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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The TV and film clubs tend to be pretty popular since they make up a large percentage of the school, #savecolumbia became very popular, Common Ground (the LGBTQA club is pretty popular as well), Student Government Association (SGA), the quidditch team, and many many more.


Organized student activities aren't so common since Columbia is so big and so separated. With a lot of people though, it's fairly easy to find your niche and things to do all around this great city. It can be expensive to be social in Chicago though. The U-Pass is your best friend.


Organized student activities aren't so common since Columbia is so big and so separated. With a lot of people though, it's fairly easy to find your niche and things to do all around this great city. It can be expensive to be social in Chicago though. The U-Pass is your best friend.


The school doesn't offer many opportunities or events for socializing, but since we are in the heart of Chicago, it doesn't matter. We all go out and explore as freshmen, find our favorite places by the time we're sophomores, and then explore a whole new scene when we are juniors and "of age." The housing at Columbia generally gives each student personal space, which aids in making friends. I love my freshman roommate - I'm going to even be in her wedding. It's easy to make friends here.


The most popular student organization is probably LBGTQ or Frequency TV. We are not allowed to leave our doors open in the dorms. Athletic events are not popular at all at the school. We do not really have any major sport teams. We have club teams. Theater is pretty popular. Stand-up comedy is also a very popular show. The dating scene is pretty slow. I have casually dated one guy since attending this school but nothing serious. I met my closest friends through my classes and through my old dorm my freshman year. If i am awake on a Tuesday at 2am I probably am working on homework or watching a television show. The biggest tradition on our campus is the Biggest Foot dance competition, the Blood Ball, or St. Patricks Day parade in the city. People party, but not too much. The biggest partying that happens just happens in dorms and is really casual and usually involves a lot of food and card games. Frats and sororities are not big on campus. I have not heard of any major ones that are offered. Last weekend I actually went back to my house in another state to visit my family and friends. On a Saturday night you can go see a movie, a theater show, go to a comedy club, shop around downtown, go out to eat, or hangout with friends. Off campus, I go to work, go out to eat, hangout with friends from different colleges, and go see movies.


There are so many different groups/clubs that I don't even know 75% of them. It's easy to become involved with anything as long as your schedule fits with their meetings and you know when/where they meet. If there are any fraternities or sororities, I don't know about them. There's no teams; all the sports are just for fun as far as I know. I met most of my friends in class or on the internet through Columbia's Facebook group. Most of the events I go to are story readings or guest speakers and Columbia has some amazing guests. Dorothy Allison was here last year and it was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Story Week is a huge event in the Fiction Department that has other literary celebrities, which is awesome.


Most of the Columbia activities/groups are popular in their own way. Best thing about them is that all the groups work with each other and host magnificent events.


One of the most popular activities for students (especially new ones) is exploring Chicago. There is a lot to explore if you head towards the north loop and if you get out of the loop there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and stores that are great.


The most popular organization on campus would probably be Common Ground, an LGBTQ organization geared towards the inclusion of everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, etc. Although I am not apart of this organization, I strongly encourage it's beliefs. However, I am apart of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars here on Columbia's campus. Our organization has seen new light this year and is being widely recognized by the college and students on campus. Athletics at Columbia do not exist; we do not have any such programs for this, although there are student clubs that engage in athletic activities, the school does not offer any programs for that.


I would say whatever group or club meeting has food and free stuff students will go. I think a lot of people are involved with multi cultural affairs and the black student union and the group for gays, lesbians and bi people. The fashion group at Columbia is also really big and involved within the industry. Every group is stong and very involved and students should really check them out and get involved. You again build great relationships


There are a wide range of student organizations on campus. It is very likely that there will be one that will catch your fancy (and if not, it is fairly easy to start your own group). Some of the most popular clubs are Common Ground (LGBT-group), Black Student Union, and Public Relations Student Society of America. Other organizations include Columbia Crusade for Christ, Words 'N Stuff (Zine-making club), Art History Council, Asian Student Organization, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), and many others. One organization that I'm involved with is NSCS. The organization has just recently became more active and provides awesome networking opportunities. I wasn't too involved my freshman year, but once I joined NSCS, my entire college experience enhanced. I met a bunch of new people, was offered leadership opportunities, and was even awarded scholarships through the organization (everyone likes money!). If you're ever on campus, or just browsing the Columbia website, check out the Office of Student Engagement. You'll find a complete list of all extracurricular activities and some great ways to get involved.


If you want to be involved seek it out, if you don't want to...then you don't have to. There are many diverse groups on campus & if you don't see one you like then create your own. Some major ones are the LGBTQ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Inter Varsity... It's easy not to be involved & it's easy to seclude yourself...but don't. Find a good community to surround yourself with. One who you can collaborate with & one who lifts you up & challenges you to Create Change!


Everything about this is fine. You'll ALWAYS have something to do. If not, you're not trying. I am lucky to have close friends in nearby schools, and at Columbia so I always have someone to hang with. There are always places to go, and adventures to be had.


There's lots to do here since it's Chicago. Like I said, lots of people party/drink and get high, but not like a crazy amount, most students still put class ahead of fun. There are a ton of clubs and organizations, you'll definitely find one you'll fit into. I'm part of a group called Inquire where we discuss lots of deep, intellectual, controversial, mysteries and truths and theories, it's pretty cool. If you go out at night, you'll want to bring a friend, just to be safe. Like I said before, no sports or frats. I met most of my friend through the film program/they were on my floor. Also, really nice dorms here, very fine.