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What are the academics like at your school?


Yes the professors do n=know my name. My favorite class would have to be Advanced Playwriting and it si because of two reasons my professor is a GREAT TEACHER and the set up of the class. Class particpation is a MUST because we have to write full length plays and then have readings of them within class. The setting is not competitive it is strictly learning and everyone must give everyone the UTMOST repsect within the class. My major is Plawriting and my professor is a Playwright who has hands on knowledge of the field and her teaching techniques are extremely valuable and helpful. I at the moment do not but she is always emailing us opportunities to get our work out in the world for production and encourages us to view as much theater as we possibly can. WHen she has evens that the class can attend outside of class when it does not clash with my current schedule I attend as many as I can it is always a rewarding learning experience. I believe that the academic requirements are very good, Columbia has the motto sure you can get in BUT CAN YOU STAY IN because the work is intense and not slacking at all. From what I have experienced the education at Columbia is geared towards producing qualified, well educated artistic professionals. I study often I have come to find out that most of the student body depending on the concentration do as well I have only run into a small handful that have not yet taken their enrollment seriously and make up excuses not to go to class. I have had another professor invite me to academic social gatherings that he thought I would be interested in participating in. I am excitedly anticipating the next one.


Professors know your name, and students study in libraries