Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known probably for its medical school and being a top univesity.


The Nationwide campuses offer a variety of excellerated courses for the non-traditional student thereby making it more accessible to the working individual with established families.


being able to extend education opportunities to those who work full time, are mothers and fathers, etc, perfect place to finish that bachelors degree or seek your grad degree. I have always had a lot of military students in my classes (mostly online) and I love how our military is able to attend online even if they are "over there". Very cool system.


My school is best known for adult education. They target adults that have full time jobs without time for school. The classes are all in the evening starting at five going until ten. This makes it easy for the adult to get off work and go straight to college.


Probably their online education classes.


Columbia College was established as a women's institution but has graduated to educating men as well. It delivers a high level of quality education and is known coast-to-coast.


Columbia College is best known for being the first women's college west of the Mississippi River! Established in 1851 Columbia is affiliated with the Christian Church, however, admissions have always been nonsectarian. In the late 1960s, faced with declining enrollment Columbia went coeducational.


My school is best known for the opportuntiy for working adults to accompiish their educational goals. They have an outstanding psychology department and cater to enlisted military.


Its Nursing Program


The program I attended is an accelerated, evening-based program designed to accomadate non-traditional, adult learners.


Academic Success