Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Definitly someone who can appreciate professionalism yet artistic values.


Columbia College Chicago is a school you go to because you have to, people are drawn there by the passion of the incredible staff and students. Anyone with a sincere passion for the arts is welcome there, but I tell people that if they can't see yourselves being satisfied doing anything but pursuing your art for the rest of their lives, I wouldn't suggest it. Columbia is intensive and every class period is dedicated to hands on work. Only people that are willing to put more time into their homework than they do sitting in class survive.


Columbia is a great place. You’ll love parts, you’ll hate parts, but it becomes part of who you are.


A person who is looking for an environment were you are encouraged to express yourself. Columbia is a great school for creative minds and has a very diverse student body.


Our schools motto is "Live what you love" and that is absolutely the best desccription for it's students. If you have an artistic passion and can think of nothing else you want to do but that for the rest of your life columbia is the school for you!


A individual should attend this school. Someone that has an independent state of mind. A individual such as myself that appreciates the arts and is willing to open their mind for new experinces. Columbia is a private school that caters to the creative mind. If you "Live What You Love" then Columbia College Chicago is the school for you!


In one simple answer; anyone who has a passion for any kind of art. Anyone could attend Columbia College. There is no "normal," there is no "popular," there are no "outcasts." Because, in a way, we are all outcasts. We are all people who have passion for art; something which is not always accepted in every area of the country. We all come together and form a union of creative spirits, all working towards a more diverse and artistic world.


one looking for a career in communications and arts, able to self direct their learning and open to exploring different avenues to reach their goals. Someone creative and responsible.


Anyone who has a passion for any type of creative outlet should consider Columbia College Chicago. It's a place that actually encourages its students to dream and to be passionate about such dreams to stay motivated to make them reality. Any artist or creative person who is passionate about what they do should attend Columbia College.


A person that wants to pursue something in the art industry, anything that has to do with music, theatre, dance, etc. You can also major in children education and also we have sign language that can be your major. It's best to check the school out before you apply because you have to make sure that you fit in this school because you might not like it.


Columbia College is for the student who wants to change the world. While it would be awesome to run a Fortune 500 company with a Master's in business, Columbia is about doing what a person loves and for the scholar who wants to follow his or her dream, whatever that may be. Whether it is creating a musical metamorphosis equivalent to that of The Beatles or the most provocative and incendiary piece of journalism since the time of the muckrakers, Columbia is for the person who wants to make a difference . . . it's truly for the revolutionary at heart.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is open minded. This school offers oppertunities to learn for those who wish to continue life through a creative career. This is a school for someone who wants to be pushed to discover new creativity levels.


the type of person that is willing to pur 100% in everything they do, a person that is consistant, a person that have the ability to stay focus in school and know what their main priority is for attending college, a person that is willing to study to succeed and become the best at everything they do.


A person who wishes to do what they desire for a living would fit right in. Someone who recognizes the importance of individuality and following your dreams, no matter how abnormal they may seem belongs at Columbia. Hard-working people belong here. People who would sacrifice their own comfort in order to bring themselves one step closer to complete career satisfaction belong here.


The person that should attend Columbia College should be creative and open minded. That person should have a wild imagination and not be afraid to express it. Also, he/she should also be comfortable living in a urban environment and be used to living a fast paced life.


Artistic and creative people that want a hands on learning experience.


Someone who is artistically self-motivated, willing to network, and who doesn't mind going to hunt for some of the answers they might need. As far as grades are concerned, you'll get all your answers from lecture or the textbook. But as far as financial planning and campus resources like the portfolio center, you often have to find them on your own.


A person that is passionate, dedicated and innovative when it comes to their craft. Somone that's open minded and looks at the world in a different view than average people. They mist be creative and multi talented and flexible to do different fields. This school is expensive so you must have a plan to pay, or be loaded with cash.


A person who is passionate about their art, dedicated to their education, open to the ideas of their classmates, and confident in themselves as an artist and individual should attend Columbia College Chicago.


someone who is artistic and accepts many different types of people. Also the type of person that should attend this school is someone who is a go getter and knows how to make connections with students or professors.


Columbia is an amazing school in a breathtaking location. If you are interested in any form of media or performing arts, then Columbia is a good fit for you. The only thing I would recommend for students looking to further their education here, is that you need to be 100% dedicated to your focus. If you are not sure if your want to go into an art field than I would not recommend Columbia. But if you are career and life driven, then Chicago and this school is the perfect fit.


A person with the passion and desire to make something of their life should go to this school. I feel that attending a private school in one of the greatest cities in the world that the sky is the limit. If your the type of person that wants to be more focus on the future at a younger age you should attend Columbia College. From personal experience college campus life can be distracting. Living in the city without the fraternities and sororities helps a lot.


People who are not into the typical college experience. Columbia is very urban and integrated with the city of Chicago. Students should also be very job-oriented and specific about what they want because the school does not offer general degrees like "Communications" -- instead, there is Radio, TV, Film, Journalism, etc. If a student does not know what their major should be or what they want to do, they should not go to Columbia.


Someone who is interested in the arts, but has an open mind. You may be going into the school wanting to be one thing, just to find out you like something else.


This school is best suited for people who are self-motivated, creative, confident, and outgoing.


A person who is determined, hard working and driven.


A very open and artistic person


Anyone and everyone who is creative and would like to take that creativity to a new level.


The type of person who should attend this school should be dedicated and creative. They should have a goal in mind and do their best to pursue it, whether through internships, school projects, and jobs in their field. They should be dreamers and thinkers, people who love living in big cities and collaborating with others. They should be open-minded too -- you never know what you might learn or discover here!


Self-motivated individuals only need apply.


It is a very artistic school but, it is not limited to that all types of students would like the choices offered by Columbia College. For me personally I am going the business route which i enjoy because it gives you a more artistic way to look at business and how to deall with what may come in the future.


Someone artistic and creatively open to anything.


Columbia College is a school unlike any other. They should have a specific idea of exactly what field they want to study and be fully prepared to become immersed in their concentration immediately. They should be ready to work hands-on and have an aggressive attitude towards their major as this is the best way to establish connections with not only your professors, but also the working professionals that often make appearances at my school. The class sizes are small and personal and the campus buildings are modern and "artsy".


Columbia is often refered to as an art school. This school is a great place for people who want to learn the ebst ways of voicing their ideas to the world. However, it is not only meant for art students. There are alot of classes and majors that focus on the business behind the art such as Producers, managers, etc.


The kind of person that doesn't want to stick to working in an office cubicle and wants to make a name for themselves in the world. The type of person who is self motivated and wants to show their creativity in every classroom. The type of person who loves working with people and creating projects to build their portfolio. The type of person who wants to network for the future. The type of person who wants their life to be exciting and vivid, not from a cookie cutter.


An artistic person or someone who wants to make art or fashion or business their future.


Students who are thinking of applying to columbia college chicago should be creative, and forward thinking.


not film, acting student.


People who have an open mind, liberal-thinkers, artists who love their craft. People who love the city, who love to experience new things, and want to grow as artists and as people. Students who want to work hard, and who are dedicated to putting forth the time to get everything they can, because Columbia gives you every chance to grow into the best you can be. People who are art-arrogant, or who have a sense of humor to deal with those who are. People who are creative, and want to create change.


Anyone who loves the arts and wants to pursue a field of art as a life long career.


An individual who is artistic and wants to further develop their creativity in an effective useful manner so that it will benefit them in their furture career wise.


An outgoing, fun loving, extravert!


Someone with an open mind and a free spirit. Columbia is an a school of the arts, and I think that close minded people will not feel very comfortable here. People who are curious about life will love this school. They have tons of study abroad options available and each student is encouraged to take them. They tell us to spread our wings and go see the world. Even though they do stress that education is super important they also remind us these are some of the best days of our lives and to them accordingly.


A very artistic person whose at a stand still in life or an artistic person who knows exactly what they want out of life. Columbia has no one specific characteristic for an individual. Its a very diverse school so there is no one person criteria because everyone is different.


A very artistic minded person should attend this school. It is an artistic college after all.


Someone who is serious about being the best artist he/she can be. You have to be a go getter -- no one is going to hand anything to you and a lot of the teachers are not very good so you have to really push yourself to learn your craft but if you're willing to put in the work, the pay off will be amazing and you will make some amazing connections for your career in the future.


Indepentent thinkers who are creatively inclined. Also should be interested in living in a world class city and having that city be their campus.


Anybody artistic and willing to learn.