Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who is not self driven should not attended Columbia. You have to do everything for yourself. There is no one holding your hand telling you you can do it like a mother would. You have to be driven to find your own aid and to make improvements on yourself. Also, someone who is not good at networking and working in a team should not attend this school because these are the things that will get you a job right out of college rather than a pile of debt and no way to pay it off.


If a student is only going to Columbia for an easy entry, it is not the school for them. Freshmen year may be large in number of new students, but the second year is much smaller, because those who entered to be creative and actually work, are the ones that stay. It is a shame to see promising kids do poorly; Columbia is different, and its better to be different. If you are looking for more disceplined and concentrated learning, seek a local university.



I think that the kind of person who is looking for a strictly campus-oriented, state school experience in college, will not enjoy Columbia. It is very much so based in the arts, and is a much more open environment than a state school. I also think, however, that if a person is open to a different college experience, pretty much anyone would enjoy their time at Columbia.


People who have no ambition what so ever.


People who are very closed minded and are not open to new things shouldn't attend this school. Columbia has a very open enviroment and everyone is strongly encouraged to explore new ideas and think with a differnet mind set.


Columbia College Chicago is the largest and most diverse private arts and media college in the nation. Columbia College, Chicago is an art and media school, so if you are not interested in an art I would encourage that person to select a school that cater to field of choice.


There really isn't any type of person who shouldnt attend this school. Columbia is so diverse and the courses are so versatile that really anybody can go there. I guess if there had to be a type of person it would be someone who really has no interest in expressing themselves through art, considering it is an arts school. You really have to be able to open yourself up to the world and express yourself through your craft and Columbia really helps you do that even if you arn't ready or know what exactly you want to do.


Anyone looking to get educated by experienced teachers.


There are a wide variety of students at Columbia but anyone who woesn't take the initiative themself and work for what they want will not suceed here they will get lost in the crowd. Also anyone who doesn't work well with others will also drown in the social aspect as well as academic. People who are schedule-based will not do well in the big city because of the hectic lifestyle due to many external factors; there is always something going on, whether performances, athletics or museums, etc. This school is very liberal so extreme conservatives beware!


An artistic person or a person that thinks out of the box.


I would never suggest someone not attend a school they were interested in. You will never know if it suites you unless you go and see what it has to offer.


People who have no sense of direction or dedication into persuing there passion and wants to take the easy route. Another group of peolpe who shouldn't be at the school are the pompous, arrogant, have no conscience and full of themselves


A person who isn't very creative and has no intention of exploring their creative side should probably stay away from Columbia. It is art school afterall.


the type of person that should not attend columbia college chicago, a person that is not willing to put forth 100% in everything they do, a person that is not consistant, a person that dosent have the ability to stay focus on school and what their main priority is for attending college, a person that is not willing to study to succeed and become the best at everything they do.


Anyone who can't perform in front of others or handle a heavy work load in what your studing. The student must have a heavy passion, and heed others ideas to expand one's own mind.


A close minded person should't attend Columbia College Chicago. The school is full opportunity, but you have to have the courage to jump out on a limb and be extrovert. Closing your mind to the possibilities of what you could be doing instead of what you aren't will decide your future as a student anywhere.


A person that thinks that college is simply a time to party is not going to do well at this college. Someone who like to do drugs and drink all the time would probably miss out on a lot of important activities that would easily help them further their future careers.


The kind of person that should not attend Columbia college is one that does not appreciate creativity. Columbia college is in the midst of downtown chicago, which is in the heart of the "art district" and each program explores an element of the creative arts.


If a person doesn't have a creative mind and willing to put in the work to make their dreams come true then they should not apply.


Someone who has priorities the come before their artwork. Columbia College Chicago is about passion, creativity and networking. Our art is our life.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is someone who has no intention of going to college. Columbia College not only gives students the opportunity to achieve their goals, but to also enjoy pursuing their career. If a person doesn't see themselves heading off to college for what he or she wants to do for their future, they will not be happy doing something they don't really want to do. It's ultimately their choice.


If you are lazy, you have no chance at Columbia.


One who wants to study law or is very intense about learning


A person that doesn't enjoy a lot of hands on work or a fun learning environment.


Definitely someone who is still very unsure of what they want to do with themselves. Going to Columbia, you are prompted to pick your major the first semester being there. There is the option of being "undeclared" however it makes things a lot easier having a major picked out.


Columbia's an art based school, based in creativity and individuality. The student's here are very unique and steadfast in their beliefs and personal ideals. A young person that doesn't enjoy art, music, literature and/or isn't comfortable or tolerant of students with different ideas and of a different race, religion, or sexual orientation should consider another school.


The kind of person that absolutely should not attend this school would be a close minded person. The diversity of this campus simply does not accept any kind of intolerance or biggotry. Columbia is an active community built on trust, freedom, and creativity. Any person who simply refuses to learn about other ways of living and learning will surely have a wasted experience.


The type of person who shouldnt attend this school is, a very conservative person. If you arent out going and willing to conform to change then dont apply. If You arent into meeting different people from all different walks of life, then stay away. If you dont like hands on and love the structure of in class readings and long lectures, then dont apply. If you dont want to be apart of not only a college but a private community filled with students who just want to be succesful and make an individual impact in our word then Keep Out!


Someone who is unsure of what they want to do in life. Someone who has little confidence in themself. Someone who is use to living in the suburbs and isn't ready for city life. Someone who doesn't know how to live on their own and make their own decisions.


A very conservative person and person who is not creative


One who is not interested in strong academic work but very serious about artistic work.


Anyone just expecting to get a degree handed to them.


Closed minded or conservitive.


Basically anybody who is not willing to work hard and stay focused


A person with not a lot of money for one. For a private college, Columbia is reasonable but it's still a big price tag. A student who want challenging academics shouldn't come tho Columbia. It's focus is strictly on the arts.


Someone who is wants to go into fields that are not artistic.


Any person can attend Columbia College. I honestly see every social sterotype at this school and they all get along with eachother. I don't believe that this school is clicky. I do think some fields would be better researched at other schools, but Columbia does do a good job in every major. Second to none in others.


Homophobes, Extreme conservatives


The type of person that should attend Columbia is someone who has ambition and drive. Also someone who is only looking to get just what they need out of it. A person with money should attend this school because it is very expensive.


I would suggest that extremely conservative students should not attend this school. People with little to no tolerance for others who are different are also not recommended for this school.


A close-minded conservative.


Someone that does not take criticism well. A person that is not open to all of our world's people and customs. And someone who is not open to new ideas and creativity.


Someone that is going into something other then art. Columbia doesn't offer law or medical programs so it wouldn't help the people looking to major in those fields.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who is scared of being pulled out of the crowd, someone who hates being critqued by classmates and professors. If you have any doubt of your artistic ability, you probably shouldnt come to this school.