge it has many many different departments downtown its almost everywhere downtown and it has a wonderful environment for everyone.


My school is a liberal arts college focused on visual driven majors like film, dance, and theater.


Giving students the opportunity to express themselves through their artistic fields.


The place where those with creative passions have a home.


Columbia openly embraces creatively driven students regardless of their race, gender, class or religious beliefs and promotes a positive and welcoming atmosphere.


Columbia College Chicago is a very open, accepting, and diverse school that gives students many different kinds of opportunities inside and outside of the school, but it is up to the student to motivate themselves and to take advantage of said opportunities; it is the perseverence and dedication of the student that truly thrives at this school.


An amazing way to connect with places, your work, and people.


Columbia College Chicago is a school dedicated to students attempting to achieve their goals and career choices in the arts, both perfoming and visual.


Columbia is an incredible collection of over 12,000 young artists overflowing with creative energy and artistic inspiration, with some of the most state-of-the-art equipment in one of the world's most exciting cities.


A safe learning enviornment where creativity has no limits.


Since Columbia College Chicago is based in the city of Chicago, "creatives", as the students are called, are participating in the real world, as well as the college world.


Columbia College Chicago is a school of artistic freedom and opportunity that embraces diversity, supported by a qualified and dedicated staff, and all together are a strong team that promotes change and believes in the power to do so.


Columbia is a very artistic, diverse community, where people come together to learn about their desired crafts, to become professionals in their chosen field.


Columbia provides a diverse, creative and nurturing environment for a student to pursue their passion.


The school I attend is the largest private arts and media College in the United States that provides students with the knowledge they need to obtain there life goals and dreams of doing something you love and being successful.




My school is very diverse. Not a lot of schools in Chicago offer the classes that I need except this school. They made it so easy to apply here, made me feel comfortable. They explained a lot of things to me where I didnt feel small.


My school is an artistic orgasam waiting to happen!


My school is the best in the world for Arts and Design


My school is VERY artistic, unique and full of creative people with world changing ideas and goals.


It is a fun environment where I am allowed to express myself as a person and as an artist.


For those who try, it has all the resources.


Creative and very artistic.


My school facilitates an ethnic melting-pot of artistic geniuses to expand on their every creative whim.


Columbia is a place where minds can fully create the tangible limitlessly.