Columbia College Chicago Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


1. Trying to pay for it 2. Not being able to take every awesome class because there are just too many.


The fact that they're too many close minded people in my major. My major isn't open to new ideas that are suggested. Passion is extremely lacking within program. There is no heart within the program and thats what music is all about, the heartc. All they want is to be rich.


The most frustrating obstacle for me in school would be time-management. As much as I plan for school assignments and projects, there still seems to never be enough time.

Hafeezah Muhammad

The most frustrating thing about the school are the impromptu ciricullum changes. Sometimes they're not bad but they tend to be bothersome. For instance, I came in when the foundations programs was being changed so unfortunately I had to experience a very rough cirriculum and structure. I will say however that once it's refined, the changes do prosper, it's just when they decide to just change things out of the blue.


The most frustrating thins about my school is the financial aid department. With the amount of aid I am recieving, sometimes things get confusing. And while their online chat is very helpful, every in person meeting I have had with the financial aid department, the advisor has been fairly standoffish/ blunt.




I havent enrolled yet, so I dont't know much about it yet.


There doesn't seem to be any help to gain scholarships or grants outside of what the college has to offer. They don't seem to take into account that the cost of college is more than the tuition. That most of the money they help students get would go back into their pockets. But, they only care about covering the cost of tuition only.


The tuition is very expensive for my parents and I to cover, but as a theatre student, I know that I have to go to great school to meet as many opportunities as I can!


The most frustrating thing, no doubt, is the cost to be here. I understand that art schools are generally pricey and especially because it's a private college. Even though it's my school of choice, I'm afraid of having to drop out due to all of the expenses.


The most frustating thing about my school is the fact that the major offices close early, thus I am unable to see the assistance I need at a time that is convenient for me.


So far I don't have anything bad to say about it.


It has none that I know of


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are no sports available. I know it is an art school, but I feel like sometimes everyone needs a break to just run around and have a friendly game with their friends to not only be healthy, but also clear your mind. I feel it would readuce a lot of stress too, especially on finals week!


The most frustrating thing about my school the cost. Yes I get that college is not free , but its real unfortunate when students have to leave a school that they love because they can't afford to stay here.


Many academic courses are somewhat lacking. Subjects such as math, science, history and foreign language are not a big priority for the school, so if you are adept at a certain subject you're very likely to feel bored in these types of classes.


The most frustrating part about Columbia is the variety of options you have. This school is so colorful is so difficult to decide what you want to do. You can take basically anything you want and it makes it very complex to decide what you want to do with your life in the future because in reality theyre are more options in college than there is in the bussiness world.


The only thing with which I have difficulty coping is that the basic classes, such as science, math, and English, are very easy at Columbia, while the more difficult classes are primarily only those directly related to your particular major.


I would say the most frustrating thing about my school is the small size and lack of sports.


I do not think that anythig is frustrating about my school except on how expensive it is to come here and live down here. I really hope to get this scholarship so I can stay in this school. This school is where I belong and I couldn't be happier anywhere else to go to school at.


It is so expensive! I love Columbia, but they need to change the whole financial aid department.


They can be slow in responding to problems especially the admissions and housing departments.


The lack of financial opprotunites to continue my education.


There are to many activities/performances happening at once and wish that you can attend all of them.


Really, I cannot say I find anything frustrating about Columbia. The atmosphere is awamzing, the city is beautiful, the people are great, the casses are awesome. I love my schoo more than I have ever loved a school. The only thing that I find even remotely frustrating is the Chicago weather and I can easily get used to it.


The only frustrating thing about my school at this point is the commute to and from classes during the winter, it's so cold!


It is very far from home.


The process you have to take before you register for the next semester. Also the financial aid, becuase they are not very detailed in what you can and cannot take etc.


Getting around Columbia is a challenge. The campus is spread out across many blocks, and combined with the cold weather and limited parking, going back and forth to class and residency can be a struggle.


My advisors don't have their offices open long enough, and communicating through email is frustrating because they often seem to want questions framed in a certain format, which you need to guess, and they won't answer you properly without that format. Because of their office hours you'll be lucky to get one response per day. That wouldn't be a big deal if I didn't need the advisor to waive certain classes and answer questions about my degree requirements. Often I skip the advisors and go straight to my department head.


The only frustrating part about Columbia College Chicago is paying for tuition, even though it's the cheapest art school in the country.


In all honesty, I have not found anything frustrating except for maybe that it is impossible to attend everything as events/lectures/groups sometimes overlap with eachother and class times occasionally.


Sometimes they are not to keen on getting forms or information to students in a timely manner and it feels like the school is too focused on using online resources to get information to students and needs to a try a more personable approach.


The only thing I do not like about my school is that every teacher does not use oasis. Oasis is a site where your professors put up your grades, and tell you assignments. Everyone does not use it and it is frustrating because i would like to know my grades and I think it is a good idea for those who forgot what the assignment was.


The financial aid. They offer limited scholarships and no financial aid for most students and the students who qualify receive no more than 4,000 in aid, and I might not be able to come back next year despite my good grades in highschool and at my college last year.


Before you enroll, you're given the typical 'this school is so awesome' perspective. In reality, if you're an art & design major, the number of credits you have to take is impossible to complete in four years, which I recently had to find out on my own! There are many courses that are basically repeats of what I took in high school. The financial aid office is a mess, and no one seems to know what they're doing. Basically, you have to do a lot for yourself and make the most of it.


No Sports


Financial aid and support isn;t always helped by the school for most situations. It feels like things learned can be learned on one's own time.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that there are too many classes to take to complete one degree.


The only thing i can say is frustrating at my school is that our campus at Columbia College in Chicago consist of the whole south loop. The south loop is no less than 5 miles, so sometimes you will get a class that is on one end of the loop and have the next class on the other. Depending on how you make your schedule, you can have only a ten minute gap between classes, so you may need to Run all the way to your next class so you wont be late.


The lack of people my own age. It would be nice to have peers at school but they are all kids to me.


Well for me its emphasis on projects. I don't like speaking in front of the class a lot. Singing or playing an instrument in front of an audience is different for me.


The buildings are bad. Elevators are small and slow. Long time to get to class.


The most frustrating thing about my school is the fact that there are no sports other than club sports. After coming from a performing arts high school, I liked the idea of having a football team with my college. I transferred schools and my previous school had a football team, and it was definitely a different way of life on campus.


Getting the classes I want. The best classes fill up fast.


The most frustrating thing about Columbia College is the cost. This is an amazing school, but I am having a hard time paying for it. I have talked to other students who felt that the cost of this college is way too high as well. Even though I recieve financial aid, I still come up short. Many students drop out because of how difficult it is to pay for Columbia. I am trying my best to find ways to pay off tuition because I enjoy comming to this school everyday.


I don't have a lot of homework (only because of my major) and it makes my friends jealous.


If you live on campus, you live downtown and the rent is insane or you live in the dorm. Also there is nothing to do downtown and the little neighborhoods of chicago are a lot cooler. So the only thing that is frustrating is that there is not a campus persay, but rather an urban campus that finds itself mixed in downtown chicago. I really liked the idea of a campus and living close to it in the traditional 4 year school university campus.


I am frustrated about the fact that a large number of freshman that attend this college really should not be in college at all. Because the entrence requirements are so low students that are not ready for college attend this university in order to keep their parents complacent, to trick themselves into thinking they are moving forward in life, or simply because they do not know what else to do. This causes a large number of 100 level courses to be bloated with students that quite simply do not care about their education.


Transportation around campus not very good