Columbia College-Columbia, MO Top Questions

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I think this school is unique because it offers a very diverse online campus program. It has all of the regular classes with lots of knowledgable professors. Unfortunately the online students DO NOT feel like they are a part of this school adn do not fit in at all. When we go to the school for finals or to eat on campus my family and I feel very out of place.


Columbia College is small liberal arts school with a dedicated staff. They offer smaller sized class rooms and a very good online class schedule to work with.


My school is unique compared to other schools I considered because it's close to home, it's not very large, and the learning experience is more one-on-one.


I love that my school is small. I get to know my professors and my classmates. Even though it is small, I still feel that I'm getting a quality education that I will be able to use when I leave school.


The thing that I love about Columbia College is the people. They are really helpful and care about your future and success. Also, the faculty is the best! They are there to help in any way possible, and they have the best service.


Columbia College is a small campus but reaches coast to coast with on-line classes. The instructors are available to their students and are genuinely concerned about the education the students receive. The classes are generally 15-25 students, and the students are very friendly and helpful. I'm am very fortunate to have this educational facility relatively close to my home.


Small Classes, every professor I had would know my name.


Great accredidation for a VERY good price.


Their online program. The instructors are extremely helpful and are always accessible.


Its online so I can take the class on my schedule not on some arbitrary schedule designed to give young people something to do with their day to justify their not working.